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  1. mtn

    CCM still selling V08 at retail???

    Good chance if there was a lawsuit not related to safety, they would still be allowed to sell existing inventory but not make future runs. But I am not a lawyer and I am not familiar with this situation at all.
  2. mtn

    New True Lid

    Worst part about it is that there is no ruling in the USAH rulebook about how it is supposed to be worn, other than "as designed". Try proving "as designed". I want the USA rulebook to implement verbiage about the cage that the chin guard needs to be touching the chin, the top of the cage needs to be all the way in the J-Hooks, J-hooks are necessary (a design and IIRC a requirement for HECC, but again, try proving it), and that there is to be no slack in the straps - i.e. you can't swing the cage back and forth. As a referee, it is something I would really like to have in the book defined clearly. Not sure if HC is different.
  3. After having been in various Graf's for 20 years, my last pair (G75's, favorite skate of all time FWIW) was starting to wear out and I'd been on the lookout for a new pair of skates. A friend from a few hours away called me and let me know that a LHS was going out of business, and the last day it was open had an 80% off lowest marked price on EVERYTHING. These were the skates that were the most likely to fit me that they had, so it is what he got for me. This is probably not the boot that I would have ended up in had I been shopping, and spending real money, but it is not bad and for the price, I could not beat pass it up. I believe they were $350 initially, but after all the discounts I paid $60. I think these are a 2017 model - but don't quote me on that. It is a SMU, with the following features: CCM Jetspeed Xtra Pro Senior Hockey Skates Features Base Model: FT370 Boot: Rocket Frame Composite Core: Speedcore Comfort Pads Outsole: TPU Outsole with Exhaust Tongue: 7mm Black Felt with Embossed LB Tongue Liner: TotalDri Liner with Abrasion Resistant Zones Eyelets: Brass Eyelets Runner: SpeedBlade Stainless +2mm Runner Fit - N/A Like I mentioned above, this is not the boot I would have ended up in had I been spending serious money. I always feel like this is an odd criteria to be rating things on anyways; all feet are different and different models are different. CCM describes it as "medium-volume skate for players with average toe, forefoot, instep, and heel dimensions. Tight at the heel and more narrow at the forefoot. I'd agree with this - they certainly aren't as roomy as I'd like, and I wish they were slightly wider at the forefoot. However, they're comfortable enough to wear for 3 hours at a time. Very stiff, which negatively impacts comfort a slight amount, but if I were a player going an hour at a time and not a referee, I don't think I'd notice that negative impact at all. I also have not noticed any lacebite, whether that is due to the guard on the tongue or the volume being accurate is hard to say. Insole - 1/10 I'm not including this in the total score, but the Insole was the one real negative I had with this. First of all, it isn't so much of an insole as it is a rivet cover. Second of all, it was falling apart brand new! I tried to get a replacement from CCM, but they didn't have any in the size. Uhh.... OK. They offered to send me an orthotic one if I had the purchase receipt, but as my friend picked these up for me I did not and he'd already thrown the receipt away. Blade/Holder - 10/10 SpeedBlade +4.0 with SpeedBlade Stainless +2mm Runner. Coming out of Grafs/Cobras, there wasn't quite as much forward pitch with these as I'd like. A profile later, and I was in good shape. JR would recommend a shim installed, but I didn't have time to ship them out to him and none of the shops around me would install one. No complaints whatsoever. The runners may not be premier runners, but I've had no issues with them and they're holding an edge very well - I have about 50 hours on them too (yes, really - I get my skates sharpened twice a year whether they need it or not!) Weight/Protection - 8/10 Weight is excellent. Super light, at least to me. Protection.... is pretty good, but I took a shot from a moron with his head down and it left me with a good bruise. It was a good shot, but I was still surprised how much it hurt. Durability - 9/10 Some wear and tear, but not a ton. Most of it is on the holder. I'll update as time goes on, but so far I expect to get a few years out of them. Intangibles - 9/10 I like them. The only thing I really don't like, other than the fit which cannot be held against them, is the look. I want a black skate. Call me boring, whatever, but there is a little too much going on for my liking in these. Also, I mentioned the insole issue above. While I was disappointed with CCM for not having the stock insole to replace it, and I was disappointed in myself for not having a receipt, their offer to replace it with one of their orthotic insoles was more than fair. Break in was not bad - not as quick as my Grafs, but not bad at all. Maybe 6 hours. I did bake them as well. Conclusion - 36/40 Writing 36/40 seems low, to be honest, but I just added up all of the above scores. If you asked me to rate these out of 40, I'd probably say 38 or 39 - only when adding up the individuals do I get the "low" score. I'm happy with these, and expect to be for quite a while. The fit isn't quite right, but it is close enough and as mentioned above should not be taken into account for the rating, just information to be an informed buyer. It is a damn good skate, and at the price - even at $350, I can't see paying more for a skate when you can get something this good for that price.
  4. Question is in the title. I like having backup hardware for my stuff, in case something goes wrong. I have SpeedBlade +4.0 holders/runners, and I believe I have a few old pairs of Tacks from my youth in my parents basement that would have Pro-Lite holders. Have the screws changed at all? Could I salvage those from the Pro-Lites to potentially use on my SpeedBlades?
  5. As a kid I was in Supremes, Tacks, Daoust 501, Bauer Airs, and a few Grafs. As an adult (call It age 16 on) I’ve been in Grafs and jetspeeds. My ranking: 1: Graf G75. 2: Graf 707 3: Bauer Air 90(?) 4: my current skates, CCM Jetspeeds
  6. mtn

