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  1. Sorry for the delay in responding to the input so far. also thank you for straightening me out on not being so vague on my next post... before skating yesterday I straightened the blade out...only this time I leaned in on the leaver much harder and kept it there for nearly a minute and bent the hell out of it right in the middle...then I did the same thing moving half way to the Heel and then the Toe... normally when I straighten the skate just before I play it will stay straight for almost an hour and then have a pretty good-sized bow in it, and the next day the Curve will even will be even bigger. As I look at the Skate today it is perfectly straight... also I did neglect to state that I did take one rather hard shot directly in the front of the toe and ever since whenever I go to swap out the steel I have to put the blade in a vise and smack the front of the toe with a hammer to get the steel out of the Holder.
  2. I used them today...I will provide an update on Thursday. Am really jammed up here today. Thanks for all of the Input so far.
  3. Yes...That is correct...And that is the First thing most everyone brings up...However...the skate was fine for the first 18 Months.
  4. Vapor 7.0 Used about 2 years for Moderate level of play. Steel keeps Curving inward even after Changing Holders and changing Steel and Changing Nut and Bolt?! What in the F**N Hell is going on Here?!?!
  5. Yes...thanx Pure Hcky did use that but it was while the blade was still in the Hldr. It was better for a short time...and...now appears to have TWO bends instead of ONE curve.
  6. Thnx for the response. had it in a rather large bench vise and could get the back part out about 1/4 inch clear of holder...took it to total hockey and the kid tried to pry it out with a screwdriver. I stopped him from doing that and returned home... put it back in the vise and then...tapped the toe of the holder lightly and the Blade popped right out. I now have the blade out and sandwiched it between two pieces of wood and clamped it down on the vise to see if that will straighten it out.
  7. Vapor 7.0 Stock LS2 Holders with Step Steel. One runner is bent...and can not get it out of holder
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