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  1. So true.... I have found this to be not helpful at all.
  2. 3D lasted CURV is what really set Bauer's top skates apart from the others. Guess it was only a matter of time seeing it was a licensed product and we're seeing the disappearance of Flexorb from protective and XRD from their Hyperlite helmet. It will be interesting to see what their new quarter package is.
  3. If you're looking for maximum performance I tell customers they want to go with the tightest fit that's comfortable for them. I also see a lot of players who have been skating in skates way too big for sometime, so those often settle for comfort fit over pro fit.
  4. Longtime P31 user who transitioned to P92 (knowing the P91 was dropping) who opted to try the Kane Pro. If you were ever a fan of the old Easton Shanahan you might like it, but for me it was a big transition and my thoughts are if you're a big P28 fan the transition will be even more drastic.
  5. 3X has a new composite quarter package called Flex Comp, making for a lighter skate. It has also has the low profile asymmetrical toecap that is found on the 2 higher level vapors along with taller steel. X2.9 has a nylon Techmesh quarter package and comes with LS1 steel which is shorter than LS+. My impression of the 3X is that it's lighter, molds better, but where the tongue comes off the lower profile toecap a fair number of customers have initially felt a lot of pressure on the top of the forefoot. The footbed that come with it provides no support as it's basically foam.
  6. Go to someone who has the 3D Skate Scanner. Fill out a profile so that you will get an email of your foot scan. If you have trouble fitting into a retail skate comfortably, then if you reach out again to Bauer they can reference your scan and possibly help you moving forward.
  7. Did you try on a Supreme? The toecap height in the Ultrasonic isn't as short as that of the Hyperlite so the tongue attachment at the base will be a tad higher. On the flip side the tongue on the Ultrasonic is thicker than the Hyperlite.
  8. One pair in the United Kingdom doesn't even qualify as a sample size. I see many and I'm only seeing the graphics being trashed. I'd see if you can reach out to Joe @CustomSkateWorks. He's the expert on toecap manipulation.
  9. What specifically about durability? I'm not seeing any degradation of the stiffness, just the graphics, which always seems to plague the Vapor line. Supreme Curve graphics always seem to hold up better over time.
  10. Hard to tell for sure from that picture, but those skates look like the Ultrasonic and 3S Pro with new graphics. Me, I'd rather have a BMW M5.
  11. My guess is that they opted for the softer toe to make it more "Step" like, but that decision came well after the initial production run was made on the retail skates. If you look at the runners in the 3X Pro the LS Pulse SS it has the same Geometry as the aftermarket Pulse TI and LS Pulse. I have a set of retail Pulse TI and 2 sets of aftermarket Pulse TI profiled at Bauer's custom factory. Even with the different toe shape I routinely rotate all 3 sets and and have no issues. If you would be paying for the steel plus the profiling fee I would opt for Pulse TI Per Profiled steel. If you already have the retail profiled version why not keep things the same?
  12. Bauer's offerings plus their P92M
  13. Looks like Tydan is taking LS Pulse and adding their DLC coating to it. I myself would go Pulse TI. As for the 35/65, I still like that profile over any ProSharp profile I have skated on.
  14. Wonder if there's some disconnect between ProSharp US and ProSharp Sweden? ProSharp Sweden always pitched the Quads as "power profiles" and the Zuperiors as "agility profiles. ProSharp Profiles
  15. Actually looks more like a 2S Pro to me.
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