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Shock Doctor Core Comp Jock Pant

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About the Reviewer

Height Weight: 5'10" 214lbs with a big rump and thick thighs

Jock Size: Senior Large

Background & Experience

I picked up hockey as an adult in my late twenties. Through many clinics and adult development classes, I was able to get good enough to play beer league and now play on two teams. I'm by no means an expert, but my many years of rollerblading in the 90's served me well when I decided to pick up hockey. I’ve spent a fortune on gear over the years and I like to write reviews.

Fit 10/10

This is my first pair of hockey jock pants. I previously wore Shock Doctor jock shorts and they were great. The jock is made of a moisture wicking material that is very comfortable and stretches to fit my thick thighs and waist/groin area. I'm the type of person where I can wear and large if they run big or an extra large if they run small. I think either L or XL would work in my case but the L fits a little more snugly providing extra compression without being uncomfortable. None of the seams are noticeable and it feels natural. The only problem area with chafing is the tag on the waist, but I tuck in my compression shirt into the jock and it becomes a non-issue. Overall it is a great comfortable fit.

Protection 2/10

Now the bad news. The BioFlex Cup is completely unnatural and does not fit or provide much protection for my groin area. I previously had the shock doctor cups with the carbon weave and it was much larger and provided a more natural fit and better protection. The BioFlex Cup looks like it is supposed to creep into the gap of the thighs... I have no thigh gap. I'm not fat but I am meaty and this cup just wort work. In older versions of Shock Doctor jocks, the cup was on the outside of the shorts/pants. This particular one goes on the inside and it does not rest in a natural position and requires a lot of adjustment. A big problem with BioFlex Cup is that narrows so drastically that my "bean bag" does not fit in it and tends to fall out of the side.

Weight 10/10

This is a nice space area material that is extremely light. Aside of the cups issues, it feels like I'm not wearing anything at all.

Durability 10/10

Again, the space age materials they use are incredibly light while also being durable. I've been wearing these for 6 months playing 2-3 times a week and the seams are like they are welded together. There are no rips or tears.


Sadly, I can only provide an overall rating of 5/10 due to one gigantic flaw. The price, durability, and comfortable are all 10's, but the protection is only a 2 given all of the issues I have had with the cup design. Perhaps a thinner person might do better with this design. For me, it just doesn't work and after trying to force it to work for months I'm now on the market for another brand of jock.

Overall: 5/10

Update: I have tried a different cup with these pants... It's better than the bioflex cup, but I still have issues with placement and having to make lots of adjustments. I took the carbon weave cup out of my old Shock Doctor shots (which I loved) and tried it with these pants but the pocket design makes the cup prone to slippage.

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