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  1. Not seeing the "x-ribs" we've seen in previous models.
  2. Specs seem to be on par with Bauer's and CCM's top tiered sticks....
  3. It's all about finding the most shallow hollow that allows you to control your edges and maximize glide. Using too deep a hollow requires more energy to push off, leading to quicker muscle fatigue.
  4. If she is really a true EE fit I doubt you will find any wide TF9's at Pure Hockey.
  5. 3S Pro has first generation Curv and the Ultrasonic has second generation Curv (Carbon Curv). Carbon Curv is stiffer. The tongue on the Ultrasonic is much better than what was on the 2S Pro. Not as stiff and flexes nicely. The tongue on the 3S Pro is somewhat close to that of a traditional Supreme felt and IMO makes the 3S Pro close to the feel of what the 1S was. How long a skate lasts depends on several factors such as skaters weight, how often they skate, and how well they take care of their skates. My 2 year old 2S Pros were structurally just as stiff after 2 years of use skating 5 times/week. Disclaimer: I remove the footbeds and dry them on a boot dryer after every skate.
  6. I've worn a Bauer face mask, Mission sports mask, and mission gaiter with a half shield. No issue with fogging but have the same condensation issue. My guess it's the result of breathing harder through the various fabrics. Condensation is less with the gaiter yet I feel safer with the masks.
  7. Correct in that these are a C width with a AAA heel and not a D.
  8. Probably not the reason, but one of my complaints about early composites was that they didn't feel all that well balanced.
  9. I for one don't feel a "lack of smoothness" with either the Zuperior or Quad.
  10. I just get a kick out of comments that it feels "smoother" than a quad.
  11. Has anyone tried the CCM version for the visor?
  12. Definitely looks better when viewing from a distance.
  13. The only thing I found challenging with the Mission sport mask was recovery breathing on the bench post shift. I felt like I wasn't getting enough oxygen in the first minute or so after skating all out. Anyone have any comments on gaiter use?
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