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  1. What thinks you guys about this one? Why would it say Iginla? Hasn't he always been with Easton? http://www.ebay.com/itm/BAUER-ONE95-STICK-PRO-NO-RESERVE-OVIECHKIN-CURVE-/170993780320?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item27d0060660 I just looked to see if he ever used Bauer. All of his real sticks say "IGGY" and he or the trainer writes his number on the tape. Not saying it is real. Just think it is interesting.
  2. How about this one? http://www.ebay.com/...c#ht_623wt_1398 I think they would sell it for the scraps for a higher price. The ring itself is 14k white gold, not to mention the gems on it. My bad... Just reread it and saw its a replica.
  3. Hello Justin. I am interested in the CA9 stick. Are those all the patterns you have? Are you planning on releasing a few more? I would love to help support an inline company, but I would prefer a toe curve. All of your patterns appear to be heel to mid-heel. I play with a Bauer P92 and a Warrior Gionta. I prefer the Bauer shaft, but love the Gionta curve. Would be interested in trying the Warrior Slovak curve. Anything similar down the pipeline? Better yet, any shafts coming out?
  4. The ice hockey forum has it, why don't we? Helmet: Bauer 9900 small black Shield: Bauer straight mirrored Shoulder pads: This is inline... Elbow: Reebok 10K large Gloves: Nike Bauer Avalanche Pro Stock 13" Girdle: Bauer X:60 Girdle medium Shin pads: Bauer TotalOne 15" Pants: Mission something or other... Size medium Skates: Bauer APXR size 8 D Wheels: Hyper Trinity Flex 74a Bearings: Bones Swiss Ceramic Sticks: Peter Mueller Pro Stock S19 (Ovechkin curve unknown flex), Bauer TotalOne P92 87 flex Yup... Im a Bauer whore. Did I forget anything?
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