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  1. Aside from the injected on the 2015 1X skate (which was a manufacturing defect yet I never saw it being a widespread issue) the injected facing has been durable. The few broken ones that I came across where all the result of too big a skate resulting in over cranking to get them tight. Had them on MX3, 1S, and 2S Pro and was a fan. Missing them on my Ultrasonics. My concern is with the design of the HyperLite facing, specifically the cut outs at the top potentially being a weak spot over time. Pretty sure Bauer had a slew of skaters using them as prototypes long before they came to market last year. Whether or not they encountered any issues at all we will never know. I have a few who have gotten them had issues with the tongue.
  2. The U.S division of ProSharp was a mess in terms of machine issues and lack of support long before Bauer decided to acquire it. Pure Hockey had invested heavily into ProSharp and it didn't work out well for them and now have moved on. Not sure what Bauer's long term goals are with ProSharp? I find that profiles of singles, combos, triples, quads, quints, etc just too daunting and confusing to the average player. Bauer currently have Quads on many of their 2020 retail Supreme skates, but the standard 10' on most of their 2021 Vapor skates. So initially invested in profiling at the retail level they have since changed that thought process. I have more confidence in CAG's matching the profile on a set of runners than the older AS 2001 that only do one runner at a time. Watching closely to see whether the Bauer/ProSharp move is a success or a failure.
  3. Thanks for clarifying the fit difference.
  4. We actually can't say for a fact that it's not from a manufacturing defect. My point is that one should expect better durability from a top of the line skate. That skate hasn't even been on the market a full year yet.
  5. Assuming they're both the same size sounds like there's a distinct fit difference aside from the advertised boot stiffness?
  6. How old are they? Those look like the original laces and still look fairly new? If I dropped a grand on skates and that happened within a short time frame and it wasn't covered, then I'd be looking at a different manufacturer for my new skate.
  7. An intermediate Supreme won't be as stiff as a senior Supreme. If you look at the Ultrasonic, both sizes utilize Carbon CURV, however the intermediate has a partial composite outsole whereas the senior has a full composite outsole.
  8. What's your forefoot width? I've seen some skaters in the past with C width feet that would need a AA heel. Bauer does reference the scan and fitter comments when making customs.
  9. The 8.5 Fit 2 Ultrasonic is going to closest to the fit of the 8.5D 2S Pro. While not exact Fit 1 is close to the old Vapor D Fit, Fit 2 to the Supreme D Fit, and Fit 3 to the Nexus D Fit.
  10. What specifically are you looking for? Are you looking for changes from your current customs. With all the top end skates at custom now composite I don't know whether less stiff than retail is something that Bauer can do as part of the MyBauer Custom Program? The Ribcor 100K might be something you might want to explore.
  11. Disagree....depends on what the customer is looking for and how well the retailer/fitter documents it. That looks like an Excel spreadsheet for MyBauer Customs and not the Pro Custom one.
  12. Barefoot on the Bauer scanner I come up as a 7EE or 7 Fit 3. When I hit the custom feature I come up 6.75 on the left and 7.25 on the right. Using fit stock in the store I wound up going a full size down (5.75 and 6.25). The scanner is just a starting point and I see some people go with the scanner recommendation while others often go 1/2 to 1 size down. You have to determine how you want them to fit. As for the HyperLites, the tongue is so thin that it feels much roomier to me than the 2X Pro did. If I went My Bauer for those I'd probably opt for a more traditional felt tongue instead.
  13. My thoughts are flashy yet somewhat subdued and at least they listened and shrunk the massive CCM that exists on the FT4 Pro.
  14. Disagree with this. I find the Pulse TI to hold an edge longer and resists getting dinged up better than LS Pulse.
  15. I'm a fan of the 35/65 profile (254 runners). CAG profiling is simple compared to singles, duals, triples, quads, quints of ProSharp.
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