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  1. I had a contact that would get me easton sticks from various NHL teams(Minnesota, Nashville, LA) but he has kind of fallen of the map in terms of communication. Before we stopped talking he mentioned he could supply me with an order form for custom easton sticks. I was still intersted in going this route so I was wondering if anyone has access to this or can get me into contact with someone who can? I understand the ordering requirments and price associated with the sticks. Thanks.
  2. I stopped playing before my second year bantam(16) after it just wasn't fun for me anymore, the rep teams always had the same players even though myself or any other house league players were much better, and I lost interest. I kept in the game doing reffing for 3 years, then last season I got into mens league in the A division at the age of 21. I noticed that my skating ability and hockey sense never wavered but my hand-eye and puck skills took a serious hit. It took me about half the year to get accustomed to playing with men and guys alot bigger than me(non-contact but guys lean on you and I'm fairly skinny and stand 6'2). I only finished with 6 goals and 21 assists playing as a C/RW(in a 55 game season) and went through long stretches of the year going pointless and not doing much. I skated all summer and this year find myself alot more comfortable with and without the puck and so far have 12 goals and 21 assists through 20 games. Anyone else go through a long stretch without playing hockey? I found it amazing how many little things I lost in my game(
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