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Quad 1 - static86

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Profile - Quad 1

Steel – Step 272

Hollow – 3/4"

Skates - CCM Super Tacks size 8 with Superfeet Carbon pro hockey inserts.

About Me –  I've been skating regularly for 10 years, started in my early 20's and have been working on my skating ever since. I've done several power skating classes to help improve along with plenty of extra ice time to put it all together and practice. I am usually on the ice 3-4 times a week between beer league and sticks and pucks. I had my skates profiled for the first time about 3 years ago to a 10' and it was an immediate improvement to the stock CCM steel which did not seem very consistent. I've been curious about trying some other profiles and came across the Prosharp Project and it seemed like a great way to find out what works best for me.

Review -  This is the one! Feels very similar to the Quad 0 but with the added top end speed and stability that I was looking for. Making quick cuts, turns, and transitions all felt very similar to the Quad 0. Forward skating, backward skating and crossovers all feel good, I was able to accelerate quickly in both of those directions and I felt good in net front and board battles. I feel a lot more confident on my skates and in turn it makes me more confident in games which is a plus.

Acceleration - 4.5

Mobility - 4.5

Stability – 4.5

Speed – 4.5

Profiles I've tried rated best to worst:

1. Quad 1

2. Quad 0

3. 10'-20'

4.10' (control)

5. Zuperior M

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