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Found 3 results

  1. As you all most likely know, Easton's E700 helmet will hit stores on Dec 1 in three initial colors; white, black and matte black. Easton was gracious enough to send MSH a couple of helmets and so naturally, the first thing I did was to tear it apart so that people understand the differences. That is the helmet, with all of the padding stripped. The pads are velcro'd on, and are machine-washable and replaceable. Easton will sell that and the adjustment system separately. So, gone is the baseball-hat style adjustment system, and is replaced by a Giro system which anchors in three spots on the helmet and can be moved in or out to accommodate sizing within the range. The back adjustment slides up and down as well. Pretty neat system. It is fitting better than the S19 as well as a bit wider. Word to the wise; do not use any solvents (including alcohol) on the matte shell. It will discolor the helmet. Also; for those who wear facial protection; the helmet is definitely fitting better in that aspect. It was a bit difficult to mount visors on the S19; it took me less than a minute to mount an Oakley visor without any stress on the visor. Questions?
  2. It's been a while since I tore down a helmet; in 2012, every manufacturer had a new helmet, and the Bauer RE-AKT was one of the helmets that I reviewed. Two years have passed, and now the RE-AKT has a baby brother that's just a bit beefier in the RE-AKT 100. The front looks very similar to the RE-AKT, however, with a few updates. There is a vent on the front center of the front shell, as well as two additional vents on top. The vents on the top have all been moved towards the front, as you can see. There's also a good shot of the differences between the two in terms of the adjustment lever. On the RE-AKT, it was pulled upward. It's now the opposite on the 100; it's a more natural way to do a self-adjustment. Another tweak to the helmet is the re-introduction of the Occipital Lock that debuted on the Bauer 9500; on the RE-AKT, it was a lever which moved up and down and pushed the pad closer to your head. Bauer has gone back to the double side levers. An added bonus on the aesthetic side is that it is now possible to put helmet stickers there now. Here's the inner padding of the helmet. First off, the VTX foam has been updated with a grey cover of sorts; my RE-AKT turned a nice shade of purple after use, so this ought to remedy that situation. Also notice that the Suspend-Tech liner has been updated - it is a two-part system now in the sense of instead of having a piece go over the center of your head like it did in the RE-AKT, it's separated in the middle. One part touches the top front of your head, and the second part holds the back, for better flexibility/movement. And it's all put on FlexOrb - the same process that is used on the performance baselayer to allow the poronXRD to stretch and move. Those two yellow "8"s back there? Those are Seven coils, placed in the rear of the helmet for additional linear protection; eg. a direct backwards drop onto the ice. Side impact protection has also been altered; instead of having a solid chunk of poronXRD as what was on the RE-AKT, you now get the same style block that's part of FlexOrb - which is segmented and allows to conform a bit better to the side of your head. There is still an underlying piece of standard poronXRD which is attached to the shell. This is how the inner padding looks completely out of the helmet shell. And here's the bare shell, in all its stripped glory. Notice that the adjustments are two-way; so when the lever is disengaged and the helmet is opened, it widens as well as lengthens. The side straps collapse into each other as you bring the helmet in. Do note that this helmet will fit a bit differently from the original RE-AKT. I was in a Medium completely opened in the RE-AKT, which is a 7-7 1/2. In the RE-AKT 100, I'm in a large 1/4 open. It's a deeper-fitting helmet as well. I'd like to thank Carolyn Steele at Bauer Hockey, who is the Product Line Manager for helmets and facial for providing me the helmet. I'll conduct a full review of the helmet in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please ask in this thread.
  3. I received my pair of the Bauer TotalONE NXG girdle last week, but I was out on vacation then, so I'm finally doing the write-up now. The first picture shows the pant completely assembled. Here is the rear of the pant. The spine pad is much more substantial than previous Bauer girdles...PoronXRD is layered in behind a poly insert. The tailbone piece is also segmented; previous girdles had a solid piece. Here is the shell, removed. There are leg zippers on the shell, however, there isn't a "window", so it is pretty open - it is missing the window so that you can adjust the girdle legs if you want to. I don't unzip legs so not a concern for me. Here are the attachment points on the side. There is also one on the back of the girdle. As you can see, visible panels showing the upgraded padding on the kidney and hip. Here is the kidney pad, removed. There is an additional foam backing behind the main pad. Here is the back of the girdle. It has the vented foam throughout the back, as did previous ones, however, there's more of it. Here's the girdle, completely open. It still has the pockets where you can remove the padding to wash it. One difference from previous girdles is that the supplemental padding in the front that is in non-critical areas is sewn shut on the NXG. Now, the previous ones were prone to creasing and eventually falling out because it wasn't a very substantial foam, but for those who used to remove it (like I used to) you may want to consider making a hole and pulling it out. The padding is one piece that goes from the top to the bottom of the leg, and even wraps around with the strap. The fit is identical to my ONE95, however, a bit tighter, which makes sense; after use, the girdle will stretch and relax. I however encountered a problem mating the shell to the girdle. It's a bit too tight for me; I would prefer it to be looser in that aspect, but I understand they are going for a streamlined pant. So for now, I'll be reviewing it without the shell, but hope to lose some pounds so that it works out better for me. I know my vacation didn't help in that regard. Thanks goes out to John Davidson, who is the Protective category product manager at Bauer. If you have any questions, ask them in this thread.
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