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    Bauer Supreme NXG 7.5EE LS2 steel
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    Easton Mako M5 ( P4 85 flex)
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    Easton 4 Roll Elite Pro
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    Easton E 700
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    Bauer Vapor APX
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    CCM Crazy lites
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    CCM Crazy lites
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    CCM Crazy lites
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    Easton Synergy 1100

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  1. Ok, I noticed that I do get very hot in the S17 and sweat pours down my head. As far as the comparison, just going off what I was told. I understand better. I ask because I am having an issue with the S17 and may look into the E700. I wear the S17 for coaching and its great for that.
  2. goaliemanshark....can you tell me what makes the E700 better then the S17 for you? I know the E700 is a better Helmet, just wondering why you like it better. I ask because they both have the Grio system. I was told the E700 was the S17 And S19 together and improved....I jsut got the S17 and love the fit. Just curious thanks!
  3. After thinking about my S17, I wish I had those pads. I noticed that sweat is always dripping down my face or off the front of my helmet.
  4. Might be something Easton will need to look into for next year.
  5. I understand he does not make the shoe last. My Doctor charges 350.00 for a mold. It would be easier and cheaper just to find a good Skate fitter when ordering customs.
  6. My understanding from his tech is that they cast my foot and then pour a liquid into the casting. The liquid sets and then I have an exact mold. I am not sure what kind of liquid or the cost. All I know is that if you cannot find a good skate fitter, the custom process could be a disaster (that is why he recommended the molds). I am happy with my one80's so for me, its just conversation at this point. I did find out that one of my feet is larger then the other and that is why I have issues with my left foot.
  7. Great video. I seen the foot molds my doctor was talking about in the video. He said if I ever wanted custom skates he could make both the right and left mold to give to a skate fitter. I have a question. When you purchase custom skates from Bauer, do they keep all your foot information? Thanks!
  8. That's good to know. I contacted B&R sports here in MI. I was going to get customs before my 8090's broke and I was forced to purchase skates asap.
  9. Doesn't a Bauer rep do it? That's what I was told in the states.
  10. Sounds like you have a great shop! The customer doesn't always know what is best for their kids or themselves. True professionals in their indusrty will find a balance when dealing with the general public. I played Hockey my entire life and still don't know anything about skate and stick technologies...I just know what works for me.
  11. Yep, I have exactly the same problem...every time I take of my skates, the pain is awful. I found with my CCM U 10's my feet feel much better. The skates fit me better then my 8090's. I also have a low arch and have added a Dr approved orthotic insert.. Now that I have aligned my foot with the boot, I should not have to shim my holders later...only time will tell. It just sucks taking off a set of brand new E pro holders with steel and paying for new LS2 holders and steel....Great combo! The boot and holders feel great together.
  12. As much as I agree with you, minimum wage tells an employee, "I would pay you less if I could". I am sure there is some good guys getting minimum wage, but in my experience they could care less and show it. If you are a owner of a business, you want a good employee. He isn't going to last long if he cant afford to raise a family or pay his bills.
  13. This is the best answer. The customer pays the bills. If you go out of your way to show them you are proficient in skate sharpening you will have a customer for life.
  14. I do like your opinion. I want to add that yes, it would be insulating to ask, "are you good at your job"? I ask in different ways. I'll walk in and say, "can you sharpen my skates at 1/2"? Most of the time they will respond, "yes", or "that is our standard set-up". I have had grown men tell me 1/2" what? or a 1/2" won't work for you. I like when the guy notices the customizations that have been done to my skate. I feel more comfortable with him. I'll finish with this, I once got my skates sharpened in Troy, MI, all they do is sharpen skates, and they messed up my blades so bad. If you live in Metro-Detroit you now the business I am talking about. I now drive half hour each way to get my skates sharpened.
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