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    Alkali 2011 CA9
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    Easton Mako M3 rt cammalleri
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    Bauer supreme ....the one with a 9 in it
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    Easton e700
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    Tour state wars
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    old ones
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    nexus backpack from 02...I think

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  1. Well my official review is up in the equipment section for anyone interested. After a weekend of playing these are just getting better. Still just a little bit more to feel like they are completely broken in but I am very pleased with how they already perform
  2. 2013 Alkali RPD Max Me: 57 160lbs mixed positions. Played most of the last 19 years (few breaks from where I was stationed). Previous skates, Alkali CA9, Mission T9, CCM something, more missionsetc. Boot: after the bake and a few pickups/games the comfort of the hugging my foot is pretty awesome. The initial grip on the heel was great, but after some heat and sweat it has got a very snug hold. Sides of the feet fit great along the boot, no areas that rub uncomfortably. Can get the top of the foot laced nice and tight without cutting off circulation, but still keep the ankle a little loose (personal preference). Very stiff and supportive boot. Only small thing I notice is the inner ankle pad is taking a little longer to break in than the rest of the skate, but no blisters or anything. Tongue is soft with a guard down the middle for shot protection/lace bite. Molded excellent around foot/ankle. The aggressive stance is explosive for starting and all around movements are smooth. 9/10 (just cause of the inner ankle) Chassis/wheels/bearing: love how the chassis sits low with the recessed wheel. Solid feel skating on it and the turn radius is phenomenal. Cutting, stopping, turning is like skating on 72s, very responsive. Cant go wrong with the Labeda Addictions. I dont weigh much but I can get great grip on these and top end is up there. Ive skated these before and I had them for quite a while before they wore out so I know I wont need wheels for a while. I know others may have different opinions of these but I love em. Bearings are decent, but Ive skated on Bones Swiss for a while and I dont think theyre on the same level, so those got swapped out. Still pretty decent though. Unless you skate with Swiss or the ceramics youll be content with these. 9/10 (bearings) Weight/durability: these are fairly light and really easy to move in. I move my feet a lot cutting back and forth so these work great for that. the strength of the boot is pretty solid. Ive taken a few shots in the ankles and barely felt it. I cant see these breaking down and weakening in the ankle areas at all. Its just a really solid feeling skate like they are part of you. 10/10 Looks: Sexy. Very sharp and appeasing to the eyes. Not an overly done design, but with lines that wont bother someone who is a little OCD. Everything flows great. 10/10 Overall: Amazing! Has everything you want in a skate; speed, strength, comfort, weight and looks. To make anything better might require some animal sacrifice and maybe digital equipment. The only thing that could be changed would be to add a top end bearing set, but with the price hike that might cause I think they are great as they are. May not be good for business in the long run cause I dont think I will need another skate for years. 9.5/10 Thanks Justin and the Alkali Team.
  3. So skated two games back to back last night. Not that I didn't like the original CA9s, but it's hard to believe they spawned the new Maxs. The turn radius is no joke. At full sprint I could easily turn a tight 180 without losing much speed. I was right in my assumption that with the stance you'll have more explosive starting power. no slipping, no lace bite, and only the slightest soreness on inner ankle bone from breaking in but once baked that will be money. Other soreness is in the legs cause I didn't wanna stop playing. other perks include beer tasting better after the game and heightened sex appeal. Everyone oogled over them. Still gonna wait a couple more sessions for full review cause they have added a black Friday pickup session and have an iron man tourney Sunday. Very pleased is the starting point.
  4. Yeah I'm definitely noticing that is really gonna help just moving around in them. Gonna be able to get em nice and tight without losing movement
  5. o I couldn’t wait till the end of the day to get home and sign for the package, so I went to UPS at lunch and picked up my new RPD Max skates. Now back at work, and skating around the office getting weird looks and laughs from co-workers. Initial feedback, WOW! I’ve been skating the original CA9’s for a couple years and these feel insanely more comfortable even not baked. They sit awesomely low for having 80’s on and the solid contact with the ground and perfect wheel placement, I am so anxious to see just how explosive these feel like they are going to be. As for the forward aggressive stance, couldn’t be more on point. The stiffness works with the way you stand to aid in keeping knees bent ready to take off at any given time. Arch is perfectly placed and feet fit snug, with just a slight push on the outer edges with the balls of my feet. After a bake I can see that mold going as if these were made just for me. It is a very stiff boot, but the moveability is uncanny with how stiff it is. Great heel pocket that really gets a good grip on the back of your foot. Tongue design was a big point for me seeing as how I got bad lace bite before, but with the reinforced design I don’t see how I will ever get that. Aesthetics are awesome, just a slick looking skate. Extremely pleasing to the eye. More so than any pics seen online. My league isn’t tonight, but I will be at the rink waiting for a guest spot to open up cause I really want to see how these perform. More to come once I get some real skate time and I'll put up a full review in the review section.
  6. Tuesday afternoon I will be a happy recipient of new skates. Does anyone else get pretty excited for new gear to arrive?
  7. I have always just used rubbing alcohol, small amount on a rag. That works great for me and I don't notice wheel deterioration out of the normal wear. Depending on cleanliness state of the rink I sometimes bring the rag to the bench to wipe between shifts since it drys fast to keep the "edge".
  8. Wish I could be one to give feedback on these. Patiently awaiting their arrival and will give it as soon as I get off the rink
  9. im sure everyone anxiously awaiting the new skates appreciate the work in designing and getting them out. I for sure do. max's are pre ordered and feet are waiting. Hopefully they can get in before the holiday week since open skate and league are off at that time. If not it'll be old wheels and garage hockey
  10. Yeah I realized that after I posted the first part. Long work days blend and sometimes you just have no idea what day it actually is
  11. Today is the 15th. Skates shouldve arrived which means bout another week till they ship out to me. :) Now I'm depressed. Just realized its only Thursday. Long week
  12. Well sounds like I'll be giving some feedback on them once I can get a pair. unless you have a pair of size 8 laying around that really wants a new home now.
  13. I'm pretty anxious for the new RPD Max to hit the shelf. I've been skating on the 2011 version of the CA9 for a couple years and they are ready to be put to rest. They were pretty awesome at first but the lace bite got pretty bad after about the 6-8 month mark. I've skated them to the point where wearing boots (have to for work) is painful from a long day/weekend of playing and that's my main concern. I ended up taping the old tongues from some old skate shoes on the inside to fix that and has worked for quite well for a while. I've read reviews on other skates and I was tempted to go with Tour, but other friends that skate them say that they break down quick and with how hard i skate would not last too long. My feet are not fans of Bauer or Mission. I really liked the fit of Alkali and boot strength was pretty decent for a while (all gear breaks down eventually). Reading reviews (cause that's all i really can tell about gear living in Tucson) i see that the next gen CA9 is a good step up and the RPD Max is supposed to be even sweeter. what is the feedback you've received from the guys testing em out since you've came up with the new design as far as comfort/stiffness and how much different is the tongue design from the 2011 CA9?
  14. what's the weight on your sticks? been lookin around and cant find out.
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