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    Bauer APX, Easton 1500c, Bauer X:40
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    Bauer TotalOne, Warrior Widow
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    Warrior Bully
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    Easton 7500

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  1. These APXs are definitely good quality. But I'm not saying that the APXRs are not good quality! The boot is quite similar, but if you can snag a pair of top end ice boots for a good price, they're definitely worth the conversion. The structural changes really depend on the quality of how well your LHS can convert them. I had mine converted by a guy who had tons of experience and customizes many skates, so the conversion was nothing less than excellent. I skated on a pair of converted Eastons for a year and ever since then, I knew I was never going to go back to inline boots again.
  2. Well I got my APX skates on eBay for $650 brand new, and I got my chassis for $21, so it was cheaper for me to convert than to buy the APXrs. If money wasn't an issue, I would prefer to convert them, simply because I think ice boots are constructed with better quality. And if you really like sprungs, then I would suggest converting the APX or TotalOnes. The APXR's do come with a new set of wheels, frame, and bearings so I guess you would save yourself the trouble of spending money to convert, the price of the chassis, and the price of wheels.
  3. Freshly converted APXs! Size 8D, Mission Hi-Lo aluminum chassis size medium, Labeda Millenium Gripper wheels. Absolutely filthy kicks, can't wait to rock them at my first tourney.
  4. Ordered a pair of APX's today. Gonna convert them next week. Will post pictures when they're done!
  5. I have a question for you guys. So I just dropped off my Bauer One100 ice hockey skates at my local shop, and I gave them a pair of Hi-Los from my old Mission Lieutenants to put onto the One100s. The One100s are size 9.5D and the chassis are a size Medium. Will it be too small? I'm starting to get concerned..
  6. Easton 1500c Ice boot, with Mission Vanguard (wicked 3) chassis and Labeda Addiction Wheels. Awesome skates.
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