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Bauer One.6 elbow pads

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Height – 5’11’

Weight - 270 lbs

Pad size – Large

Previous elbow pads were Bauer Pro Series, which I had multiple pairs of that I used over the past 3-4 years. Before those I was using CCM V10.

Use: 2-3 times per week for last 2 months

Level of play: Lower level roller hockey

Fit – I had been wearing my previous Bauer elbow pads in a medium size, but had to always extend the forearm strap for them to fit. Therefore I bought the large size when I changed to these Supreme pads. I feel that was maybe a mistake, but I am not counting that against the pad as it was my mistake.

I prefer Bauer elbow pads because of the middle strap that I believe they call the Anchor Strap. This really secures the pad and allows me to keep the bicep strap and forearm strap a little looser. I find this middle strap to be a bit long (maybe its the size I got wrong). Therefore, I have to tighten the forearm strap a little tighter.

I also feel that the elbow cap has a bit of a larger profile than I am used to. The pad swings around a bit when I fall or hit the pad on something.

I find the pad to be very mobile though. I actually prefer a bit of a "bulkier" joint between the bicep and forearm parts of the bad. The One.8 and higher pads have a flimsy connection where as One.6 and lower have a more solid connection. The One.4 does not offer that middle Anchor Strap though, so One.6 was the pad that offered everything I liked. I have no movement issues at all. Very seemless transition from my Pro Series.


Protection: This is a mid-range pad and the protection level reflects that. The forearm guard has a little plastic, but nothing beefy. I have not taken a slash, but am sure I would feel it. The elbow cap itself is very hard plastic and protective for me, but not for others. I am not a dirty player though and have never gotten had my elbow contact another player in a harmful fasion.


Weight – The main reason I switched elbow pads from my Pro Series was to get into something lighter. These are very light pads.I believe they are the lightest ones in the Supreme line. By far the lightest elbow I have owned.


Durability - So far so good. Little bit of sweat stains on the exterior of the pad, but the liner is holding up as is the velcro.


Conclusion - Good lightweight pad that provides enough protection for a rec level player that isn't dirty. Try them on before buying is the only thing I will say!


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