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  1. Could add a 1mm shim between the boot and tower, for the pitch as well. A rebake too could potentially help. It's definitely an adjustment coming from any other pair of skates besides VH or Makos.
  2. I wore a Mako I on my left foot and a Mako II on my right foot during a pick up game for funsies once. I barely noticed anything. One bit you might be able to notice is that the Mako II boot feels a lot fuller than the Mako I. In a good way though I think. If the skates are sub $400, buy them.
  3. True has been making an effort to get into stores around here more than VH did. Probably has something to do with that. Got my scans done with no issues by the True folks.
  4. There has been a bunch of stores getting in their scanning tech and other stuff they needed to make their store a fit center recently... so I still think it's a promo of some sort. I doubt they are releasing another skate.
  5. Looks like it's just a promo for their skates to me.
  6. I was one of the largest proponents of the Mako skates, both the I and II when they launched. I skated in the MLX before those. Now having gone through each version of the skate on up to the True version I can say that the fit is largely unchanged. Same wrap, some minor changes such as a taller toe box (at least in my case). Basically, you won't have much to worry about if anything at all. Adjusting on the ice is always varies from person to person.
  7. Officially done with the Makos since I can't find them anymore, and I am on the VH train now. Huge shout out to the crew at TRUE for hooking me up with these. Took less than two weeks from getting scanned to having the skates in my hands. Already baked them and the first skate will be next week which coincidentally will be the first time back on the ice since my season ended too. Can't wait.
  8. If the liner and moldability is remotely close to the Mako or VH then CCM may very well have a winner on their hands. I'm hoping to get to try them on soon.
  9. Give them a shot if you can find your size. I've blocked my fair amount of shots wearing Mako II's, and like any other skate out there if a shot hits you in the 'right spot' it's going to hurt.
  10. CCM would need to incorporate an adaptive thermoplastic and something similar to Easton's Tru-Fit Last to achieve as close a fit to a Mako as they could. Bauer has that R&D now, and I don't think we'll see something like that from CCM because they know the kind of skate the want to produce and who they want to market to. That said, I would happily try a pair of their skates if they did something similar. For now though I'm going to ride out my current Mako's, maybe find another pair, and eventually move to VH. Nothing else fits the same anymore.
  11. The monocoque construction is part of it, and they will be heat moldable, however the liner material and inner construction would need to be the same as the Mako's for the fit to be comparable. The goal was zero negative space, which was the single biggest feature of the Mako's, and the CCM's simply won't be able to accomplish that. Not that they are since that would severely narrow the marketability of the skate, I'm just saying that the skates won't be able to fit the same.
  12. VH would be the direct replacement for the Mako's, more or less. When Dave went to Easton, Scott went back on his own to VH. If anything, VH is a much more refined version of the MLX than the Mako. With Bauer acquiring Easton's skate R&D, it would be more likely they'd have the tech implemented before CCM does, though I don't know anything about the Super Tacks or Jetspeeds. I've been out of the gear research and modern offerings for a while. That said, I'd imagine CCM skates wouldn't have the same fit even if they have the same tech put in since each company has their own idea of what a skate should fit like. Damn. That's kinda cool.
  13. Can I just pop in and say I can't believe this thread is still kicking after 4+ years? Too bad the skates haven't lasted that long.
  14. That was literally my first thought - the rolls and fingers are definitely Easton.
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