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  1. Healthyscratch

    Ask STEP!

    Thanks for the response... The true skates we got came with regular step steel in 238. Do you know where I can purchase another set of 238 runners? I like to rotate two runners through out season. Thanks!
  2. Healthyscratch

    Ask STEP!

    Do you currently offer blacksteel in size 238 for VH/True holders? Can not find it anywhere.
  3. Healthyscratch

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Hi all, I seem to recall suggestions about putting clamps around ankle area when baking trues? Is that a thing? Also, general advice / tips when going through baking process? Anything outside the norm? Going to have them done at the store but I just want to make sure I get it right. thanks!
  4. Healthyscratch

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    Does anyone have experience removing the toe portion inside the boot? My son is outgrowing his Trues (before I get lectured on getting a kid True's, he plays high level and Trues aren't anymore costly than other quality offerings from competitors). Anyway, we ordered a new pair, but in the meantime, I seem to recall some of you guys talking about removing the toe mould on the inside of the boot as a preference.. Those that have, did you just pull it out? Any caution that should be used or is it bonded by adhesive?
  5. Healthyscratch

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    The alignment is spot on, I actually check this pretty frequently. It’s definitely odd, the 5/8 ring I had prior (and the ones before it) were spitting out perfectly even edges. Everything is seated as it should be. This new ring has everything off. I’ll try a side by side comparison with old and new ring but not really sure what to look for. Kind of infuriating given the price of these rings. Thanks for the replies.
  6. Healthyscratch

    Sparx Skate Sharpener - At home sharpener

    Has anyone had any issues receiving a grinding ring that may be faulty. Have had the machine for 6 months now, purchased various rings and used without issue. Just got a new 5/8 in the mail, hooked it up now after using it - 3 different pairs of skates edges are off. All 3 pairs were already on 5/8 and were (obviously) sharpened with a sparx 5/8 ring. Checked alignment, it’s perfect. Machine never moves actually. Tl;dr Anyone ever run into trouble with a grinding ring from sparx?
  7. Healthyscratch

    VH Footwear/TRUE by Scott Van Horne

    I got these for my son, he’s been using them for a few months. What is with the weight? The Trues feel significantly heavier when compared with top of the line offerings from Bauer and CCM. Enough to make me question if we made the right choice. I get the comfort aspect, and the Trues certainly deliver when it comes to foot comfort - but the weight seems significant enough to effect how light a player is on their feet and for a kid/person playing at a competitive level... is being a little more comfortable worth the loss of foot speed due to the increased weight (in comparison to other brands) of the Trues. Side note: I knew going in that the Trues were technically heavier... but I’m really surprised at the difference when comparing them to other skates of similar size.
  8. I have Edge holders, I want to get Step Steel (black steel) for them. I understand the constraints and why it’s not available in the states. With that said, I’m not looking to skate on steel I don’t want to skate on - because of a technicality between two companies. What is the best way of getting this steel for my skates? Without driving 6 1/2 hours and paying for a hotel. Which adding gas, turns into a $450+ venture to get two pieces of steel. OR Is anyone aware of any stores around Niagara, ON or around that area (not as far as Hamilton or Toronto) that sell step steel for LS edge. This is about 4 1/2 hours from me. Feel free to PM or respond here, much appreciated.
  9. Healthyscratch

    Buying Youth Skates

    The “youth” lines from most companies are a bit mystifying. Most sticks/skates do not have the same technology that the junior and senior equipment has. Until he’s in a junior skate, the only thing you need to take into consideration is finding the right boot for his foot - which both Bauer and CCM scanners can do, they will even recommend a specific skate or two. If he seemed to do well on the CCM’s he had, wasn’t complaining of any pain, just go out and buy the same skate, or a step up from it. The guys at the LHS will be able to show you what’s what. Not entirely sure about buying used skates... most of them are baked to someone else’s foot.
  10. Healthyscratch

    Profile maintenance with automated sharpeners

    Had no clue a Sparx could do the job as well. Was going to go with the pro sharp solely based on the ability to maintain the pro sharp profile.
  11. Healthyscratch

    Quad Zero profile

    Will do, thank you.
  12. Healthyscratch

    Quad Zero profile

    Well, I’m wondering about the “home” model specifically. Not sure which one you use, for instance, I’m sure the 14k one that does the profiling will nicely maintain the profile lol
  13. Healthyscratch

    Quad Zero profile

    Would a pro sharp home maintain the quad profile? The specs on the sharpener says it does but I’m skeptical. Anyone with a pro sharp who uses a quad?
  14. Looking into getting this done on blacksteel. I’ve never had my blades profiled so I’m in the dark about how to maintain the profile with regular sharpenings. Is there anything I should be telling my local sharpener in regards to maintaining the profile(s)? In other words, am I going to spend money getting this profile only to have it gone within a few sharpens? Im going to have to ship the runners out to get profiled, as no one in my area can do this type of profile. Any input would be much appreciated.
  15. Healthyscratch

    Marsblade roller chassis

    LHS is seeing some difficulty attaching small marsblades to JR size 3 Jetspeeds. Anyone have any solutions? heal is too narrow?