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Warrior Fubar Pro Gloves

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Player Profile: Beer leaguer, 6'3", 230lbs, Play 1-2 times per week

Previous Gloves Used: Mission M-3, CCM Vector (pro-stock and retail)


My pro-stock CCM Vectors were getting worn down (rips in nylon, holes in palms way quicker than I anticipated) so it was time for a replacement. Instead of going with a medium-tight pair of gloves again, I decided I would try looser fitting gloves, to see if I preferred the fit. At the time, I considered NBH 4-rolls (a popular choice), Pro stock CCM Tacks, and Warrior's Bully and Fubar pro models. Hockey Monkey was clearing out the Fubars for $70, so I gave them a shot.

The Fubar Pros differ from the standard model thanks to a Portofino exterior, mesh gussets, a goatskin palm, and pro style racing stripe design (instead of the lame flames design on the base gloves).


Fit was exactly what I was looking for - lots of volume. I find a have a ton of freedom of movement, and I've really enjoyed the loose feel of the gloves. The fingers are a little on the fat and wide side, which makes holding my stick just a little tougher - I think I would've preferred tapered fingers. It should be noted that the Fubar tends to fit a little big, and where I'm normally on the border between 14" & 15", the 14" fit perfect (and I'd be swimming in the 15"). 8.5/10


Thankfully I don't play in a league with a lot of hacking and whacking, but the contact I've received has been handled nicely by the Fubars. They're constructed of foam with plastic overlays, and they seem to do a good job of dispersing the impact. Plastic is only present on the fingers and backroll, and it would've been nice to have something in the cuff, but the protection is above average for it's price point. 9/10


You're definitely not buying these gloves for the weight. They're not cement blocks, but they're not feathers either. I don't notice the weight on the ice, but if you're the kind of person who is more sensitive to it, then you might be bothered by it. 6.5/10


I've been extremely impressed with the construction and durability of these gloves. After 1 year of consistent use they have held up very, very well - not a stitch out of place. The shell is in great shape, with only a few microscopic spots of abrasion, and the palms look almost brand new. I'm not sure there's another pair of $70 gloves out there that would've held up this long. 10/10


If I were to build my perfect gloves, they would look like this:

- Portofino exterior

- MSH2 palms

- Mesh gussets

- Loose fit

- 4-roll design

- Tapered fingers

- Amazing durability

The Fubars scored on every point except the palms and fingers, and while the feel might not match MSH2, the durability of the Fubar palm definitely does. If the fingers were tapered, this might be and all-time Hall-of-Fame type glove for me.

Final Score: 9/10

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