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Help with new models of skates

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I’ve had my trusty hockey skates since 1998, but when I recently tried them on, the plastic toe caps dig into the sides of my feet. I don’t think punching out the plastic would help. I recently took up distance running in more minimal shoes, so I blame that for beefing up my feet. I also feel some pressure on top of my feet after lacing up the skates (that never existed before I started running)

Does anyone recommend a specific brand for someone who needs a wide toecap but has a narrow heel? I have Bauer Supreme 5000s, and until recently the width was good – I did have some heel slippage, but Vapors were too narrow and CCMs were too loose. I’m going to the store this weekend to try on some pairs, but I’d like to have an idea of what to narrow down. I was thinking of Vapors in EE, but I’m worried that those skates won’t be tall enough to accommodate my foot volume. I'm really unfamiliar with what is out there now, and how skate technology has changed.

I’ve read that the newest skates on the market are super stiff so lighter folks may not want to go completely high end. Does this apply to junior skates? I’m kind of slight (under 110lbs) but didn’t have issues with the Bauer 5000s (the “top of the line” skates at the time of purchase). I’m ok with not buying the top end skate (if the skate is too stiff), but I don’t want to compromise comfort either. Although I'm not super competitive or pro, I don't want to skimp anywhere on my skates.


  • Which brand and models I should try on for
    • Wide forefoot (I usually wear regular width shoes, but am slightly edging into wider width), narrow heel area (so V shape foot), normal arch
    • (budget not a concern)
  • Will the highest end junior skate be too stiff for my weight (under 110lbs in a junior skate – my current Bauer 5000s were fine for me in 1998)? How much does baking help with the fit (I broke my skates in the hard way)?
  • If the current high end models are too stiff, what model should I shoot for that won’t compromise fit and comfort? Any comparable models on clearance if available?

I understand there’s no way to know what exactly will work until I try them on, but I’d like to go to the shop with an idea of where to start.


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If your foot shape is v'ish I would look into the Bauer nexus series, which can be found on almost all the online hockey superstores, total hockey, hockeymonkey etc. if you don't won't to stiff of a skate, skates usually tend to decrease in stiffness from top of the line so he nexus 600 skate would be less stiff than let's say the nexus 1000 skate.

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Thanks for the tips! After what seemed like an eternity trying on every skate imaginable (over a dozen pairs) I finally found a pair. I was very surprised with how stiff the skates were (coming from more of a leather feeling with the Bauer 5000s)

- Supremes wouldn't tighten, and the heel was loose

- The nexus (both D and EE) had a bit too much volume

- CCM (tried on for the hell of it) were cavernous

- Vapor EE gave me a better heel lock, but hit my foot in the wrong places. I tried a few different sizes of vapors up to the 100s

- Easton (can't remember which) felt off

- Easton Makos felt amazing, but it was painful getting the skate on (some lace hook was jabbing my foot on the way in). Once the skates were on, they felt extremely comfortable... until I stood up and the arch killed me. I was sad.

I didn't think I had difficult feet to fit (the front of my feet are JUST narrow enough to toe the lie between regular and wide), but it seemed impossible to find skates. Most of the toe boxes rubbed the sides of my feet - even the wides.

I was so frustrated and desperate I was at the point of ignoring pain to "make the skates fit". Then an angel arrived in the form of the Graf Ultra G75. Those skates provided an excellent heel lock I never acheived with my original Supremes. I can't wait to skate on them!

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