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  1. From a sharpening standpoint what issues is/are anyone seeing? How well do they sharpen on an automated machine such as ProSharp or Sparx?
  2. Proper process for a top of the line skate would be from my experience: 1) Pre-heat the oven and wait for it to come up to temperature 2) Follow the manufacturers' instructions regarding baking times 3) Bake 1 skate, tie snug, then bake the 2nd skate and tie 4) Have the customer sit for 10 minutes with legs bent at 90 degrees This will add close to additional 15 minutes to the overall baking process, but worth it IMO.
  3. From what I'm seeing looks like many manufacturers are basing product design/decisions on cost.
  4. Correct in that 254 runners are profiled with the Quad XS on the Ultrasonic. As for other Quads, I've skated both Quad 0 and Quad 1 on 254 runners. Liked the Quad 1 and really don't notice a big difference between that and the XS. As for the Quad 1: Agility and straight line skating were fine, but I felt the longer back of the blade made transitioning from forward to backward skating somewhat difficult. My all time favorite profile is the 35/65.
  5. What would be nice to know is the number of runners actually sold and in use and the total number of failures. Without hard data is hard to tell what the true durability is.
  6. I don't worry about my steel bending. Rigid cases if plastic are prone to breaking when subjected to extremes in temperatures.
  7. Bauer now has a stake in the profiling business... Bauer acquires ProSharp
  8. Original 1X shins or 2nd generation 1X Lite? 1X Lite were/are awesome with the CURV and additional Aerolite foam behind the shin. 2X Pro shins IMO are a big disappointment as they went back to plastic for the shin and ditched the Aerolite for a suspension type bridge to keep the shin away from the leg.
  9. Will we get to see new wheels with different holders?
  10. I was retired when I had mine done so can’t comment on that. Good PT is a must. I was back driving shortly since mine was left and not right. Was back to full gym workouts (elliptical, lateral, and weights) within a month. I was an avid runner pre-replacement, but my surgeon said my running days were over because it would be too much pounding. I was back recreational skating at 3- months but was advised to wait 6-months for hockey. Was basically because although the stem is cemented bone continues to grow around it, and bone grows ever so slowly. That was 6-years ago and haven’t had any issues since. Good luck with the rehab and getting back on the ice.
  11. Bauer ditched the flex cap on the bottom of the current Vapor line but added it to the new Supreme shins. Product line identity crisis....
  12. Toe geometry differs from what comes on the Ultrasonic and what is sold as aftermarket. Aftermarket has a softer toe similar to Step. Quad 0 is only on size 7 runners and larger. Smaller runners have Quad XS, XXS, and 3XS depending on runner length. My 254’s are XS.
  13. I've been told in the past that retail Bauer sticks like the 2X Pro that are longer have the flex measured at 60", so if cut to 60" the flex stays the same. Can't speak for other manufacturers or pro stock sticks.
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