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    Reebok 11k combo, Reebok 7k with CCM Ti cage.
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  1. Prices dropped on wheels and skates pair. Wheels will no longer come with bearings however.
  2. According to their Facebook, the adapted part that is coming out in the fall (actually late summer) will be an add on to the concept 3 mask that provides additional splash protection around the mouth area.
  3. Yeah dude! Hi! I haven’t played for them for a few seasons due to injuries to my knee and wrist, but I almost subbed for one of the tournaments this season before the shutdown.
  4. If it came down to that, I’d probably focus on inline for the time being, way easier to dress at home for that. My ice league already announced that it’s nearing time to resume season, but that it’d be shortened. They are giving teams the option to refund if they can’t continue due to lack of interest, my team captain was leaning towards that, which I’d accept as I can probably find a roller team for that night
  5. Love the ids pucks, Im not big on the rocket puck, it seems to be way more jumpy to me. but maybe that’s just me being more of an ice guy
  6. Honesty if you are just looking to recreationally skate a bit until rinks open back up, I’d just get a nice pair of K2 or rollerblade skates. No matter what, unless you go all out and invest in a marsblade system, you’re not going to have the same/similar stride, so a hockey specific boot is only going to do so much. If you’re looking for something to play outdoor hockey games with, then yes a conversion could be an idea
  7. I played a few seasons of inline when I was young, before restarting later as an adult. My first season I did great! With a pair of k2 zspecials that I souped up with good bearings and wheels. I got invited by one of the guys on the house team I was on to play for a sponsored team that was really good. Thinking my roller hockey career was about to be serious, I bought some inline hockey skates (missions) and didn’t do near as good. Part of this is because they were too large for me, but also just something about the comfort of those Zspecials and the fact that I skated everywhere in them, I moved a lot better. Team still won every game by a ton, but I didn’t play Inline again for the next 16 years
  8. I guess not enough people have their own private rinks to test out the new skates. not a lot of people have their mind on hockey right now, as many rinks still will be closed for a while.
  9. If that’s your end goal, and you are using these as a training tool, then yes, marsblade and asphalt wheels, paired with some cheaper bones bearings, or even another brand you find cheap, are ideal. You don’t want to spend too much on bearings for outdoor usage as they will get dirty and have a bit of water uptake from puddles etc, and even with cleaning will break down faster, just something decent to get you rolling. If you want a good reputable person doi the conversion, JR offers the service in the pro shop portion of this site. He’s done a few conversions for me and does excellent work
  10. All aboard! Jumping on the konixx pure train here. I’ve owned a number of other wheels, mostly labeda, and their performance is better then all those. Also very noteable, they do not crack for me anywhere near as easy as other wheels have, so they’ve lasted longer.
  11. I don’t know your skates very well, but I’d assume it’s an easy convert. the main differences between an ice boot and a roller boot typically are that an inline boot will have more ventilation (toe cap etc) and many times better wear resistance on the sides due to the abrasion roller skates will take. The rest of the recommendations will likely depend on what your end goal is for these skates and usage, but they should be good as long as you like how they fit
  12. I’m ok with the format. The league was quite bunched up for the last playoff spots, especially when you count the uneven amount of games played by teams. The only team that is part of this bracket that I don’t believe had a real legitimate shot of making the playoffs in a full season was Montreal, and Chicago would’ve had a hard path as well. I think a better system in my opinion would’ve been 11 teams, with 5 guaranteed slots and 6 teams playing in the play in round.
  13. I’ve been using their one piece sticks for a while now. Impressed for the price, currently my go to for roller hockey as I love the customization options and that I can get them already to size
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