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  1. both legit and ive ordered from both and been satisfied, albeit the prostockhockeysticks can have long delays from order to receipt depending on the level of custom.
  2. I agree. For someone like me where it’s hard to find a helmet that fits well it’s a great, be it expensive option. Curious as to about how many helmets worth you can nest in one build ( fully aware the variety of build volumes different machines have)
  3. 550 actually seems reasonable considering all the cost, labor, and process that goes into SLS printing.
  4. so as someone that works in 3D printing, i am pretty intrigued by the bauer helmet. I have two of the Tacks X, and will soon fit for a custom, and while I love them, i do see what I think is a potential problem with the Carbon Nest photopolymer, in that it with heat and moisture, it seems to weaken the lattice, and has swollen some areas of my liner where sweat accumulates during play, suggesting to me that it has potentially an issue with sweat/heat. Their TDS for materials suggest that distilled water itself causes low weight gain under submersion, but i dont see any tensile or impact testing after submersion, and they are probably not heating the water bath either. have you done any testing to see if the "digital foam" is similarly affected by moisture, humidity, and the general environment of being placed against a sweaty head for hours upon hours?
  5. I use the mission core girdles for roller hockey. They are nice, but if you weren’t looking for the protective aspects honestly just go with the cheaper tour girdle. as far as pants go, I have used the labeda ones for a while, but if you want a more traditional fit, I think pants are trending that way again, so maybe something a bit more modern would be a fit there
  6. I guess I’m lucky in that contacts were always super easy for me with no real learning curve, but it was also my only option to keep playing after I broke the safety rec spec style glasses that I was using for a bit while playing, slicing my nose a bit.
  7. Yeah, cities where hockey is more prevalent I haven’t had any issues. I did fly into Orlando with my gear one time, and on the way back, the spirit agent seemed clueless as to the gear policy but I was able to provide my printout of the policy and it ended up being ok
  8. I’ve flown to several of the SJ events. Never had an issue with bag weights, but if your gear is over 50lbs you probably need to invest in some new stuff. typically when I fly especially for a laid back event such as SJ, I pack my cheaper/backup gear when possible, you can also save some weight by not packing jerseys and socks, and as far as clothing, just pack some shorts and shirts and lighter things if you’re going to put it in your equipment bag, it is summer! I haven’t had any issues with equipment getting damaged or anything like that. One additional word of advice, print out the policy, and even though they have usually said to tape together your sticks, I’ve always just brought mine in a stick bag and never had them give me an issue
  9. Got a couple of SLS listings I thought i would pop on here to see if there’s any interest. Let me know and i can take off SLS and sell direct! https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/sticks/6662287-pro-used-right-handed-stock-hockey-stick-13-curve https://sidelineswap.com/gear/hockey/gloves/6523605-warrior-new-14-alpha-pro-gloves
  10. I had good luck with my first hoapa stick but have broken several now in the same area. They were all the same original model but it seemed like something changed in the construction at some point . I’ve only really liked them for roller hockey but tempted to try some of their new models to see if they could be good for ice
  11. My favorite wax is glo sauce but I think it’s no longer in production and I’m almost out. I feel your experience was similar to mine.
  12. I’ve used it. One of my leagues got a bunch of it to try, man does the scented version make the whole rink smell of maple syrup, in particular if you have like 30 people applying it 😄 as far as the products performance goes, it’s hard to tell from just a single usage, but it wasn’t my favorite wax/spray. Some of the guys really liked it however, so like all waxes it’ll likely be a matter of preference
  13. I have two, and I like them a lot. I think the custom version is in my future. To me they fit the best out of any retail helmet but there are a few things I think that could be fixed with a custom printed one. my biggest issue with the helmet is that I do have some concern over how good the protection is after longer term usage. I’m finding the printed matrix starting to deform in areas. I also feel like the carbon resin they use to print them is a bit too soft, particularly after playing for a while when the material gets warmer and more pliable.
  14. Another iteration, another disappointment that the strapping system isn’t back to the style the RBZ was on the shins 😞
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