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  1. We're supposed to be able to start up on July 7th. I'm older but healthy and plan on getting back on the ice immediately.
  2. Take it for it's worth, but I know of several skaters that scan for Vapor and they also scan for RibCor using the CCM scanner.
  3. See the QuikBlade holder/runner setup on their "coming soon" skate. Wonder if Wally Tatomir is directly or indirectly involved with the new Verbero management team?
  4. Or just get a blade wrap for the stick. Hockey Stick Wrap Around
  5. Other than the obnoxious bold "CCM" branding I think the skate is rather subdued.
  6. I'm currently in protracted discussions with my agent regarding my retirement from hockey . That being said if things are back to some sense of normalcy I'd be in for SummerJam! I say let this ride for a bit longer unless it's stressing you out, in which case no one will fault you for cancelling the event for 2020.
  7. mojo122

    Happy birthday, MSH!

    Happy Birthday MSH. Party postponed until this pandemic is over.
  8. The majority of people who do that also have floppy tendon guards.
  9. Definitely interested...
  10. Any retailer selling My Bauer Custom Skates should be providing that level of service. If they're not, then someone on the training side didn't do their job. Here's my recommendation: 1. Get your feet scanned. Go barefoot with a very slight knee bend 2. Try on fit stock. Start with the recommended sizing for each foot using the custom skate selection. If your toes aren't feathering the toecap try on a half size smaller and keep trying on skates until you have dialed in the fit you want. You can downsize and upsize in 1/4 increments. 3. Make sure the retailer/fitter notes every single problem spot or concern in the notes section. The more detailed the notes the better. For example I scan a 7EE retail, custom a 7 1/4 and 6 3/4. I'm currently skating in a 6EE retail 2S Pro and feel that if I went customs I could go 6 1/4 and 5 3/4.
  11. For first time customs in most cases the fitter should make note of any troublesome area and customs' department decides how to address it. Keep in mind that even with customs you might still need to do some tweaking afterwards.
  12. Some materials are more thermoform able than others. Often times I've seen Bauer models with Curv mold around the bone and not require any punching. Nylon boots on the other hand often require punching. Either way any reputable shop should have the know how and tools to take care of it.
  13. Just have the accessory navicular area punched on a good fitting skate. If the skates are creasing this quickly I can't see them holding up in the long run. I'd be worried the boot is going to break down prematurely.
  14. For synthetic ice I'd be looking for a solid panel.
  15. There's a lot going on with the tongue. At the very beginning I felt that there was too much felt where it begins at the toecap. I've had mine for almost a year now and that area has compressed significantly. If I don't like what next year's new Supreme offers I'll just pick up another pair of 2S Pro's.
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