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  1. Out of the box they're comfortable. First time I used SuperFeet they hurt and took an adjustment period of a few skates for them to become comfortable. I like the fact that they're sized specifically by skate size (1,2,3 etc through 12) as opposed to a range. I also have found that I often have to size up with SuperFeet to accommodate heel width.
  2. Which Supreme. To me the Mach (most likely due to the AmpFlex facing) was no where as stiff as the previous Ultrasonic.
  3. 1: Love the topic title... 2: I was still "relatively" young when this thread was made...
  4. The scanner is a good starting point. Parents want a growth fit while there are adults that want the best performance fit while others that want a comfort fit. What it brings to retail is some consistency to the process. In the past with the Brannock devices there was no guarantee that the user was using it as it was intended to be used.
  5. The original SpeedPlate was nice but prone to breaking. Second generation just didn't work well with some skate models. My understanding from someone in the athletic footwear industry is that a footbed with some give is better than a rigid one from a biometrical standpoint.
  6. It's not that they messed up the oven temperature but the fact that they messed up the baking process. I see it all too often.
  7. Depends on what the cause of the pain is. If just aging and arthritis, icing and contrast therapy (ice and heat) help with pain and inflammation along with naproxen or ibuprofen. Other factors are age and what your end game is. Same situation here. First knee injury last summer resulting in significant root tears of the meniscus both medially and laterally. MRI also showed a significant bone bruise and arthritis. Cortisone injection helped within the first few months and got me back on the ice. Now scheduled for a series of gel injections, but have been told I'm looking at needing a total knee replacement in the not so distant future.
  8. From a retail fitting perspective Bauer's 3-Fit system is better than the previous 3 line single fit lineup. For those that have issues there's always custom.
  9. Hyperlite 2 inline is a mix of the Hyperlite 2 and X5 Pro.
  10. Wore my Ultrasonics for 3 years without any issues.
  11. So true...only thing I would add to that is technique.
  12. There's a lot of misconception here: 1) Scott Van Horne was part of the MLX team so he did have previous production experience prior to launching VH and then having been acquired by True. 2) Supplying non sponsored NHL players comes at the expense of the team so that is very profitable to both Bauer and CCM. 3) CCM also has one-piece boots and thermoformability.
  13. Bauer and CCM must be doing something right where they have 90% of the NHL players in their skates. They also dominate at retail.
  14. Hopefully this is it and you're on the road to feeling better.
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