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  1. Had these done a while back. Mounted R1 chassis and tongue install done by JR and he did an amazing job.
  2. The other day in a game I took a shot off the inside of my skate and the eyelet broke off. I emailed Bauer and they said they don't carry any replacement parts for their skates. Any ideas on how to put a fix on these? (FYI they are out of warranty)
  3. Thanks! I'm planning to use a shim like you said when I mount them so I can have more wheel options.
  4. I actually lucked into a pair of Nike Bauer goalie skates with the older TUUK roller chassis on eBay that weren't my size but the chassis will work. Going to mount them on a pair of Bauer Reactor 9000 boots.
  5. Is it just me or is no one really selling them anymore? Let alone goalie chassis? Been wanting to get back into a goalie setup and am in need for some skates 11EE to be exact. Either I've found some and they aren't wide or nothing at all. I was thinking of going the custom ice to roller conversion only IF I can find a large sized chassis. Called Labeda directly but still have not received a response. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!
  6. I got my chassis online and they have the size measurement that goes along with whatever size hockey boot you have. I got L cause my boot is 11. Also, I had to get the holes re-drilled. I only play roller once or twice a week and it's beer league stuff anyways so I opted for the Mission Aluminum chassis instead of Magnesium. I throw on some outdoor wheels to skate around on asphalt as well and the chassis and boot combo feels good.
  7. Had these done a while ago but never had the chance to post. Easton Mako M7 Boots with the Mission Hi-Lo setup. Dropped in some Speedplates too and they are great!
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