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    Reebok 11k combo, Reebok 7k with CCM Ti cage.
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    CCM Tacks Girdle, Warrior Shells.
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  1. Probably too late to be of any value to you, but shift steel does fit in them. Originally Howies told me that one pair would fit, but you can fit two pair of you stagger them a little, and facing them edges out.. Working on a solution to make it more secure while doing this. It’s definitely not a nice as the MSH ones for sure, but will fit the steel.
  2. Picked up my third pair of the elbows and a halo stick to try out. Sale is great, after another discount code I found it was like 130 for both.
  3. Have you added the waxed laces after you had issues? Or before? My skates fit so well I haven’t needed them, in fact I think getting them would just make them uncomfortable. there’s also a possibility that it was a bad scan, or something operationally that caused issues. Was the person doing the scanning experienced in the process ?
  4. Shoulders for me the RBZ/cl line has always been the balance of weight and protection I desire, just wish they had a high end pad components wise with a bit less of the protective elements to save even more weight. as far as girdles I have two different ones from the tacks line and like them both. Bought a jet speed girdle off here and trying to decide if I want to keep it or flip it, depending on if I like the fit well enough.
  5. I think the original poster was asking about the gloves though
  6. STX is only direct To consumer anyways so you will not find in store. They are happy to accommodate returns and on elite line products you even get 14 days to demo and wear. To be honest I haven’t much been a fan of their shoulders or shins, but love the elbows (rx3 surgeon). I returned both the shoulders and shins after purchasing but have since tried a few sticks and own 2 pairs of the elbows. Their original surgeon stick remains my favorite inline hockey stick of all time
  7. I’ve used the CCM RBZ line, but a few years ago switched to STX Surgeon. They are lightweight, mobile, and a fairly similar fit to the RBZ for me. The sleeve can be an issue for some, but it isn’t one for me as I prefer short sleeve athletic shirts when I play. Haven’t checked the most recent CCM line, but I could always switch back if the pads are more close to their earlier RBZ lines. one benefit of STX is low risk if they still offer their 14 day (I think?) trial
  8. Interested, any idea the fit compared to the tacks girdle line?
  9. The CCM site for it still shows a guy getting scanned with a tablet, but yeah, it doesn’t look like there’s a custom portion to it from what I can see, looks like you can just preorder it.
  10. I agree. The initial video etc seemed to insinuate it was a custom scan, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Really takes away that advantage of 3D printing. I’ll probably just order another 3DS (which probably would’ve been a better name for this helmet) Working in the 3D printing field I wanted to be more in to it than I am, maybe eventually my curiosity will get the best of me
  11. Looks like they are available to preorder at 400$ on IW
  12. But those 5 less grams on the FT3 are everything. It’s probably like 20 more goals over the course of a season
  13. I have been using Hoapa sticks for the last 14 months now, logging a decent amount of time with them in roller and some on ice as well. I really like them mostly because of the customization options (don’t need to cut them when I receive them, just tape and go, and I love “sharkskin” style blades). It’s nice to get a stick that’s already just how I want it. I’ve placed two orders now, the first sticks lasted quite some time (one snapped on my first shot after I got a nasty hack on shaft in a net front battle). Performance wise they have been great for me, particularly inline. Feel like my shots come off really well. Durability seems to be ok, obviously the one that broke wasn’t necessarily all on the stick, but my other one also has a nasty chip from being skated on, but can’t say that wouldn’t happen to another stick as well. Haven’t used the new sticks yet, but they seem slightly different materials, so I’ll see when I get some action in next. May just be a change in the graphics overlays. My plan is to keep using them, at least for inline, once rinks open up and things calm down. For best value I’ll buy two every Cyber Monday as they have great deals then.
  14. I’ve played twice now. Both times I’ve used one of the basic over the ears CCM masks, and honestly it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I am also using a bubble (CCM fv1) for the first time since my youth, and using the Oakley anti fog spray my fogging issues have been minimal so far. my Game On mask arrived along with a few others I purchased. I will try that one next. A guy on my team complained about it riding up into his eyes a bit so we will see, he might not have adjusted it properly. as far as the “cash grab” argument goes, I doubt it’s so much that as it is a reaction to different states having varying requirements, and I thank the manufacturers for at least coming up with some sort of solution in short time. either way, I know I am good at least with the basic CCM mask. My shooting on the other hand definitely could tell there was a lay-off.
  15. Think you already found a bag, but I tested my option with ice pucks and it fits 10 stacked pucks almost perfectly
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