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I've been using Rezztek for about a month now. That includes 8ish hours of beer league/private scrimmage time, and 5ish hours of 3v3 outdoor hockey. I'll upload the pictures - some obvious scuffing, fraying, and battle scars, but the feel is the same, and I'm enjoying it. I'll probably remove what's there and replace it with new strips very soon.


I went from full heel-to-around-the-toe TJ + the dankest wax I could find to this, and it was an adjustment of about 2-3 shifts + warmups. Obviously the grip isn't the same, the tackiness isn't there, but it feels like a single layer of unwaxed tape to me (except, of course, the bottom of the blade).


The release on shots is a noticeable improvement. Not having to tape and wax (which I used to do before every session) is nice. The fact that snow and moisture just wipe right off in the middle of a shift or whatever is great, too: it means the feel is consistent throughout a skate, even when the ice is chewed up and snow is everywhere.


I got my pack from Santa, and I'm not sure whether I'll buy another. It's $30 for a pack, which includes 2 applications of the backhand, and 2 applications of the forehand. The cost thing is intriguing - it basically becomes an assessment of whether it's worth not taping for X amount of hours, and whether you fall in love with the feel, including the bottom of your blade. Maybe the next application will sway me, despite the absolute mountain of double-wide Comp-O-Stik in my basement.


Only other point - I almost applied the first set to my UltraSonic, but noticed some chipping at the hosel. Thank the hockey gods I put it on my 2SPro instead - I broke the UltraSonic that very night. So make sure you apply it to a fresh twig!





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