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Easton Synergy GX Grip Hockey Stick Senior - RH Right - 85 Flex - E28 - McDavid

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Brand new. Never used. Listed on eBay but will sell discounted if you buy it direct. eBay link: http://ebay.to/2xizO9z

The Easton Synergy GX Stick celebrates Synergy's 10th generation by providing players with its most powerful release and lightest overall design ever. Featuring all-new SBT or Shot Boost Technology, carbon fiber tubes line the shaft corners which allowed Easton to reduce weight by 40 grams, to improve strength by 46% and to provide 6.5% more shot power compared to the previous Synergy HTX. 

Also new to the Synergy Line is the EC100 Carbon Fiber, the XTX Resin Matrix and the HyperLite Construction process. These technologies first debuted in the low-kick Stealth Line and since they performed so well, Easton brought them over to Synergy. EC100 is a uni-direction carbon fiber that utilizes the XTX Resin Matrix to provide unreal responsiveness, durability and impact resistance. The HyperLite construction process ties this all together by eliminating overlap of materials and construction imperfections to ensure the carbon and resin perform as consistent, responsive and durable as possible. 

Just like all of Easton's sticks, the Synergy GX has a blade that is jam packed full of unique technology. ExoRim was also brought over from the CX because of how strong, rigid and durable they were able to make the blade. The HyperToe insides stagger ribs through the middle of the blade in strategic locations to allow players to load the blade with energy to release just like the shaft. The ribs near the toe are the stiffest, which makes it absolutely perfect for any player who shoots off of the toe but your traditional heel to toe shooters will still gain the benefit as well. 

  • Heritage: Synergy HTX
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Construction: Fused two-piece
  • Shaft Dimensions: Rounded Corners / Straight Sidewalls
  • Flex Point: Mid-kick
  • Weight: 423 grams based on an 85 flex, E28 curve pattern

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