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  1. So true...only thing I would add to that is technique.
  2. There's a lot of misconception here: 1) Scott Van Horne was part of the MLX team so he did have previous production experience prior to launching VH and then having been acquired by True. 2) Supplying non sponsored NHL players comes at the expense of the team so that is very profitable to both Bauer and CCM. 3) CCM also has one-piece boots and thermoformability.
  3. Bauer and CCM must be doing something right where they have 90% of the NHL players in their skates. They also dominate at retail.
  4. Hopefully this is it and you're on the road to feeling better.
  5. Going to say it's just a bunch of leftovers in limited sizes. The original SpeedPlate fit and molded better than the second generation SpeedPlate. Just prone to cracking overtime. Something new from Bauer may be in the works.
  6. Steve, you're one of the toughest guys I've ever known. Hoping all goes well with the recovery.
  7. I would categorize it as tweaks to the tongue and HyperFlex outsole plus the new PowerFly holder.
  8. Custom D is a D irregardless of the model.
  9. 1) What is he getting from BladeTech to push their runners? I've seen those runners actually widening out the front holder slot in many LS Edge holders. 2). As to your question on Fly X and Fly TI in LS Edge holders, I haven't seen any issues. Where I am there are few Pulse TI or LS Pulse runners still available.
  10. That's what led Graf Canada to their demise.
  11. Could be related to the travel speed. All I know is that even when I’m nowhere near the machines I can tell when steel is being cross ground.
  12. I assume the control head recognizes that a grinding ring is installed.
  13. Makes sense. If anyone here has used a commercial unit the grinding rings apply more pressure and travel slower than sharpening rings.
  14. How is it Bauer's fault that a retailer gave a customer bad information? Time to get this thread back on topic.
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