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  1. The only goalie of the modern age who ever wore less than the maximum size allowed was Marty Broduer.
  2. Heading back to the ice tonight. It will be interesting what the game is like. I'm guessing it will feel like a loose pickup skate.
  3. Lucky for him there was a pommel horse in the middle of the terrorist town.
  4. People don't get chirped for wearing full shields/cages. They get chirped when they wear a full shield/cage and play like idiots.
  5. The fraternity mentality leads to all kinds of horrible things. I was never a huge fan of the hockey player Carcillo but good on him for taking the lead on this. I hope this changes things for the better.
  6. It is just like normal times before camp officially opens. Coaches aren't allowed on ice prior to camps opening.
  7. And that was after everyone had defected from the old Easton message board, home of the best holiday toy drive.
  8. Keep in mind, a lot of the members here have known each other for a long time. They have gathered many times at MSH events and many have been to each other's weddings and the like. What you may see as negativity many times is actually a couple old friends having some fun or tossing out an old inside joke. Often times, there are good natured debates and disagreements which are just that. Remember, tone doesn't always translate well in the written word.
  9. The reason for the perceived "slow down" on MSH these last few months is because nobody is playing or watching hockey right now. Nobody has seen anything to get excited about. On top of that, for many people hockey is extremely far down the list of priorities as they deal with the pandemic, home offices and home schooling, work uncertainty, and unemployment through no fault of their own with no end in sight. I am one of the lucky ones that can work from home and doesn't have to deal with educating children or caring for older relatives. Many don't have that same luxury so we'll have to excuse them if they aren't doing cartwheels over the latest Bauer reveal. The broader topic of less catalog reviews and the like is due to the shift in the industry. With manufacturers taking a firmer hold on when and how their new product is dropped, there is less opportunity for pre-launch buzz. MSH enjoys a positive relationship with the manufacturers and isn't about to jeopardize that. With their embracing of social media, manufacturers want to control their message and timing of information and MSH respects that.
  10. One thing the league is wrestling with is how to deal with all of the salty language that will be a lot easier to hear without fan noise to drown it out. It will be fun for those of us that play to hear the chirps and such but they're worried about the "family fun".
  11. It would make sense for teams to have a "non-roster" goalie on hand from their organization should anything happen.
  12. The glaring problem with the "70 game schedule", you're going to ask the majority of teams to start the playoffs without having shot a puck in anger in 4-5 months. The other issue is the fact that it barely, if at all, gives the bubble teams a chance. Unless you were 4 or less points out then you're being shut out, even though you could have had a favorable final 12 game slate that could have seen you leapfrog into a spot. Creating a kind of "play-in" round while the top teams tune up against each other creates an equitable way to decide who gets in and also gets everyone's legs pumping so that when the playoffs start we don't end up watching shit hockey. And yes, there is a money aspect to consider. The league lost a ton over the last 2 months so of course they are going to try and come up with a way that adds competition and gets essentially the same amount of teams involved as would have been had the final 12 games been played. Don't be surprised when the NBA comes up with a similar plan. After all, they are all in the entertainment business.
  13. The 24 team format gives those teams with a potential to have won their way into the playoffs a chance to do so. It makes deadline deals mean something for those bubble teams. It makes conditional picks mean something. We already lost that potential last week surge, the win and you're in on the final day of the season excitement. We lost the excitement of watching that unlikely bubble team claw their way in. The 24 team format gives some of that back. It isn't perfect but it is better than than just calling the season at 70. It forces those teams just in at the break to earn their way into the playoffs, just like the last 3-4 weeks of the season would have done. Could there be some freak Cinderella story where a 12 team shocks everybody and turns the whole thing upside down? Sure. The "purists" will rail and cry and the rest of us will relish in the fun and excitement that it creates.
  14. I have 2 A6.0 tapered shafts and 2 A5.2 Pro sticks and I don't find those any softer than other sticks at the same flex.
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