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  1. First of all, Congrats to JR on hitting the million post milestone. It's a testament to his perseverance and dedication to this community. For anyone that remembers me, sorry for dropping off the face of the planet a few years back and thank you to those that have reached out at various times over the years. After Michelle's suicide, I withdrew from almost everything I previously enjoyed in life. A big part of my disappearance was the realization that I neglected the people I cared about because I was so obsessed with the success of the site and other personal pursuits along with a healing process that required me to step away from here. I miss the friendship, the chats and the getting a chance to see so many of you around the country and world. Skipping all the boring bits... I recently relocated to Key West and finally living a healthy(ish) life again. I wish each of you all the health, wealth and happiness that you seek.
  2. If 95/75 feels like a brand new 1/2" sharpening, then 100/50 feels like you've used them three or four times. The guys ranged anywhere from 150-200lbs on 95/75 and the one guy on 100/50 was well north of 200. I also had a few guys that were on 90/75 with me and they ranged from 170-200+.
  3. Since the weather is turning warmer... https://www.dropbox.com/s/ee8n8sobke31vx8/bike.jpg?dl=0
  4. You have no idea how much you can handle, until you have to do it. I've lost a lot of people in the last year or so, including my wife. It never gets easier and the thoughts of them never go away, they just hurt a little less as time goes by.
  5. But in the case of Chicago, the unit was named for someone who was from the Chicago area. That is a local connection that the "Vegas" team doesn't have.
  6. Couldn't make it to winterfest. My older dog was in really bad shape at the end of the week and may not make it past his vet visit on Tuesday. In the meantime, one of the cats had to be put down this morning. Blood tests showed kidney failure and there wasn't anything that they could do. She was nothing but skin and bones and had no energy at all. On the plus side, we squeezed in a band rehearsal today and Simon got to have people come over to see him one more time.
  7. Named for a military unit, that was in turn named for a prominent Illinois native leader. Seems like it's not really all that similar, as there is no "Vegas" tie to the "Golden Knights" name.
  8. Hopefully the next owner will fix the name/logo fiasco. My first thought upon seeing the name and logo was the ego stroking for the owner. Guys like that usually don't end up being good owners, so my hopes for the franchise have diminished significantly.
  9. I've always said that caring about the quality of your work is the most important part of being a good sharpener. Oddly enough, I find most of the really good sharpeners are also the least likely to brag about it.
  10. I haven't skated in almost two months. First game of the season I got yet another cheap shot and just haven't bothered to go back.
  11. He says a great number of things that are wrong and treats his opinions as facts. Frequently, the loudest voices are the ones that you should listen to the least.
  12. If you were following correctly, you would have noticed that I said "...in this topic...."
  13. I don't do hype. I am honest about what I feel, experience and know. For me, FBV feels dramatically different on the ice. My experience with the product and the company has been exceptional. I've also learned a great deal about the science behind it all and it backs up what I feel on the ice. Hey, if I thought it sucked, I would have no problem telling people that. Anyone who has been here long enough knows that I do that as well.
  14. I've deleted quite a bit of spam, there's a reason that you don't see it in this topic, or others.
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