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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all, I'm new to this forum but I would like to pose out a question to all you users out there. What the hell happened to all the shafts? I've been using the Easton ST shaft for the past few years and is in need for a replacement, it seems like only Bauer as a relatively big brand makes the shafts, Easton/CCM has just given up in that area. Playing roller hockey, shaft and blade combo is the only way to go without looking for a replacement of a composite one piece every 3 games. Any ideas if Easton will be pushing out more shafts in the future? Thanks!
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations on non-tapered hockey shafts? The Warrior Dynasty AX1 looks good but a little costly. Same goes for the Supreme 1S. Has anyone tried the True A6.0?
  3. Are all tapered shaft/blade combinations considered low kick point due to the shape of the shaft? For example, hockey monkey has the warrior ax1 tapered shaft as low kick point. http://www.hockeymonkey.com/warrior-hockey-shaft-dynasty-ax1-tapered-grip-sr.html while the one piece is considered mid kick. http://www.hockeymonkey.com/warrior-hockey-stick-dynasty-ax1-st-sr.html If that is the case, will there be any kickpoint "differences" between tapered shaft brands? Can an old clearance tapered shaft perform the shaft as a newer one? Thanks
  4. REEBOK 11K - D Width - Size 6 - $300 Comes with ROCKET RUNNERS Used few times for drop in,Then realized I purchased the wrong size. Practically Brand new GRAF - G3 - Size 6.5 D - $70 Some wear, used for 2 seasons. Mission 'Black' soldier skates w/ sprung chassis.. NEW Labeda wheels.- $250 Skated in twice, gave up roller hockey. GRAF SUPRA 704..FINLAND - 7d - ...$400 Nike Bauer - Black - SZ 12 - $50 Eagle X70i - Glossy Black - SZ 12 - $40 Nike Ignite 3 - SZ - 12- $25 OPS: -Easton 2005 Original stealth - LH - 100 flex Iginla - 61.5 inch and Forsberg- 63inch ...$100 each V130 PROSTOCK- R.BERRY - CURVE SIMILAR TO IGINLA - NEW - REG FLEX - 61 1/4 inch...$70 Shafts: CCM V130 Tapered Shaft- Reg Flex - NEW 56 Inches- $60 CCM V130 Tapered Shaft-Reg Flex - 50.5 Inches - $40 Bauer Supreme One.9 - Kane - LH - 102 flex - NEW - $175 CCM Crazy Strong - Tavares - LH - 85 flex - NEW - $130 SE 16 Iginla tapered wood blade - $15 Graf Cobra holders with steel- Size 263 - $50 Itech Cage - Lg - $10 Itech Concept 2 Visor - $25
  5. hey i just bought a one 95 off from ebay and i put a warrior ak27 blade in it it has some sort of line all the way down the back of the shaft ending where the blade tenon inside the shaft ends idk if the blade is too big i hade to put tape on it to make t fit when i flrx it i hear a little crack noise please help me figure out whats wrong will plost pics if needed
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