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Rink Rat Hornet Splits

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Height/Weight: 6'1/175


Level: Gold Bantam, Playing up in Midgets, D4 Mens

Overview: This is my first wheel review, so bear with me! I skate around 4 times a week, including a practice with a lot of hard skating. I am not the best skater for my level, I mostly rely on my stickahndling and shot more than speed and agility. I have skated on Labeda Millenniums in both soft and x-soft and am Skating them on Mission T8 boots with a Magnesium Hi-Lo chassis and BSB Swiss bearings

Fit: I thought I should include this, since it seems to be a problem to me with Milleniums. The bearing doesnt sit flush in the hub of them, which causes rubbing on the chassis during hard turns. These wheels don't have this problem, and fit around the bearing perfectly.

Aesthetics: I love the look personally. Some people think they are flashy, and I understand that. The Black and white wheels are somewhat flashy. I had black/whites, but am now on the LE yellow/whites. They are much less flashy and match my skates, which adds to the aesthetics for me. 10/10

Grip: Just what I expect on a high end wheel. Some people cannot, but I can tell a huge difference between wheels. These have a flex to them, and you can feel it during a really hard cutting turn. I lose my grip and slide out very rarely compared to skating on the Millenniums. They also slide out when I want them to, allowing me to get sideways for a hard stop, while still gripping when engaging hard pressure again. Definitely a great aspect of the wheel. 10/10

Durability: Awesome. I havent skated on Addictions, but at this point, I don't really want to. These wheels last 3 months without even showing many large cracks or splits. I get the same amount of wear in a month if im lucky with soft millenniums. With the grip they provide its surprising how long they last. After they start to wear, though, they do lose grip somewhat quickly. 10/10

Overall: Amazing wheels! I feel that they justify the price, though that may depend on the persons budget. Definitely a noticeable jump in performance and durability from Millenniums. Awesome looking wheel, awesome performance, awesome durability. 10/10

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