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  1. I have two, and I like them a lot. I think the custom version is in my future. To me they fit the best out of any retail helmet but there are a few things I think that could be fixed with a custom printed one. my biggest issue with the helmet is that I do have some concern over how good the protection is after longer term usage. I’m finding the printed matrix starting to deform in areas. I also feel like the carbon resin they use to print them is a bit too soft, particularly after playing for a while when the material gets warmer and more pliable.
  2. Another iteration, another disappointment that the strapping system isn’t back to the style the RBZ was on the shins 😞
  3. My second pair of true I had the LS holder put on, but I actually preferred the shift holder and had it swapped over.
  4. Not to sound like this is an advertisement, but I’d also recommend 5ivehole. I gave Charlie a concept and he knocked the design out of the park, and the single re-orders works great. In the 4 years, only reorders I’ve had to do is new team members, not damaged jerseys. Got socks also, and they are very durable as well. The other teams on the league complement us on the jerseys, which is good, because we at least have something to be complemented on, as it’s definitely not our play!
  5. Yeah, they just seem very obsessed with particularly targeting the agent, that video in particular was slightly cringe. It’s super weird too because the same guy does videos for Yew wax, and in one video he will be blasting Bauer for their sticks costing a premium price more than verbero, then in his video for Yew he will go on about how their bar size is small and the price is higher than the competitors is ok because of their technology and quality of components.
  6. Yeah, the cypress line was hot garbage, I wouldn’t let that deter you from their newest sticks, although I wouldn’t also just go out and buy one just because. If you feel inclined to try them out, they do some sales at a decent pace, they are a decent buy when on sale IMO.
  7. So I’ve used them for both (have three). My problem with forming a great opinion overall is that each of the three sticks was trying a very new to me curve, but as far as the flex and how the puck kicked, puck feel, they seemed to work out well, and no issues with durability in my usage. I do plan to get a p88 one to check out and do a more direct comparison. I really like their rounded shaft option, just wish they had the curve I really want to try that isn’t available anymore
  8. Oh yeah I’ve had a few sticks from pro stock hockey sticks, I love all the customization options, in particular the round shaft available. Wish they had the old Easton Heatley available. I’ve yet to get one in my normal curve (p88 currently) so I can’t do a really good comparison of my in game skills with the odd curves
  9. I have a mercury v350 that I got when they were running half off. At that price I think it’s worth it, probably up to about 200, but I don’t think it’s worth 250, and frankly their marketing/social media is to me rather off putting in terms of sticking with them in the future. Shoots nice enough, haven’t seen any issues with durability yet. In my opinion it plays whippier than it’s flex rating suggests, and the puck feel is ok, nothing super special.
  10. I have the R1, love it for roller. I feel it has improved my agility, and really improved my backward skating ability. Thinking of having my backup pair converted as well.
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Your comment about the shoulder straps is my number one concern with the bag, definitely looks like the area around the neck could be awkward and uncomfortable, but perhaps I’ll still give it a try, maybe I’ll just hang it up in the barn to air out a few weeks.
  12. Any input? My roller bag has further deteriorated so I started considering these again.
  13. My warrior has 0 bottle holders and is never in stock, and when it is it looks like it will be 40$ more than I purchased mine at, and I have a labeda one with a bottle pouch that was awesome, but that too ripped. I’m also skeptical on the long term holding ability of these mesh ones, but I usually just carry biosteel cartons so maybe it’ll hold up to that ok.
  14. i havent done it yet, but will probably still look to do so soon to try it out. maybe ill await your initial impressions. I have two pacific rink bags, but prefer my warrior backpack, its just easier.
  15. Yeah, who is to say that the switch to the 7 isn’t just to diversify raw materials to help keep up with production and shortages. They could have already been working on the 7 and faced shortages of the raws to manufacture the 6 in the next batch so just decided to switch over and start manufacturing the 7.
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