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  1. Pure Hockey went all out on ProSharp for the same exact reasons and it didn't work out well for them. Time will tell whether Sparx works out or becomes another headache.
  2. One would have thought they would use a better looking skate with steel that hasn't been sharpened a couple of hundred times for their first presentation to the market... Looks like a metal grinding disc?
  3. Looks like Blackstone Sports is about to enter the automated skate sharpener market with a machine dubbed FireBall. There's a short video posted on their FaceBook page. Not sure if the following FB link will work? Blackstone FireBall FaceBook Video
  4. Not if you don't take care of them. I see many high end skates with rotted liners and rusted, falling out rivets from lack of care.
  5. 2S Pro is a pretty stiff skate so they may not be broken down. Basing that off my having 2S Pro's and was skating in them 4 to 5 times a week when I switched to the Ultrasonics. My 2S Pro's were still good after over 2 years of use.
  6. Depends on the model and construction of the skate. Not necessarily a softer boot now, but potentially that the skate is breaking down or has broken down. Boot breakdown can require more energy and effort when skating. Just my thoughts from many years of skating.
  7. Agree fully. I never used the skate pockets for my skates but used them instead for tape and other accessories. That can easily all go into an accessory bag.
  8. Better steel equates to better sharpening, edge retention, and glide. Worth it IMO.
  9. Pure Hockey Tacks X Review Hard to really discern from a video, but my first impressions are: Shell looks big and seems to fit high on the reviewer's head.
  10. Less production costs as well.
  11. It will be attractive to a small subset of skaters. IMO Pulse TI is the way to go....
  12. 4500 never went away....
  13. Hard to say exactly what the build is of those players skates unless they're skating in off the shelf retail skates.
  14. Vapor and Supreme are still two different boot cuts and perform differently . As for inventory, on the models utilizing the 3 fit system the numbers are basically the same while those models using the 2D fit, inventory is less. Stiffer has always been seen as better from a performance standpoint. Question is as to whether the Tacks is too stiff and whether the RibCore isn't stiff enough.
  15. You would have measure that 7.5 against a size 8.
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