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  1. How is it Bauer's fault that a retailer gave a customer bad information? Time to get this thread back on topic.
  2. Could be logistics where the old steel doesn’t fit in the new holders or most are comfortable with the older holder setup. Probably confusing that Pulse TI and LS Pulse are on the way out.
  3. Maybe his size wasn't available at that store. LS Edge holder is still on newer models below the X5 Pro level and is an option on customs for those who don't want the new holder.
  4. The value I see is for the inexperienced SPARX user who doesn't know how to interpret the results when not level. Seems like the beam will give you adjustment advice tailored to the generation of the machine they are using.
  5. Even when going customs you really out to narrow down the fit using retail stock. My barefoot scan (which Bauer wants for custom) puts me in a retail 7 Fit 3 with custom calling for 7.25 and 6.75 for my feet. I've had 2 pairs of My Bauer's made and both are a full size down. Bottom line is everyone is different and it comes down to how they want their skates to fit. I have some many that wind up going with the recommended and some that go down in size.
  6. My advice is to always go with the highest fitting skate that you are comfortable with. Skates are always going to their smallest out of the box and will get a little bigger after a bake and with time. You can always take a skate that is a little small and make it bigger but cannot take a skate that is big and make it smaller. The Bauer scan is a good starting point but not absolute when it comes to fitting. Sometimes the scanner will make compromises between width and volume. For example someone with narrow feet (FIT 1) but with high volume (Fit 3) and recommend a Fit 2. You really need to have someone with experience in fitting and being able to interpret the scan.
  7. Just takes a leap of faith that the custom fit is better than any of the retail models. What would be useful to know is the number of helmets made so far and the number where the fit is off. For me I feel as if I have a good fit with the 150.
  8. My Bauer Reakt - $549.99 USD CCM Custom X - $579.99 USD
  9. Pricey and not sure how well it works, but what about wearing that Warroad base layer shirt where the sleeves pull up over the elbow pads? Padlock Base Layer Shirt
  10. M5 Pro has the same quarter package that was on the Ultrasonic and has a partial composite outersole. Add the more traditional felt tongue and that skate is pretty close to the older 1S. X5 Pro has the same quarter package and injected lacing that the 2X Pro had. Just lacks the composite outersole. Both those models are still considered pro spec when you look at the materials used.
  11. Just the opposite for me. Longtime Supreme guy who just switched to Vapor. MX3, 1S, and 2S Pro all had injected facing/eyelets which I really liked. With the Ultrasonic they went traditional facing/eyelets as part of making a distinct differentiation between the two top tiered skates. Have My Bauer Ultrasonics which I really liked. Having the ability to skate in the Machs I felt that the amp facing with the insert between the second and third eyelet made the skate feel too flexible for me when compared to the Ultrasonics. The injected eyelets on the 3X Pro and 5X Pro are tough on cloth laces until the roughness wears down. Haven't really seen that on the Hyperlite and Hyperlite 2. The cutouts in the injected in the upper portion of the Hyperlites also allows for better wrap than the those of the 5X Pro.
  12. Independent or commissioned testing.....makes a difference.
  13. CCM bought STEP a few years ago. I don't see a market for a new holder. After all, how many players in the NHL wearing Trues are skating with True holders?
  14. The original Bauer SpeedPlate was good since it was thin and was thermoformable. Down side was the front forefoot section tended to curl and over time the material became brittle and would crack. The 2nd generation didn't work well at all. Lately both Bauer and CCM have gone with super thin footbeds in the high end skates. Likely to to have better direct contact with the blade and ice.
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