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    Vapor X:30
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    CCM V08 + Easton ST blade
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    Bauer 5100
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    CCM V10
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    CCM U+09
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    Reebok 8k
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    Pallas Decra
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    Reebok 8k

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  1. As he said. And make sure all stripes really disappear, then act quickly and do it one insole at a time. 5min is more than enough. And use owen with a fan.
  2. The whole reasoning is just wrong. You dont buy skates to fit or to try with speedplates. The same way you dont buy a house for living to complement your victorian dining set... Buy skates that fit your feets and level of play. Then tweek them with soles, punching, lacing.. if necessary.
  3. So you a have some entry level of skates and I dont recommend using speedplates in those. Insoles are designed for more rigid outsoles of higher models, especially in torsion stress.
  4. Stitching, cutting and glueing is subpar for top model gloves. Its not a tragedy, sometimes its just cosmetical, but warranty repairs are more common than I would think is OK for gloves in this pricerange.
  5. Ive never tried 2.0 personally, but lot of ppl just didnt know how to bake 1.0s correctly, resulting in "bad" reputation of insoles (breaking and discomfort). First gen works for me nicely.
  6. They dont answer because Id say they dont have a clue. Theres not much equipment knowledge in austrian "pro" shops. What size of skate do you have?
  7. Hi, what is a difference in length between Warrior Pro Stock Pants size Medium+1 and Medium Tall? Or is that same thing? Or which one is possibly longer? Thank you
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