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Triple Radius - 9'/50mm/10.5' - dkmiller3356

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Triple Radius - 9'/50mm/10.5'

Steel:STEP 272

Hollow:100/50 FBV

About Me:  I have been playing 17 years since the age of 34.  As a player that came to the game later in life I struggle with edgework, high speed stability and tight turns.  I am typically strong on my skates in battles in front.  I have been looking to move towards shallower hollows to increase glide while still maintaining a confident edge and increasing stability.  

About a year ago I moved from a 9’ rocker LS2 to STEP Quad 0.  I felt that the Quad 0 was pretty revolutionary for me and enabled me to go from playing on a 100/50 (3/8 equivalent) to a 100/50 (1/2” equivalent). I found I had more steel on the ice, especially under my heel and that my turns, push off and stability were better.  While more stable than my 9’ rocker, however, I still felt I had room for improvement. That is what led to my participation in the Pro Sharp project.

Review:  I came off the ice having just tried and been pretty comfortable with the Quad 1. While I had a fairly decent idea what the Quad 1 would feel like, I had no clue what glide would feel like.  I took a first step on the ice and immediately was confronted with a radically different feel from either of the quads.  I think the best way for me to describe it is “water skis!”  This profile felt radically long… so much so that I felt incredible bite and depth in the ice.  It was very uncomfortable, but I was committed to following the protocol, so I stuck through it. The first few laps were spent just working on pushing off and then progressed to crossovers.  The increased bite had an opposite impact on my stability and instead of making me more stable it made me less so.  My balance was compromised and transitions from front to back were nearly impossible and gave me quite a fright.  Needless to say I couldn’thave been happier when my 15 minutes was up!!


Stability:  2

Speed: 2

Acceleration: 2

Other profiles on deck: Having tried this, the quad 1 and quad 0 I will try the quad 1 in a game and also get a freshly profiled quad 0 to compare it to.

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