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  • Birthday 03/25/1969


  • Skates
    CCM Jetspeed 290
  • Stick
    Sherwood Rekker somethingsomething composite
  • Gloves
    Bauer X:60 Pro
  • Helmet
    Cascade M11
  • Pants
    NHL Pro stock
  • Shoulder Pads
    Easton S13
  • Elbow Pads
    Easton S13
  • Shin Pads
    Easton S13
  • Hockey Bag
    Grit HT1 Tower

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    Sarasota, FL
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    Soccer... JUST KIDDING
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  1. mattisoffside

    Adult leagues in SoCal/Inland Empire?

    Ah, hadn't really considered if there was a rink in Riverside.... that's not far at from my target area, good to know, I'll check it out. Thank you for the heads up!
  2. Considering a move to SoCal this spring and was trying to find some information on adult rec hockey in the area, specifically closer to Ontario/Cucamonga/Fontana. I've mapped a couple of rinks in Ontario but haven't found any useful info on their adult leagues (days, times, skill levels, etc). I suppose anything that's within a 45-60 min radius is workable, and depending on how my work schedule would end up, that really would ultimately determine where I could play, once I am settled. I'd describe my skill level as upper beginner/beginner "plus". My skating and edgework is pretty decent for a lower level player, but everything else screams beginner league. I started learning to play about 8 or 9 years ago and haven't stopped since, so I have a bit of ice time under my belt. I know leagues can vary significantly from rink to rink, so based on that info, maybe someone would know of leagues that I'd be a good fit in. Actually going to be heading out next weekend for a few days to scope out the area some more, so I may have a bit of time to check out a rink or two. Any info is helpful, thanks!
  3. mattisoffside

    Effective way to reduce wear on your palms

    Thanks to this thread I discovered Tacki-mac grips. Tried it out for the first time this week, good god what a difference. Feels terrific, and I actually think it's given me smoother control with my hands. And hopefully, my expensive gloves will last quite a bit longer, too. I'll probably never go back to taping the buttend of my sticks again. Love these forums.
  4. mattisoffside

    Post Your Team's Jersey(s) Thread

    Yeah, it wasn't till recently I realized how close the Pens 3rd and Maine pants are. Just about identical. The Panthers alternates are pretty close too, I think. For whatever reason, I see Maine team stuff surface on eBay from time to time. Shouldn't be hard to acquire if you have the patience.
  5. mattisoffside

    Post Your Team's Jersey(s) Thread

    My D league's team jersey for the Puckhunters. University of Maine alternate. I had to buy the pants and gloves to match, of course.
  6. mattisoffside

    Your current equipment

    Helmet - Cascade M11. Came as a combo with a cage but I packed the cage away during a house move and can't find it. GRR Half visor - Oakley pro straight. Gloves - Bauer X:60 Pro, Reebok 3K (both pairs, not one of each - ha) Skates - Bauer Supreme One.8 (just purchased), Easton S5 (recently relegated to backup duty) Shin, shoulder, elbow pads - Easton S13 Pants - Tackla EX-PP, CCM NCAA pro pants (Maine Blackbears), Reebok pro stock pants (Car Hurricanes black, and Hurricanes red), and Bauer pro stock (TB Lightning/lowers only/missing uppers). Sticks - Easton EQ50/Zetterberg curve (weapon of choice), TPS R8, CCM U+06/Crazyovi curve, Combat/Ballistik .45cal, an old wood Sherwood 5030 (Stasny curve, I think) and an old wood Reebok 2K w/Crosby curve. Yeah, I have a bizarre obsession with hockey pants. They're taking over the garage and my gf wants to kill me (but she's a goalie so she won't win that argument). I just upgraded the skates a month or two ago. Looking for uppers for the Lightning/Bauer pants, which I grabbed from eBay.