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  1. ProSharp has multiple templates for singles, combos, triples, quads, and now add the eclipse. Hard for the consumer to know what is right not to add that the small shop owner has to make a significant investment in templates. From the ProSharp website regarding the eclipse: "The focus is on providing the skater with the most DYNAMIC and SEAMLESS skating experience as possible. Combine maximum POWER with hyperlight AGILITY!" Hype, BS?
  2. I have no issues. Retail 2S Pros were uncomfortable, more so on the outside forefoot area for a month or so when I first got them. Ultrasonics were comfortable from day one.
  3. I have My Bauer Ultrasonics. Short version is that I have wide feet (EEE+ and EE+). You still have to work with someone knowledgeable that has fit stock to dial in the length related to the scan recommendation to determine how you want them to fit. Width is determined by the Bauer folks and in my case they nailed the fit.
  4. I've now skated in my MyBauer Ultrasonics for 10-hours. No complaints and the break in was much easier than that for the 2S Pro (mostly because of the tongue). I feel that it only took a few skates to dial them in. Hard to compare them directly to the retail Ultrasonic since I opted for the Classic Felt tongue instead of the retail Reflex Pro tongue. Overall very happy with the fit and performance so far.
  5. That is correct. Aftermarket LS Pulse and Pulse TI is 10'
  6. You have to look at specific regions though. Here in the Northeast the P92 and P88 continue to be most popular although the P28 is picking up steam. PM9 and P14 are gone from the Supreme line and I expect that will continue with Nexus and Vapor.
  7. Trend is to have fewer curves at retail. I love the 92M and if they were to bring anything new I think a P28M would be popular.
  8. You could try calling a few local retailers. Seems like initial stock was limited. You might get lucky.
  9. I've found the toe box in the 2X Pro roomier than the Ultrasonic. I was a little concerned when waiting for my MyBauer Ultrasonic because my left foot width wise is a EEE+ and I was downsizing one full size from the recommended size. However both width and toe box are perfect.
  10. Not overthinking. Do you know if any other skate manufacturers are doing this?
  11. I never said Bauer told me, did I?
  12. Why would you state that when I already confirmed that size 6 runners are profiled to a Quad XS? Bauer partnered with ProSharp and are profiling runners with Quad profiles based on ProSharp's recommendations of 3XS, XXS, XS for runner sizes 1 through 6 and then Quad 0 on size 7 and up.
  13. Depends on the runner length. My 254 runners are profiled with a Quad XS (6-8-11-12). Quad 0 is 6-9-11-13 and my understanding is the Quad profile that is on sizes 7 and up.
  14. I never had a problem flexing the tongue on the 2S Pro. My complaint was that the tongue was too thick coming off the toecap. Took a while for that area to fully compress, but was nice once it finally did. I went with a traditional felt tongue to see how that compares performance wise.
  15. What exactly what/are you looking for? The majority of people don't need anything more than what you get from MyBauer.
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