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  1. Gretsch

    272 LS4 steel

    Are these still available? Any photos?
  2. Gretsch

    Experience using shims for skates

    Yeah, I never cared for the Grafs. I felt like I lost a lot of power in the stride. I didn't realize the Bauers put you on your heels without the shims.
  3. Gretsch

    Experience using shims for skates

    Do the CCMs have a more aggressive pitch to the holders (like Grafs)?
  4. Years ago, I agreed to a suggestion to have 1/8th" shims installed under the rear holders of my skates (Bauer MX3s) Upon having experimented with a different profile-rocker, the sharpener recommended I remove the shims as this would be "better." While I have gotten used to it, I began wondering how much I'd notice them being removed. Out of curiosity, has anyone here shimmed skates only to remove them later and prefer the feel without the shims?
  5. Perhaps, using a longer radius is a bit more stable with a larger radius like 12' or 13' when using a shallow hollow like 3/4"? I have seen people claim Gretzky used a 1/2" but only a 7' radius. Paul Coffey used an 1" or higher, but I have no idea what his radius was. The correlation between the hollow used and the radius must be fairly significant. Mentioning only one of the two aspects seems to be leaving a lot out of the equation.
  6. For those of you who have done experimenting using different hollows without much change in body weight: how much of an impact have you found in the relationship between your body weight and the hollow selected? There is the oft-heard axiom that the heavier players should consider a shallower hollow, but I wonder to what extent. Is a solid skater at 165lbs really going to be floundering around if a 3/4" or 1" hollow is used instead of a 1/2"? Thank you, Seth
  7. My CCM bag is finally on its last legs; it held up well over the last 10 years. I must say it seems there are more hockey bags available than ever before. Has anyone any recommendations? I see brands like Warrior, Grit, and a host of others, who were not even around when I got the last bag.
  8. I have been a longtime user of Superfeet insoles. I have heard good things about Sidas but have never tried them-same goes for Foot Balance (http://www.footbalance.com/activity/hockey). Considering not two set of feet are the same as another, I realize it is perhaps a fairly moot question. Nevertheless, I am curious if anyone has tried the different insoles, and what conclusions you reached? Thank you, Seth
  9. Gretsch

    Stiffness of Skates

    Can someone educate me on why the growing trend from skate manufacturers has been to produce stiffer and stiffer boots over the years? I picked up a Bauer Vapor and couldn't believe how stiff the boot felt. My understanding was that it is to the advantage and comfort of the skater to have some flexion in the book; this allows for the depth needed for the bending of the knees. Is there logic to having such a stiff skate or is it merely a trend than most have blindly been following without questioning?
  10. Gretsch

    Graf G75 Ultra Lites

    Sounds like the blue trim G75s are what would be the better fit then, since I have a high instep and wide feet. Eons ago, I used a Bauer 2000 in a double EE, and they still killed the side of my feet.
  11. Gretsch

    Graf G75 Ultra Lites

    Thank you for the responses. I have rather wide feet (almost a 12" instep) and nearly 15" heel measurement, despite wearing an 8.5 skate size. Is the G75 a very different cut? I notice a lot of players switch from the Cobras to the Tuuk holders; did you do the same or stay with the Cobras?
  12. Gretsch

    Graf G75 Ultra Lites

    Has anyone had experience with these skates, and how they compare to the higher-end Bauer APX2 or Nexus 1000s. I am in the market for a new pair. Having used only Bauers over the last 20 years, I figured I may try something different this time around. Thank you, Seth