    New True Lid

    Checked it out today. Things I liked: - SUPER light - MIPS. First helmet I’ve seen that I thought “hey, this could actually help prevent a concussion or lessen its severity”* - Good looking helmet for sure. - It seemed comfortable, but I did not mess with the pads at all Things I didn’t like: - The price. Whoa. - Some of the fit and finish isn’t what I’d expect in a helmet at $50, let alone 5x that price. It seemed like the plastic shell had some rough spots in the vents. - I’m concerned about the long term durability. Related to the above, and probably also the reason it is so light, this helmet doesn’t a hard plastic shell like all the other hockey helmets I’ve ever seen; it is more like a bicycle helmet - there is a very thin, hard plastic shell that appears to have been sprayed onto a foam shell. I don’t know how this is made or how the outer shell is adhered to the inner shell/padding, but it isn’t “typical” hockey helmet construction. I’m not saying that it is a bad thing, I just want to see some long term reviews before laying down my own money on it. *My personal opinion. It just makes sense to me though.
  7. This is where I'm struggling. I have a head. It is my head, it isn't changing if I play hockey or football or badminton. I understand that there is a significant difference in the way that the helmet sits on the head for different sports - I've experienced this myself with my autoracing helmet, hockey helmet, and baseball helmets (although those were as a youth). But the head doesn't change. Why should the head form change? Also, are you able to link to the "sites"? Are you talking about CSA?
  8. @oldtrainerguy28 what is the issue with using a football headform? You keep bringing that up, but I cannot see why that would be an issue unless I am misunderstanding what a headform is. It is a model head, correct? Are you saying that there is a significant difference in the average football players head and the average hockey players head? Also, where are you getting your information on the headforms, necks, etc.? I do agree with a lot of what you say - fit is the most important thing, and helmets can't really prevent the brain slowing down and hitting the skull... Except... when looking through the other ratings for bicycle helmets, it seems that the MIPS helmets all perform better than non-MIPS helmets. This makes a lot of sense to me, as MIPS, if working correctly, will essentially give the head another few millimeters to slow down - a crumple zone if you will. Obviously the helmets have to be larger for this, but they don't have to be heavier which would be the real issue (whiplash). I don't think MIPS will have much real-world effect, but I don't think it can hurt. Are there any other systems, named or not, that have a similar effect? Ultimately I do not believe the VT study is bunk, as you're saying, but I want to see the data you're looking at and understand your position. I definitely don't think it is the end-all-be-all either, but I would view it as a valuable guide, knowing that the most important thing for any helmet is that it is properly fitted. Especially as it actually has rankings, compared to HECC/CSA pass/fail method.
  9. mtn

    New True Lid

    Hmmm... Well, I understand the official stance and the site (and anybody with potential liability) taking a hard-line stance on this, but real-world impact would have to be minimal. I'll take the risk for myself, because I believe it to be minimal (have done it on 3 helmets so far, no ill-effects, all helmets are still in good shape and only retired due to age, hardening of foam, and pads falling out). If I didn't throw it away already, I'm going to take an old helmet and cut it into pieces to submerge it in acetone, another in mineral spirits, and a third in alcohol. If I did throw it out, then I won't be able to. In any case, IIRC from my HS chemistry days, different plastics react differently to different solvents. It is why acetone can melt plastics, yet it is stored in plastic. Aside from that, there is a difference in submerging something in it and keeping it in it, and using a small amount on a cotton swab to remove the paint on it.
  10. mtn

    New True Lid

  11. mtn

    New True Lid

    A few things... 1: Can anyone link the VT Testing method thread? Would like to read through it. Incidentally, with the MIPS I expect it to do well in the test... I'm just not sure how much that matters, although from a physics POV it makes sense to me. 2: I've heard that folks have been having a hard time getting a cage to fit it. Anyone have any insight on that, as well as a visor? 3: Is the True logo on this bucket painted on, glued on, or what? I like to take a razor blade and/or nail polish remover to my buckets.
  12. Bump for one of the experienced skate guys to see... what does +1 mean? Is there a chart available that compares various brands and models?
  13. Bumping this back up. Used to go to Matt at the PH in Elmhurst, but they’ve moved to an automatic machine and don’t even have the old sharpener anymore. Wondering if anyone knows of any good shop for normal sharpening and for a profiling in the area - fox valley is far for me. Will probably end up going to Fred’s up north, just because I usually end up that direction for other life events once a month or so, but wondering if there is anything closer.
  14. I just bought some Jeetspeed Xtra Pro's, brand new, but I believe them to be an old model from... 2017? based on the FT370. I'm coming out of a pair of Graf G75's. I'll be wearing both pairs, sometimes on the same day, and want the pitch on the Jetspeeds to be as close as possible to my G75's, but I have no clue on how to figure out what the pitch is for each. I haven't skated on the Jetspeeds, or even had them sharpened, but I'm wondering if I should ask the guy sharpening them to take some steel off the front or back of the skate to get it to better match the Graf's. Any insights?