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    Bauer TotalONE NXG
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    Any OPS with a Drury curve
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    Bauer 4 Rolls,NBH Vapor XXXX Team Canada Jr World Championship Team, NBH Pro 4 Roll, Cooper BDP(Rangers, Blues, Black Hawks, Monarchs), + 80 more pair.
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    Bauer RE-AKT with RE-AKT Face Mask
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    Nike Bauer Vapor XXV
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    NBH Vapor XXXX or Bauer Vapor 10
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    RBK 7K
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    Nexus 600
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    Mod Squad Hockey Bag by SMI

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    Visit Ice House Pro Shop on Facebook, Hockey(duh!), Fly-Fishing, Antiques, NASCAR (there's more to it than you think, go to a race and have the time of your life!), Grateful Dead concerts(1500+ hours on tape- its not an addiction, its an obsession).
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  1. Over 15 years ago when Bauer was in the process of developing the first Supreme One90 with Fusion steel, their RD & D department did perform those exact tests to determine the effects of boot/blade/weight as it relates to player productivity over the 60 minutes of the game. So while some may not believe there is an advantage in reducing the weight of the steel, Bauer took the time to prove it to themselves before diving into Fusion steel. JR and myself are friends of the guys that did the research and designed the Supreme series boots.
  2. Where have you ever seen white friction tape ?
  3. Could we see the ones they did not choose......
  4. Let us know how many stitches you get in your chin and neck when the first Beer League Game 7 Guy elbows that unsecured wire cage into your throat. There is no strap from the wire to the back of the helmet to keep the mask from chewing you up after one cross check to the cage. Other than that, have at it.
  5. ^^^ Maybe a bigger sample size, "after 1 go round." !! Hope they work out honestly.....
  6. "But this new tongue design was years in development. We never had this problem before." Well, it could be a problem now,
  7. Isn't part of the sharpening experience, experience ? I completely respect Blackstone for their new product and passion. My thoughts now kick back to the operator, not the machine. If your part time employee that is just loading skates in and out of the Fireball has no experience on a manual sharpener, how will he know what he is looking for and looking at when he uses FB ? There is an understanding of the process of skate sharpening that a manual operator learns to be successful. Take that experience away and expecting the part time shop teen-ager to know exactly what to look for in finished product is a bit of a risk, IMHO.
  8. CCM will be offering a mask designed to attach to your mask, wire or bubble, in early October. CCM has also made one for the goalie masks. I have booked some for the shop. We will see how the parents and players respond to this product. Practices only for the month of September start tomorrow for our travel teams.
  9. ^ Good call, ref !! I reffed for 5 years. A break, especially now, is a good idea.
  10. ^ If you are in Ice House on a Sunday to ref, stop by the Pro Shop to say hello. I remember when that whole weekend got blown up.
  11. Our travel teams are practicing only during the month of September. Some T1 teams have gone to NH for tournaments. Scheduling games for October is tentative. Our rink is tightening protocols for September - temp checks at door, no parents inside for Peewee and older practices(watch on Live Barn if you HAVE to watch your kid practice), no locker rooms, dress outside. If this is what it takes to keep the rinks open, I support it. With Atlantic District T1 going into Maryland and Pennsylvania, it only takes one state going hot to screw things up.
  12. Colins, I understand your marketing plan. It is the traditional path. There is nothing wrong with that. Just to play Devil's Advocate : what about Warrior ? I know they are 15 + years deep with NHL on ice product but how well has that exposure translated at retail? Just my experience in metro NYC market is that Warrior is still trying to make that NHL exposure work at retail but it just has never happened here. This is totally an observation in my market. How about other areas ? Has Warrior been a strong contender against Bauer/CCM in your market ? This is the road Sher-Wood is looking to get on. Dead End or Interstate highway to success ? Don't know, just want to hear other thoughts based on your market. Thanks. Seems like we are doing Sher-Wood's work for them !!
  13. I've been in the Pro Shop in a 4 rink building since 2001. Locally beer leaguers are tape, sharpening and a only if necessary new stick types. Not universal for all areas of course. I do agree BLers don't care about latest newest gear when it's time for the replacement purchase of totally dead gear.
  14. https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/legend-reborn-story-rebranding-brendon-arnold So what’s happening ?
  15. I haven't returned to play yet but we have been working in the Pro Shop since June 15. I have been tested twice. The nasal swab procedure is nothing to worry about. Negative results both times.
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