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  1. Doesn't fit their business model nor their skate lines. Similar fit to Makos, go custom; basically how they went about it.
  2. I sincerely doubt it.
  3. Popping in to quote myself five years later. Topic still kicking around. Awesome.
  4. Aside from the one I broke over a crossbar, the Model E build I have has been used every other game, which for me is twice a week, and it's holding up fine in an A league environment. Have had them for several months now.
  5. For me it's one of: Warrior Alpha DX, Warrior Alpha LX Pro, True Catalyst Pro (SMU stick), and Pro Stock Hockey Sticks with the "E Build".
  6. Interested to see how you guys think the LX Pro stands up to CCM's offerings - personally, it's my top stick this year.
  7. Just popped in to say that I have sticks from Geppetto. Easton Build (Stealth '05), Z-Tac blade, 400grams, Kane pro curve, gold stripe. Took the PSHS sticks and one of my original Stealths to a game and used them both in warmies and during the game - could barely tell the difference. 9.5/10, would recommend. Would be a 10/10 if he offered the CNT shaft shape along with the Stealth. Can't beat the price point, and the options are really really really good.
  8. Every once in a while, I find something that I just can't say no when I see it. Now to find a pair of his gloves again. I'll probably make another post in a couple months, haha.
  9. Oh I know. I had that discussion with him years ago. I meant the repairs I wanted to try tackling on my current gloves. That I know he could do but I wouldn't want to waste his time with something I think I can learn.
  10. God that commercial is so 90s haha. Sewing machine and some sort of pressure gun to inject the protective layer inserts. Thumbs look like a nightmare. Life and a career of traveling just takes up so much mental space and time. I'm just looking to do repairs myself, not build a glove. Maybe reskin a leather to nylon at some point but I highly doubt I'd be able to manage that. If I could, I would. It's no secret the GX9500 is my favorite glove to some of our longstanding members. I figure Pat could probably do that given his time at Warrior but that would be $$ and a large time commitment that isn't worth it, I would assume.
  11. D30 would be interesting to try. That looks like a great place with what I'm looking for. Thank you. Maybe one day I'll be able to convert an entire glove by learning this. Doubtful though.
  12. That's not the right glove, but I understand where you're coming from. I have some other gloves I can use that are newer, so this is just a project for me. I'd rather learn more about this and how to do it myself.
  13. Been a while. I'm looking for info on what type of materials would be best suited for a glove DIY repair, not for palms and gussets. My Easton 800 pros are pretty beat up but they are absolute butter and I can't get rid of them if I can help it. To that end, I know about the different types of foams, outer shell, etc. What I'd like to know is the exact type (if possible) would be ideal for this. Now, I have no disillusions that this won't be perfect and I figure this is something that Pat at CPR could do but I'd like to give it a shot and learn something new. I've got 3 missing PE inserts in the backroll, a couple decent sized tears on the top of the backroll and in a few finger segments, and finally I've got one backroll piece that no longer has foam in it. Now, my assumption is that the shell is Polyester or Nylon and I have no idea what the inner padding could be - VN, EPP, dual density, etc. If anyone has some insight into what would be the way to go for my purposes such as what exactly to get and where to get it, that'd be appreciated. Cheers.
  14. Could add a 1mm shim between the boot and tower, for the pitch as well. A rebake too could potentially help. It's definitely an adjustment coming from any other pair of skates besides VH or Makos.
  15. I wore a Mako I on my left foot and a Mako II on my right foot during a pick up game for funsies once. I barely noticed anything. One bit you might be able to notice is that the Mako II boot feels a lot fuller than the Mako I. In a good way though I think. If the skates are sub $400, buy them.
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