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    Just pre-ordered mine, very interested in this version. Got 2 original Marsblade going strong for multiple years, plus 1 Sprung, so this will be very interesting to compare.
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    Not doubting you’re playing experience at all, just pontificating on differences.... I feel like when I play higher levels of hockey, shots from the point are always coming in low. People can very reliably be in front of the net and not worry about taking one in the stomach or chest or face. And when I play at lower levels, dudes are just ripping high shots from wherever without regard to anyone’s safety or accuracy or whether that corner shot is actually going to miss high and rim around and be a breakout for the other team.
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    Vs the O1, the R1 chassis has a larger radius to provide more support and stability when pushing off. The smaller radius in the rear allows to still get the smoothness in turns and longer wheel contact with the surface. It offers 4 different interchangeable radius inserts so you can customize according to personal preference. The O1 has a straight 4 ft radius. The R1 comes with the combinations: 5 (rear)-8 (front) ft, 8-8ft, 5-15ft and 8-15ft. //Per, Inventor
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    The O1s definitely sit tall. That was the biggest adjustment when I first started skating with. It was/is still worth given the much easier transition from playing ice to roller and vice versa much more smoother. From the looks of it, the R1s do look to have a lower profile.
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    Good question. I've been using the off-ice training model for 2 years now for playing and I've really enjoyed them. I've always been concerned about how the O1s would hold up though. The R1 chassis is what I hope is the right upgrade.
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    Finally something to get excited about!
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    SISU, by far. Only mouth guard I can tolerate wearing.
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