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    SVH Custom
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    Bauer AG5NT
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    CCM Custom 4 Roll
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    Bauer 4500
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    Tackla 9000 Euro
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    CCM FT1
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    Warrior Pro
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    Jofa 6090
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    CCM Team

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  1. Those are AS3 Pros. Most would say that the change to Step steel was an upgrade over the XS Carbon, so...
  2. To each their own - AG5NT was the first Bauer stick I've really liked since the XXX and One95. Preferred them over my LX Pros even.
  3. Got to use mine for the first time tonight. Loved it. I kept going back and forth between the Novium and the AG5NT during my game and I found myself enjoying the feel of the Novium more. Great shot, great blade feel (wasn't pingy), felt very familiar. Got a decent skate cut across the blade so I'm wondering how long the blade will hold up. My two cents.
  4. I feel that it's slightly stiffer than rated because of how the stick is built but I'm leaning more towards the I can lean into it more and not worry about it whipping out camp.
  5. Been using one for a little over a week and you're right, it's a little longer and beefed up. I was surprised at how much I liked the stick. With this trend to lighter and lighter sticks I've often felt disconnected from the stick when on the ice (the Catalyst PX being the worst offender) but I didn't experience that. First stick since the One95 where I'm actually impressed with a Bauer twig.
  6. Didn't want to post this up myself 😅
  7. Super basic, but think of it the same way that the TF line is. Customs Catalyst Pro TF9 Cat9 TF7 Cat7 Cat5 Cat9 offers the benefits of a custom skate but without the bells and whistles, similar to the TF9. The Cat Pro requires a foot scan.
  8. In order: True Customs, TF9/Ribcor, Unreleased Catalyst skates, sourced Mako II's.
  9. Just sharing what I know, nothing more nothing less. Bauer is already out of these. They'll be printing money with each re-release now, if they weren't sure before.
  10. Doesn't fit their business model nor their skate lines. Similar fit to Makos, go custom; basically how they went about it.
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