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10' - mojo122

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Profile 1 - Stock 10’ 

Steel - Bauer LS5 254

Hollow - 90/50 FBV


Older skater who has been skating for over 40-years. Played high school hockey and some college hockey.  Currently playing 3 times a week at a competitive level.  Over the years I have tried many different profiles ranging from doubles, a triple, couple of quads, and Pro Skate Balance’s 35/65.  I started out with the stock profile in an attempt to reset myself before beginning testing profiles for the ProSharp Project.


Certainly nothing wrong with the stock profile in its overall performance.  Acceleration, mobility, stability, and speed are adequate.  Since this is my reset and the bar from which I’m going to evaluate the different ProSharp profiles my intention to too just rate it as the middle of the road.  Not bad but not great either.

My own personal belief is that every set of stock steel benefits from profiling do to inconsistences from mass-produced steel. What I do find a little daunting is the vast number of profiles that ProSharp offers can make it difficult to dial in an individuals’ best profile without shelling out a significant amount of cash unless you guess right or just not try others.

Acceleration - 2.5

Mobility - 2.5

Stability - 2.5

Speed - 2.5

*This is my control set thus the 2.5 ratings.  Like I said, neither good nor bad.  These might be rescored after I have the opportunity to test a double, triple, and quad.

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