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  1. If you flip the top clips opposite from the Bauer instructions then that will buy you a little more room. For the period of time that I had the Bauer bubble on my small CCM helmet I did that and it made the fit over the chin better.
  2. The only thing that impacts bad leagues is when lots of teams start leaving. No amount of captains complaining about this, that, and the other has any impact on how leagues are run as long as the league is still getting their money.
  3. It is mite hockey. If the choice is be a Hawk or be a Duck, I choose be a Duck. I'm guessing this coach chooses the other.
  4. If recent news has reminded us of anything, it is that successful coaches can also be dicks.
  5. I'll still toss them in from time to time but it is so hard to find good yellow laces these days.
  6. So his skates and gloves will finally match?
  7. It is beer league. Nobody thinks about Home/Visitor. As long as both guys are pretty square with sticks down, have at it.
  8. It will be interesting to see where he finishes with goals. He has been remarkably lucky in the injury department throughout his career.
  9. While the optics were comparable between the Oakley and Bauer, I preferred the coverage and shapes of the Oakley, specifically the aviator variants.
  10. Since Oakley dropped out of the visor game, Bauer is the better choice of what is out there.
  11. She looked 60 when she was 40. Tawny didn't age well but for that one moment in the 80's she was something else.
  12. Weird you don't feel the Ribcore wraps when all folks I know in them rave about the moldability of that line.
  13. I've been in 70k's for 3 years now and they've held up just fine.
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