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9'/10' - jpeaslee

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Steel - Step Blacksteel SB4.0

Hollow - 7/8"

Profile - 9'/10'

About Me -   Played inline in South Georgia a little bit growing up and club inline in college.  Took about a 10 year break and started playing Ice a year and a half ago after turning 30 and moving to a place that has legit hockey (yes it's "Alabama", but it's different than you'd think).  I play 3 nights a week.  Low D2 player, but skating is probably my biggest strength.  I messed around with profiles a bit when I first started ice and wound up skating on 8'/13' and that completely changed the way I was able to skate.  FWIW, I'm a big guy, 6'2" 265, usually a bit of a 2 way forward.

Review -  After a 2 hour open skate, I felt a huge improvement on these over the single 11' profile I had in the skates before.  Definitely not quite as much on my heels and had a good bit more agility.  Oddly enough they actually felt more stable as well.  Huge improvement over the single radius.  Comparing them to the 8'/13' I was skating on before this experiment, they're not quite as agile and not quite as on my toes, but more stable through long powerful crossovers.  I did feel like I really had to make a special effort to get forward enough on my toes to work my outside edge on a single foot without eating it.  In quick starts I could feel the little bit of extra steel up front and I feel like that did help with acceleration. If I stayed with this profile I might go to a slightly shallower ROH to give a little less bite.  

*edit* after playing a game in these a couple days after the open skate, I definitely began to feel a bit more comfortable in them.  I'm not sure if it was the difference of a game vs open skate, getting used to them, or just that my mind was focused on playing and not skating.  I did actually feel like I had a little more glide than on my 8'/13'.


As I get further into these tests, I may change things up a little bit on some of the older reviews if I feel things aren't staying to scale. 

Acceleration: 2.5
Mobility: 2.0
Stability: 2.75
Speed: 2.5

Other Profiles Tested: 11'

8'/13' (not prosharp)
Next Profile: Zuperior M and Quad I (I think)

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