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  1. ASV Pro is probably too stiff for most average skaters. I had an issue but it seems that I was able to resolve with a punch. Mentioned it before, but CCM has NOT perfected their version of the 3-Fit system. I'm definitely a Fit 3 in both Vapor and Supreme (EEE Forefoot). The Regular Fit ASV Pro was plenty wide and maybe a touch too deep for me.
  2. Are you talking at the retail level or NHL? CCM has made a small percentage increase at the NHL level over the past couple of years while True seems ti hover consistently around the 10% number.
  3. Been having PPF installed on my cars for a long time now. This looks much thicker, more like the thicker protection films they now use on the rear bumper lips to protect it from taking stuff in and out of the trunk.
  4. Toe cap on the 3X Pro is wider than that of the Mach. Hard to give any advice based on a bunion issue. Did you scan for a 7.5 Fit 3? Some folks have a particular issue that makes them a good candidate for custom skates.
  5. Used Jason to do a Cag profile on some CCM steel for me and was totally satisfied with the end result.
  6. Size and weight of the player is something to consider in terms of skate model selection. The X3.7 will break down much quicker than the 3X. The 3X has a better quarter package (composite(, better tongue, and better steel. The footbeds in both offer no support so with either one I recommend an aftermarket footbed.
  7. Bauer skate lineup mirrors each other therefore X3 would be the same as the M3 making the X3 the replacement model for the X3.7. X4 is the equivalent model of the M4.
  8. I’d just add that senior small is now an intermediate large.
  9. This was true when Bauer still had all 3 protective lines. When they dropped Nexus they made the top model the "close to the body/anatomical fit", the 1S, 2s Pro, and Ultrasonic pants with the other models being more of a traditional fitting pant. Confused a lot of customers along with their new junior/intermediate/senior sizing changes.
  10. Supreme 3S Pro and 3S are volume fit pants like the old Nexus.
  11. Bauer did I think under the name NeuroShield? Here in the states I believe it was considered a medical device which would have needed FDA approval I think.
  12. From my experience true coated steel does not offer any glide enhancement over polished steel (think Step Velocity or Bauer LS Pulse). What it does offer is better edge retention and fewer nicks and gouges.
  13. Just to clarify, 13" and 14" Bauer shins are both intermediate sizes.
  14. Quad profiles came standard on the Ultrasonic. Mach comes without steel. Aftermarket Bauer runners come with a 10' profile.
  15. What is it that you would want to ask the Skate Product Manager at CCM. I picked up a pair of the ASV Pro skates this year because I wanted to compare the skate (features and performance) against my current Ultrasonics. I really liked the performance of the one-piece boot, but unfortunately for me a developed a painful mid-foot bone spur in them that didn't resolve with a boot punch. I attributed it to the stiffness of the skate. I was extremely disappointed as I really wanted this skate to work for me. It's just TOO stiff, which my be why very few pros are in it. To me Bauer's fit system is far better than CCM's. I found the regular fit Tacks to be wider and deeper than a Fit 3 Bauer. Can't imagine what the wide is like?
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