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    Reebok 11k combo, Reebok 7k with CCM Ti cage.
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    CCM Tacks Girdle, Warrior Shells.
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  1. But those 5 less grams on the FT3 are everything. It’s probably like 20 more goals over the course of a season
  2. I have been using Hoapa sticks for the last 14 months now, logging a decent amount of time with them in roller and some on ice as well. I really like them mostly because of the customization options (don’t need to cut them when I receive them, just tape and go, and I love “sharkskin” style blades). It’s nice to get a stick that’s already just how I want it. I’ve placed two orders now, the first sticks lasted quite some time (one snapped on my first shot after I got a nasty hack on shaft in a net front battle). Performance wise they have been great for me, particularly inline. Feel like my shots come off really well. Durability seems to be ok, obviously the one that broke wasn’t necessarily all on the stick, but my other one also has a nasty chip from being skated on, but can’t say that wouldn’t happen to another stick as well. Haven’t used the new sticks yet, but they seem slightly different materials, so I’ll see when I get some action in next. May just be a change in the graphics overlays. My plan is to keep using them, at least for inline, once rinks open up and things calm down. For best value I’ll buy two every Cyber Monday as they have great deals then.
  3. I’ve played twice now. Both times I’ve used one of the basic over the ears CCM masks, and honestly it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I am also using a bubble (CCM fv1) for the first time since my youth, and using the Oakley anti fog spray my fogging issues have been minimal so far. my Game On mask arrived along with a few others I purchased. I will try that one next. A guy on my team complained about it riding up into his eyes a bit so we will see, he might not have adjusted it properly. as far as the “cash grab” argument goes, I doubt it’s so much that as it is a reaction to different states having varying requirements, and I thank the manufacturers for at least coming up with some sort of solution in short time. either way, I know I am good at least with the basic CCM mask. My shooting on the other hand definitely could tell there was a lay-off.
  4. Think you already found a bag, but I tested my option with ice pucks and it fits 10 stacked pucks almost perfectly
  5. https://howieshockeytape.com/products/howies-hockey-accessory-bag I use this for roller hockey pucks for my team, one side has some rolls of tape and skate tool (and probably hand sanitizer now), other holds 8 pucks but I could probably hold 10 if I needed to.
  6. As someone who works in the 3D printing formulation field, obviously I’m going to have to pick one of these up! Maybe I can convince the boss I need one for research purposes Carbon and adidas already are collaborating in footwear, so this was probably just a matter of time!
  7. Yeah I played a tournament there, very interesting place. Closest year round place to me closed too (Canfield) but there’s a little hope that the summer only rink that is indoor soccer rest of the year may go in-line year round
  8. What area of Michigan are you from? I know within the last few years three different rinks that have closed (Grand Rapids, Canfield in Dearborn heights, and joe dumars)
  9. There are some factors that are appealing to roller hockey to me, but I do prefer ice. pros of inline are less, lighter gear quicker to get ready and get games in (no Zamboni, so about a 60 minutes experience between getting ready and playing the game, vs 90) cheaper per game cost can be more easily played outside/practiced at home less stoppages more room/time with puck per person more goals (may not apply to everyone of course)
  10. Kids like flash. It’s definitely where it’s marketed. Ek15 performed great but looked definitely like a beer league stick
  11. Wishful thinking, i wish they would specialize in good beer league gear, but that isn’t going to keep you in business. You have to go after the youth market to win, and even there is a big gamble, in particular now. someone like me that has multiples of every piece of gear is a rarity for beer league players, and even I have slowed down/started to consolidare. Most guys buy shoulders like once every 10 years? There’s no market there. I see more duct taped pads in the locker room than I see new Super foam max 4000. becoming a house brand for a major retailer can keep you going, but it is no guarantee for success, in particular if they are raising prices. this relaunch unfortunately seems poorly timed, likely to no fault of their own.
  12. Personally I preferred the RBZ over the CL. Slight improvement in comfort for me, but this is only going off trying the CL on in store as I had a choice to get them on clearance or RBZ full retail. I don’t like CCMs most current line of protective, so have switched to STX elbows (although still have two pairs of RBZ)
  13. To be honest, quarantine has just had me shift what I’ve been spending on, and I’m still trying to pair down my hockey collection to a more reasonable size. When things do open back up around here I’ll probably get some shoulders and a new helmet by years end, but It’s just going to be using money from stuff I sell. ive really been paring down across the board
  14. Prices dropped on wheels and skates pair. Wheels will no longer come with bearings however.
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