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  1. Any players/retailers seeing broken blades on Ft6 pro’s? Had two break in almost identical places on blade (p29). One inside warranty, the other was the warranty replacement (which apparently has no warranty). Stick isn’t abused, and it’s not used for slap shots / one timers heavily. Have gone years and many sticks without issues like this. I’m hesitant to point fingers, because of so many variables with how sticks get used - but something doesn’t seem right with the build of the stick. Additionally, it seems like stock of the p29’s is critically low. Could be because of the popularity, but it doesn’t seem like CCM is producing the stick right now. Have they stopped production?
  2. I have not. So just flare the top portion out a bit?
  3. Has anyone tried to add foam, or soft material to the top of a custom boot? Basically to replicate something like Bauer’s comfort edge, I believe it’s called. Trying to stop boot from digging into area above ankles.
  4. Do any of you guys know if CCM is updating their tacks line in 2021?
  5. My retailer tried to handle it - they got the same answer I did. It’s Trues “policy”. Regarding my situation. Initially, the retailer requested that the holders do not get attached to skate, but that they are shipped (along with steel) with the boots. Nothing was said about why, or TUUKS, or drilled holes. Retailer was told no, if the holders don’t leave the warehouse on the skate - they will not send the holders or steel. Company policy. I tried getting a hold of True for two weeks. True’s skate department is like a separate entity from the rest of the company - you can call customer service and they direct you to Trues skate warehouse because they can’t answer any questions about skates. Left multiple voicemails and never heard back. Decided to “dial 2” if you are a pro player - and ofcourse they picked right up. That is when I indicated that I wanted to put TUUKs on. It was a conversation about their skates and my issue in general - we did not pull up my specific order. At any rate, this conversation isn’t going anywhere. Was hoping there was a rep here who would see this and let me know that something is getting miscommunicated. However, that doesn’t seem to be the case. Some of the responses blow me away, as if I’m supposed to be okay with paying for something I’m not getting, because that’s Trues strategy to market their holders, get brand recognition, doesn’t matter to True because not enough people care etc. Its a great skate, it’s hands down the most comfortable skate I’ve ever tried. I would recommend it to anyone. The people behind it make me want to find another brand though. I’m not very keen on paying for products I’m not receiving - with no real explanation other than “it’s our policy”.
  6. If that’s the case then they should say that. I doubt the holders are being molded for free, and I doubt the steel is being molded and sold to them for free. I think I it’s safe to say that even at wholesale prices that True pays for the material - they are still passing $100+ cost on to the customer to cover their investment in holders and step steel. I haven’t seen a reasonable explanation here yet. Just a lot of, True should do that and you should deal with it because they need to get their holder out there. It’s really crazy to see how people twist ways to defend this company. I’ve said repeatedly that the boot is GREAT, the product is GREAT. The business behind it is seemingly pretty sketchy. There’s really no way to justify charging a fixed price for a boot, holder and steel... and only sending someone the boot - because they don’t want the holder and steel attached. What are CCM jetspeed and Bauer’s vapor customs like compared to True. The reason I went with True in the first place is because it was the closet thing I could find to a Mako.
  7. And again, you aren’t forcing most people who go True custom to use their holder by penalizing them. These people go True custom because they know what they want. Your average casual player is not going into the LHS and getting custom skates, the guys who really have it nailed down to what they want are... So let’s be real... is that type of customer going to use their holder, just because True thinks they should or wants them to? So what you’re saying is holding the customer hostage is a way to make sure they use your product? You shouldn’t have to strong arm people into using your product, which is exactly what they are attempting to do by your logic. Retail, sure, fire away. Let all the retail customers use the shift, no exclusions. If it were just the holders, whatever, honestly. The Step Steel though, we all know that’s $100+ of the price. You can’t spin this into being a legitimate way to do business. Which is a shame because when done right, the boot is a phenomenal boot. Nothing but positive things to say about the skate itself.
