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Mako M8 skates (7.5d), RH 75 flex sticks, Revision flex wheels

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Photos to be added over holiday weekend.

  1. 2 pairs of modded Mako M8 skates in size 7.5D. First pair is set up for ice, with a LS Edge holder mounted on. Second pair is set up for inline and will come with a Alkali magnesium chassis (all 80), and konixx wheels that have some play left in them. Both conversions completed by JR. The roller pair has a portion of the bottoms trimmed off as i was originally planning on putting sprung chassis on it, but they wouldnt fit properly so made the audible to the alkali chassis. Switched to custom skates, so looking to offload these as a pair2 for 350$, and will come with the CXN holders (as long as i can find where they are packed). Both pairs used, but decent shape.
  2. RH STX Surgeon RX3 75flex x88 curve grip stick. Mild usage. measures 63.25 inches flat against wall. $100
  3. RH Warrior Super Mac Daddy Retro 75 flex W16 Karlsson grip stick. Lightly used, just didnt care for curve. $100
  4. Revision Flex wheels- Version that comes with True Custom Inlines. 80 80 76 76 from both skates (8 total wheels) and also including the bearings (RV 9) that come with the skates, which are nice as well. Used only 2 hours, just prefer my Konixx wheels and Bones bearings. Soft Version of the wheels. $100

All prices include shipping to the US.

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