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  1. Leetch wore 501s (the old model, not that mid line model from the 00's.)
  2. Just heard back from the Devils; they plan for the building to be open on 6/1. So, that's two months before the event.
  3. My underprotective - Jofa 3175 shinpads and 5044 elbows. Elbows are 20 years old (have a backup pair) and I've had the shins for 16 (obviously older than that, but I have a new pair as a backup as well.)
  4. So this is something that has been weighing on me for the past few weeks; part of me feels that we should be okay for an event for Aug 1. But part of me feels that if I start organizing the event, there's no point of return. Keep in mind that the ice is booked, and I haven't heard anything from the rink in terms of a cancellation. The ice bill is not due yet and I haven't paid anything yet. The pucks and jerseys can be turned around in about a month, so I could essentially order the jerseys on July 1. The money would be due then. But if people aren't signing up due to the fact that they're not sure if the event is going to happen, it makes it difficult to get everything set up because the money isn't there to move forward. The question that I am asking is; is there still interest in the event if it's still a possibility to hold it?
  5. You're trying to make the area more prominent by building up the area (I used to make tape balls, then secure it to the skater's foot with tape) so that you can press into the skate from the inside.
  6. 16 years ago, we opened our doors. Thank you for all who have helped and supported us along the way.
  7. It's a scam. I see they've updated their "store" pic to the Bauer Experience MA store, LOL
  8. There are a number of people who have expressed interest but haven't requested access; you can certainly do that now by clicking on the link I provided. Registration is now open.
  9. All of the details are in the Participant area.
  10. Really hope you can!
  11. We have had people who have attended our events who the first couple of times just showed up for the skate, then left after, or stayed for dinner. Unfortunately, they end up not getting the full experience. The reason why we do this is to bring people together who have a common interest. The people who come Friday night always seem to come back - you get to meet the members in a relaxed setting.
  12. Start using the link that was provided; you won't be getting an invite. Just knock on the door.
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