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CCM Fit03 Shin Pads

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Background: 6' ; 380 lbs ; Adult Recreational Players (one to two times a week)
Product: CCM Fit03 Shin Pads
Previous Shins: Jofa JDP 6060 16"
Current Pads: CCM Fit03 16"
Time frame: Have been using them for about two years.


The fit of these is great. They are a little bit wide on my leg but that is ok as I tend to block shots on occasion when I play D or even when I play wing. They do fit a little bit wider than most shin guards I have used. Once I strap in the bottom strap It's pretty secure and won't move on me at all during the game.



I have a good range of movement in these shin guards and never feel limited by them at all.



Great protection for these shin guards. I have taken a few wrist shots off of them and felt nothing and I have also taken a few brutal slap shots off of these and still felt nothing at all. I heard the sound but didn't feel a thing when the puck hit the shin guard. I was surprised as I thought it would hurt just a little but nothing at all.



Pretty light in my opinion compared to my Jofa JDP 6060.



I have been using these for the past two years. They are still holding up strong with not a crack in them at all. Especially with all the shots I take they are still holding up quite well. Of course the obvious wear and tear but that is to be expected when wearing for two years.The bottom strap is still holding strong after two years which is saying a lot as most of the elastic straps are wearing thin by year two.



These pads are fit for everybody. From wingers to defense. I feel they fit a wide range of people looking for Shin pads that aren't to heavy. This is why I got them because I was looking for a lightweight shin pad and found it in this one.



Nobody really asks about my shin pads but if I did I would tell them the say thing "I love them and they are very durable and lightweight." I would recommendy them to the beginners I coach any day of the week. They can take quite a beating and still hold up and to boot they are very lightweight for my self, but maybe not for others.

Overall: 9/10

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