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  1. Dave Miller, I agree with your stepping back given all the personal circumstances. I did elder care for 5 years for the in-laws. Serious stuff that has emergencies pop up when you least expect them. Over the last year or so, given my age, my game has slipped more than a bit ! The older I get, the faster I was. That said, if I was in my prime I know I would be jonesing to play. Now it's just not the first priority. Never thought I would feel this way, just my current perspective. As you read so many times about the real pros retired, it's the locker room fun I miss the most right now. I would go to the rink just for that fun in the parking lot now. Stay safe boys and keep sharing what is happening in your corner of the hockey world.
  2. My quick thought on the gaps in the hockey world : There used to be less of a gap across product price points. There was a price point to fit your budget. Now as one company has made an all out effort to reduce product price points and products. the gaps are going to get larger. As a buyer for the shop, the skate market for beginners at a reasonable price point for quality is getting put to bed by this one company. It is too bad as they literally built their name on skates. The skates offered now do not compare with the value/quality of just five years ago for beginners. I don't see how this is a good thing for the long term health to grow the game. Hopefully, I'm wrong.
  3. Here in metro NYC a few of the rinks are getting ready to reopen. Sport-O-Rama in Rockland county, NY reopens for hockey on July 7. I skate in a Friday Night gang there for over 30 years. I’m going to stay off the ice for awhile before I rejoin the group. I’m close to the at-risk age group. Also I have returned to work at the Pro Shop this week after three months closed at the Ice House in Hackensack, NJ. Work is a priority. The Ice House is reopening this Monday for figure skaters with limited sessions. Hockey returns July 6 at Ice House. What are your plans ? Start playing immediately or wait ?
  4. The idea of playing 4-on-4 is very good. Sorry if this has nothing to do with the thread/post/MSH or whatever else...….
  5. KHL could be a big market for those. Add a sponsor.....
  6. On warmup suits, our Pro Shop takes a credit card number with expiration date when we do the fitting with sizing samples in the spring. When the warmup suits are picked up in the shop in late August/early September, the customer pays at that time. We clearly state during the fitting session and it is written on the order form which they sign to confirm the size they tried on is the size they are getting(that's another story) that if they do not pick up the warmup suit by September 10, we will charge their credit card. There have been no problems with this procedure. Our Pro Shop does stock the custom team gloves, pants, and shells. They are mandatory as part of the player contract to purchase. The rink does own the Pro Shop however, we have had hardly any problems with that either in selling our inventory. Having a private organization come to you is certainly a risk as the people in charge usually only stick around for as long as their kid is a player in the organization.
  7. That's not related to what this post is about.
  8. Watch a vintage game from 20 years ago or more on NHL Network now and just look at all the brands that are gone. Each brand drove the others to innovate and punch through the envelope back then. Now ? Not so much. The access to Pro Stock is also another pipeline that has effected everyone in the chain.
  9. Given that there will be no new FFS from Bauer this season, I thought it was in the public interest to share the information for those thinking of moving from wire to a bubble. I think you may have misunderstood my post.
  10. Bauer pulled full face shields from Bauerbiz for dealers. I contacted my rep and all FFS are on allocation. I placed a few orders for fall delivery. I don't know if I will get all that I asked for. Word was that big box wanted all the inventory. I can't confirm that but wouldn't be surprised. CCM also pulled FFS from their B2B. So if don't hesitate if you are thinking of going away from wire to a bubble.
  11. ^^ oh yeah, lots of back checking pressure from 39 Blue. !! Next time, show us in real speed,!!
  12. The only question that matters : With the $400 stick, did you at least score a goal ?? !!! JK, thanks for your info.
  13. At least five years ago Bauer started cutting corners on steel on skates. They would put LS2 Edge steel on the $210 price point skate and LS1 on the $325 price point skate. I remember the first time they did this when the rep was showing the new skate lineup. I asked about this immediately and there was no good answer. Obviously, Bauer was cutting corners on product cost for steel in order to squeeze some more $$ out of dealers/customers. LS1 was never offered in the catalog but there it was on product. Even given Bauer's change in management over the last few years, this LS1 steel is still used on their skates. While this info is a bit off topic, it is an example to me of how Bauer has dumbed down their own statement products. After all, Bauer earned their name as a skate company !! We sold LS5 in the shop the first few months it was available. As sharpeners, we were not impressed. Once we sold our intial inventory, we never reordered. The difference in sharpening Step vs Bauer steel is so noticeable on the wheel. It really is pleasurable to sharpen Step. I have it on my skates. I've been given Bauer steel but am not interested in using it.
  14. Ever see a monoframe boot flex out from the sides ?
  15. Isn't 2.5 months less than the 90 day Bauer boot warranty ? Take it back where you bought it. It is an SMU skate.
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