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  1. It also has a lot to do with everyone breathing in the recirculated air. I'm predicting one of the lightest flu seasons on record.
  2. That Dallas third looks like it was designed at Hampton Beach. Trust me, the New England guys get it.
  3. I was watching the BU game where he got paralyzed. I was on the phone with the now Mrs. when he went for a big hit and missed. She heard my "ooohhh" over the phone and asked what happened. I told her some kid just knocked himself cold. Then you could see that he was awake and you knew what had happened. Travis could have sulked and vanished but instead became such a great inspiration and advocate. It is a huge loss that he is no longer with us.
  4. Got my negative results this morning so I'm ready for when NH opens hockey back up on Sunday.
  5. MA and NH both shut down hockey again for at least 2 weeks. Covid clusters around kids' games and tournaments ruining it for the rest of us as governors press the panic button.
  6. Don't forget that the FlyLight or whatever is basically the love child of the Stealth and Vapor lines.
  7. Always smart to get things checked out. As I told you back in March, it would be sometime within the year that something would freak you out enough to get yourself checked. I am hopeful that what you're feeling is just age catching up with us. I learned after my event that between leaning heaviliy on my left elbow at work, steering mostly with the left hand and leaning on my left side when reading the Kindle in bed that I was creating a tight left chest and shoulder up into the neck. It worried me when it would twinge a few times at the gym. I learned to calm myself by recreating the feeling with movement but when my pulse was resting and my heart wasn't under stress. My trip back was when I was driving to work and was just feeling disconnected. I thought I was getting lightheaded and was concerned something was happening. They kept me overnight, did a nuclear scan and stress echo and found nothing out of the ordinary. I hope everything goes well for you. One way or another, I think you'll be very excitable come November 4th and I want you to be able to handle it.
  8. Doc retiring is an early Christmas gift.
  9. Nothing changes in this world until politicians start losing votes, which is kind of the same thing as rich people start losing money.
  10. No chance Sher-Wood becomes relevent again.
  11. Am I correct in thinking Miken was the step between Combat and True?
  12. Techniflex elbow pads are the standard by which I measure all others. I don't know why companies can't make a quality, flexible 3 piece elbow pad anymore.
  13. It looks like there were a couple of non-sanctioned kids tournaments recently in Exeter, NH and down in CT and some kids and coaches have tested positive. These are the kind of things that can gum up the works for all of us.
  14. I've been since mid-June. I don't know of anyone who skated straight thru.
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