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    True Custom
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    True Catalyst Pro
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    CCM Custom 4 Roll
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    Bauer 4500
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    Tackla 9000 Euro
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    Easton Synergy ST16 NHL
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    Bauer Supreme 2S Pro
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    Jofa 6090
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    CCM Team

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  1. Didn't want to post this up myself
  2. Super basic, but think of it the same way that the TF line is. Customs Catalyst Pro TF9 Cat9 TF7 Cat7 Cat5 Cat9 offers the benefits of a custom skate but without the bells and whistles, similar to the TF9. The Cat Pro requires a foot scan.
  3. It will be a custom option.
  4. In order: True Customs, TF9/Ribcor, Unreleased Catalyst skates, sourced Mako II's.
  5. Just sharing what I know, nothing more nothing less. Bauer is already out of these. They'll be printing money with each re-release now, if they weren't sure before.
  6. Doesn't fit their business model nor their skate lines. Similar fit to Makos, go custom; basically how they went about it.
  7. I sincerely doubt it.
  8. Popping in to quote myself five years later. Topic still kicking around. Awesome.
  9. Aside from the one I broke over a crossbar, the Model E build I have has been used every other game, which for me is twice a week, and it's holding up fine in an A league environment. Have had them for several months now.
  10. For me it's one of: Warrior Alpha DX, Warrior Alpha LX Pro, True Catalyst Pro (SMU stick), and Pro Stock Hockey Sticks with the "E Build".
  11. Interested to see how you guys think the LX Pro stands up to CCM's offerings - personally, it's my top stick this year.
  12. Just popped in to say that I have sticks from Geppetto. Easton Build (Stealth '05), Z-Tac blade, 400grams, Kane pro curve, gold stripe. Took the PSHS sticks and one of my original Stealths to a game and used them both in warmies and during the game - could barely tell the difference. 9.5/10, would recommend. Would be a 10/10 if he offered the CNT shaft shape along with the Stealth. Can't beat the price point, and the options are really really really good.
  13. Every once in a while, I find something that I just can't say no when I see it. Now to find a pair of his gloves again. I'll probably make another post in a couple months, haha.
  14. Oh I know. I had that discussion with him years ago. I meant the repairs I wanted to try tackling on my current gloves. That I know he could do but I wouldn't want to waste his time with something I think I can learn.
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