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  1. Looking for anyone who may have a line on whether or not Oakley will be producing any more of the short cut straight visors, or if anyone may be able to get their hands on any of the CCM Revision Short cut visors? I need to look for one as soon as I can and it seems the short visors are quickly becoming unobtainium. Thanks
  2. Assuming you have seen it in person, are there any noticeable or demonstrable updates/upgrades from the 2S PRO or Ultrasonic? It looks a lot like an Ultrasonic skate with a new graphics package. Anything truly set this apart besides the "new" $1000+ price tag?
  3. I dont disagree regarding placement....Just the new Bauer swoopy swoosh logo that never should have been created in the name of "diversity", and "hockey is for everyone".
  4. Anyone seen any of the new Bauer designs? It appears the newest Supreme line will be the "Mach" skates with the Mach and Mach 5/Pro included in the photo. I can't believe they put their awful new logo on the back of them for now.
  5. Wanted to bring this one back to see if anyone is doing punching on the newer composite toe caps with the CSW punch? I've got the slightest of hot spots on the inside of my right foot on my big toe and a small punch or moving of material would easily fix it, but i know this is difficult. Was tempted to just do it with some heat, but don't want to risk wrecking a pair of skates in the middle of a season working games.
  6. That makes perfect sense. I recently had a set of steel pitched at .5 degrees with no additional movement to pivot point, and while i don't dislike the feel, I plan on giving the Quad 0/1 a chance soon, and I think the drastic jump to the standard 20mm pitch would be a bit much. I may try the 1-2mm pitch and see how I enjoy it first. Thanks.
  7. Did you default to a 1mm forward pitch in lieu of the standard 20mm pitch that comes on the Quad 0, or in addition? I see a number of folks that think the 20mm pitch may be just a bit too much for their style, and I'm getting ready to profile a few pair to test out, and coming from a slight (5 degree forward) pitch, I think the 20mm may be a bit much also.
  8. I haven't found that info yet, but i would assume the 2S and 2X Pro models are identical in stiffness. I'll report back if i get a reply from Bauer.
  9. As a heads up, it seems very recently Bauer updated the descriptions for these skates and the "stiffness index" that corresponds to it. The Ultrasonic has a stiffness rating of 90, the highest in the "stock" line. Still no word on what the "Stiff" is, but i would assume 100 based on the 10 rating tiering of the lower tier skates in the Supreme line (3S 80, etc.). Im going to reach out for clarification regarding their custom lines and the specific stiffness of the "stock" v. "stiff" as it pertains to custom models. Thanks.
  10. Regarding the Ultrasonic skates: I have been skating in Bauer skates for almost 20 years now, and the fit, feel and performance has worked well for me. I still currently skate in the 1S and 2S Pro skates regularly, and was looking at getting pair of custom Ultrasonics in the next few weeks and retiring the 1S skates. Looking over the order format, the My Bauer site offers the option for the "stock" vs. "stiff" boot flex. Anyone have any feedback regarding the difference in boots? I was under the impression the Ultrasonic skate was already a "pro" level skate with a stiff boot? Is this an even MORE stiff boot? I'll be wearing these to play competitive league play as well as officiate at the NCAA/Juniors level upwards of 15-20 hours a week.
  11. I picked up 6 pair of regular and black step steel recently, so I'll be all set for a good while, provided i stick with the LS Edge holders.
  12. I ordered some as well. Hopefully all good. Well see next week or so.
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