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  1. sourfe

    Help with profile

    Steel is 272 for CXN. 263 for LS2 and LS3. CXN: My first try was with Q0 with +pitch but that was too much pitch for me coming from LS3 and speed was too compromised. Better now with Q1 and no pitch. LS3 is also Q1 and this one is shaved off from the middle of the heel. This steel is working ok but not perfect. Maybe the last radius I don't like. LS2 is stock 9 i think.
  2. sourfe

    Help with profile

    Currently using a Quad1 which works good with speed, agility and turing on the forefoot but I have problems with making really tight and quick turns of the heel. It feels like it's to much steel behind the heel. Mako skate with CXN holder. I have grown up with flat spot profile and the Quad1 is better in most areas but not from the heel and back. Any suggestions?
  3. sourfe

    Easton Mako Skates

    The back and front of the outsole have been reinforced with two layers of carbon and one layer of glassfiber. I bought the skate barely used but had a small crack just outside the holder. The crack was repaired and to prevent more damage to the very weak outsole I decided to reinforce all the poorly made parts. Some of the plastic in the toecap was removed to get some extra support. 860 gram after the repairs (8EE). What is the original weight?? The repairs was made by Sharp4.se
  4. sourfe

    Easton Mako Skates

    I finally got my Mako repaired, reinforced and with a Quad 0 profile with +1 pitch and 1" ROH. Didn't really like the pitch but I will give it one more chance before I switch back. Former skate was a Nexus with Quad 1 1" ROH
  5. sourfe

    Easton Mako Skates

    My Mako 1 have broken around the holder in the forefoot which I think is quite common and I will try to repair it and reinforce that area with layers of carbon fiber. Is there any more areas that are prone to break down? While the holder is removed I was thinking of adding a layer on the quarter package which seems very fragile. Anyone know is if the toe cap is made of carbon under the plastic cover? I know I have seen a construction drawing of the skate somewhere but can't find it right now.
  6. sourfe

    Lack of heel lock

    Do it! You can also try a forward pitch of the blade profile to be able to use one more eyelet. More hassle though if you don't like it.
  7. sourfe

    Easton Mako vs Eq4

    Thanks for all replies and advice!! I ended up buying the skates. Despite not being used much the right skate have a crack in the outsole around the little toe. The skate fit me really well without baking so I decided to keep them, maybe a bit roomy in the heel but that should be fixable. I talked to the seller and he was not aware about the damage. His brother which play in SHL had used them a few years back. He transfered back most of the money while on the phone and I ended up paying around $50 which should cover the holder, steel and laces:). If I like the feel on the ice I will try to repair them before anymore damage is done. I know I guy that is really good with fiber composites and if possible add a thin layer of carbon on the outsole and up on the quarter package, that should not add to much weight. The Texalium part is not very well done I think. Is this common areas where they usually fell apart? This has suddenly became a hobby project!!
  8. sourfe

    Easton Mako vs Eq4

    I had a pair of EQ4 a few years back after my really old ones broke down and I was blown away with the perfomance, so stiff and responsive. I had no clue about what do buy and I ended up in a 8D wich is to narrow for me and together with my inner ankle bones the skates was hurting as hell. I'm now in a mid range Nexus 7E which is painfree but a bit lose in the heel and really sloppy to skate in. Now I have the opportunity to buy a barely used (3 times) Mako 1 8EE for less than $200 but I'm not able to try them before I buy and I'am a bit concerned about the fit even if I have read that it could match my foot, (very wide midfoot, normal to narrow heel and normal arch). My ankle bones also are also prodtruding more than average I think, and one of the ankle bones was touching an eyelet in the EQ4. I really like the extended inner side of the Vapor 1x but they are to narrow for me. I think the higher heel in the CXN holder fit me very well due to my lower legs are shorter than normal relative to my upper legs which bring my knee very far forward when squatting and skating. True or similar custom skates would of course be nice. I'am not an active player anymore and this would probably be last skates I will buy. Will my feet fit in the Mako?