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    Reebok 11k combo, Reebok 7k with CCM Ti cage.
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  1. As someone who works in the 3D printing formulation field, obviously I’m going to have to pick one of these up! Maybe I can convince the boss I need one for research purposes Carbon and adidas already are collaborating in footwear, so this was probably just a matter of time!
  2. Yeah I played a tournament there, very interesting place. Closest year round place to me closed too (Canfield) but there’s a little hope that the summer only rink that is indoor soccer rest of the year may go in-line year round
  3. What area of Michigan are you from? I know within the last few years three different rinks that have closed (Grand Rapids, Canfield in Dearborn heights, and joe dumars)
  4. There are some factors that are appealing to roller hockey to me, but I do prefer ice. pros of inline are less, lighter gear quicker to get ready and get games in (no Zamboni, so about a 60 minutes experience between getting ready and playing the game, vs 90) cheaper per game cost can be more easily played outside/practiced at home less stoppages more room/time with puck per person more goals (may not apply to everyone of course)
  5. Kids like flash. It’s definitely where it’s marketed. Ek15 performed great but looked definitely like a beer league stick
  6. Wishful thinking, i wish they would specialize in good beer league gear, but that isn’t going to keep you in business. You have to go after the youth market to win, and even there is a big gamble, in particular now. someone like me that has multiples of every piece of gear is a rarity for beer league players, and even I have slowed down/started to consolidare. Most guys buy shoulders like once every 10 years? There’s no market there. I see more duct taped pads in the locker room than I see new Super foam max 4000. becoming a house brand for a major retailer can keep you going, but it is no guarantee for success, in particular if they are raising prices. this relaunch unfortunately seems poorly timed, likely to no fault of their own.
  7. Personally I preferred the RBZ over the CL. Slight improvement in comfort for me, but this is only going off trying the CL on in store as I had a choice to get them on clearance or RBZ full retail. I don’t like CCMs most current line of protective, so have switched to STX elbows (although still have two pairs of RBZ)
  8. To be honest, quarantine has just had me shift what I’ve been spending on, and I’m still trying to pair down my hockey collection to a more reasonable size. When things do open back up around here I’ll probably get some shoulders and a new helmet by years end, but It’s just going to be using money from stuff I sell. ive really been paring down across the board
  9. Prices dropped on wheels and skates pair. Wheels will no longer come with bearings however.
  10. According to their Facebook, the adapted part that is coming out in the fall (actually late summer) will be an add on to the concept 3 mask that provides additional splash protection around the mouth area.
  11. Yeah dude! Hi! I haven’t played for them for a few seasons due to injuries to my knee and wrist, but I almost subbed for one of the tournaments this season before the shutdown.
  12. If it came down to that, I’d probably focus on inline for the time being, way easier to dress at home for that. My ice league already announced that it’s nearing time to resume season, but that it’d be shortened. They are giving teams the option to refund if they can’t continue due to lack of interest, my team captain was leaning towards that, which I’d accept as I can probably find a roller team for that night
  13. Love the ids pucks, Im not big on the rocket puck, it seems to be way more jumpy to me. but maybe that’s just me being more of an ice guy
  14. Honesty if you are just looking to recreationally skate a bit until rinks open back up, I’d just get a nice pair of K2 or rollerblade skates. No matter what, unless you go all out and invest in a marsblade system, you’re not going to have the same/similar stride, so a hockey specific boot is only going to do so much. If you’re looking for something to play outdoor hockey games with, then yes a conversion could be an idea
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