  8. True can sell all of the shift holders they want on their retail skates and try to get a slice of the market. So if they won’t lower price to reflect the product I’m getting (just a boot and presumably laces), the least they could do is send me the product I’m paying for, correct? I pay X amount of money for product offered. Product offered is Boot, laces, holder, steel. I ask that they don’t attach holders, and by proxy, steel. So the response is they keep the holders and steel, send me the boot, and still charge me the price I would pay for the boot and holders, steel. How is that smart business? I have bought these skates for 4 years now. I now want to explore other brands, I won’t be the last one to feel this way once people really start to figure this out. Then what slice of the market are they getting? Again, this is like a Jaguar dealer keeping the Firestone tires that came with the new car because you intend to not use them, and put Goodyear’s on. They’ll have the Jaguar on blocks out front ready for you.
  9. They don’t work better because that steel design is not a good one. The large piece on the end that slots into the holder breaks easily.
  10. So I spoke to True today. Had to pretend I was a pro hockey player while being prompted on the phone - either dial 1 for retail customer or dial 2 pro customer. Ofcourse that went directly to someone’s cell phone and they answered - after weeks of trying to get a hold of them. It is Trues policy that if you don’t not want the holders attached to the skate - that you will not receive the holders or step steel... and still pay full price. This is not good business. It’s like a dealership selling you a sports car with no tires because you plan on changing to a different set. Currently considering canceling the order. I have just about had enough of this company. I had a pair of skates come in a few years back that were way off in size, and I had to jump through hoops for over a month to get them to make new skates. The other pairs I ordered were flawless, but the bad is starting to outweigh the good in my experience with True. I don’t take - taking a company to task lightly... but this bullshit. True obviously doesn’t know their customer base in that most people who are buying their custom product know exactly what they want. Why they are “penalizing” their customers who don’t opt to use their shift holders is beyond me. You aren’t going to get those customers wearing your holders, again, that demographic knows exactly what they want, they’re just going to switch to their preferred holder - you’re just going to piss that demographic of customer off by charging them full price, and not sending them the entire product they purchased, regardless of if it’s put together before leaving the warehouse. What is the difference between Bauer custom and True. I know at one point, Trues entire boot was quote unquote custom outside of toe cap... it seemed like Bauer and CCM where only about 80% custom. Is that true, still the case?
  11. I’m not asking them to sell me or install Bauer’s holders - I’m asking them to ship me the holders and steel that I am paying for along with the boots. Basically, True is penalizing me because I don’t want the holders attached to the skates. It’s ridiculous, which is why I’m hoping there was something lost in translation. I paid the amount of money they require for the entire skate, yet they’re only sending me the boots.
  12. Yeah, I mean, the holders probably make up $30 of the price but the step steel that comes with is a significant cost to the customer. Where it stand right now, I’m overpaying for boots with no holders or steel included due to a companies ego. I would like to give them the benefit of the doubt if this isn’t accurate - is there someone from True here who can explain? I have attempted to contact True directly. Each time, I reach their general customer service who can never answer questions about the skates. They direct me to the “warehouse” where the skates are made - no one ever answers the phone there. I leave voicemails and never hear back from them. They are piss poor with customer service, I can say that much. If you guys aren’t interested in helping your retail customers - take the boots out of the retail market and cater to pros only. I’m paying for a custom skate. Offer the custom experience that should come with that.
  13. I need some help. I got True customs. I did not want the True Holders, and requested that they drill holes for TUUKS. While True is going to make the boots and send them, they are declining to drill for Bauer holders, and on top of that - they refuse to send me the True holders and step steel that I paid for. Apparently it is a “penalty” if you don’t opt to get their holders put on skate. While I don’t plan on using the holders or steel, it’s still something I paid for... The drilling is not a big issue, I can have that done locally. I’d prefer to have them do it but I digress. Has anyone else had them tell you they won’t ship you holders as a penalty, or not offer a price adjustment? That’s crazy and a real bad look on True if that’s the case.
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