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  1. nice gloves too :huh: how much those run ya?

    I can't remember.. it's been a couple years lol.. I just remember wanting Kovalchuk's gloves at the time.. and found them on ebay lol..

    lol well i've started collecting gloves, specifically warrior and you don't know how jealous i feel, and thats a nice post for your 1000th :P

    lol I didn't even notice.. (re: 1000th post) but about the gloves.. i'll know who to seek when I wanna get rid of them .. heehee

  2. Fletch, does your ache like hi heaven when it gets crappy out. I've got a 6 inch plate in my right arm with 6 screws. Man is it painful 10 years later. I got blindsided at center ice with mine.

    Yep. Isn't that the weirdest thing? Sometimes I get what I call "stingers" if I hit it on something, or get hit in a game and it basically makes my arm so painful I can barely rotate the forearm for a week. I also have a 4 inch plate on my radius in that arm. The first time I broke it I literally broke it in half to where it looked like I had 2 elbows. It was gnarly ;).

    just bought them off ebay yesterday to replace my navy/baby blue NBHone90s :D


    Missconduct, those are beauties. I wonder how one would go about ordering custom ones like that from Warrior, since their site doesn't allow you to do that color scheme........(?)

    well back when it was MIA (and i ordered some) i just used the "comments section" on the last page to tell them how I really wanted the colors.. idk how they do it now

  3. my new 2008 "Stajan" Pro Dolomite :D YEA BABY hehehe


    I purchased the exact same stick, and I received it today :) . Looks great, Feels great!!

    where do you live? Im in Windsor.. haven't received it yet.. maybe today.. no matter anyways don't play till Friday..

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