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  1. Deker, please accept that this discussion has run its course. You asked if a different helmet could have prevented the tragedy. Many responded with "possibly, but with the extremely low probability, it doesn't appear to be a concern for manufacturers or the general hockey public" or something along those lines. That should be the end of it. Your constant repost of the same comments is the internet equivalent of a 4 year old constantly saying, "Why?" Please stop. Signed, The rest of us
  2. I feel like I've suffered a head injury every time I click into this thread.
  3. There have been 2 careers ended by fluke pucks near the ear. There have been a stunning number of careers ended due to concussions, and many more that should have been. Ask Marc Savard and Paul Kariya how they recovered from concussions.
  4. I utterly despise guys who go the high route with dumps, especially in beer league.
  5. My arrival setup is the base layers under sweats. For post game beers in the lot I'm dressed to hit the slopes.
  6. It's easier if you put the wine glass down.
  7. I've been back out there since June. For my New Hampshire league, the only difference is I wear a mask on the way in and out of the rink. For my Massachusetts league, they still won't let us use the lockerrooms so we show up half dressed or at least already in our base layers and finish dressing around the rink. That is really getting old, especially doing the full change after in a nice cold rink.
  8. Do they feel like they fit well and not shift around while playing? If so, then you're fine. The way I found out a set was just a hair big was when I started developing skin tags on the side of my neck. Turned out the cap was riding up just enough to cause a gentle rubbing and produce the tags. Once I switched to a better fitting set the tags disappeared.
  9. Keep in mind where the curve is on the blade. The 88 is a bigger overall curve but is more gradual over the length of the blade. The 92 curve is more concentrated and will tend to shoot as the bigger curve of the two.
  10. One shouldn't have to list "Fun" as an option in "Other". Regardless of all of the other things, if the kid isn't having fun then they'll never stick with the game long term.
  11. Running 1 extra thru the lines isn't hard. He goes thru a shift at each spot on the first line then each spot on the second line then sits. That means every 7 shifts each kid sits one shift. Then you just rotate who the extra kid is each game.
  12. The aggressive pitch is what is causing the hip issue as the games wear on.
  13. It could be a matter of tweaking the profile, +3 sounds aggressive for reffing a lot of games.
  14. I'd recommend drying your gear in a more controlled climate.
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