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    Bauer one55 with tri di lite
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    Bauer one20
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    ccm v08
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    ccm v04
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    Bauer supreme total one
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  1. Justin, did you remove a post between my 2 posts there?? i was going to ask, (maybe a pm might be better) for some more advice on the CA5 and CA7 as i'm looking to get a pair of either within the next 2 weeks, but the post has gone and i cant remember what it said
  2. i'm currently in a pair of bauer one55's, looking to get a pair of mission T6 or mission lieutenant i'm now looking at getting a pair of alkali's as my LHS in the Uk now stocks them, so i was hoping for some advice, which pair would be of similar ilk, CA5 or CA7 thanks in advance
  3. i currently have a pair of converted, Bauer One50's with a ccm tri di lite chassis, previously used the ccm v06 which just fell apart within 1 year, except the chassis as being used on above skates, now, would anyone be able to tell me what model Alkali skate would be in the same category as the two i have been using, i have been looking at the CA5 would this be at the same level or higher thanks in advance!!
  4. epoxy in the gap. I was checking out a pair of missions while I was there and had to leave before a racked up the old credit card. they did show me. pair of one95's with exactly the same problem.
  5. all sorted. nothing to do with conversion. but just Bauer skates in general. LHS fixed them all up nicely.
  6. will do all. Kanya going off your avatar are you from Scotland. do you play roller at all. if so what team and would you guys be up for a few friendly games?
  7. thanks Kanya. great stuff, I'm taking them in today hopefully I'll get the fixed straight away for training tonight. I hate missing training! and thanks members ! didn't see your post there sorry. The whole process was done right in front of me a few weeks back. they simply said with the boots being new the rivets will tend to loosen slightly, which did worry me at first. But a guy who had his done earlier said the same thing happened to his. the shop will be getting a roasting today when I go in. thanks again everyone.
  8. yeah i'll get a picture up as soon as i work out how to, they were worn for 20 mins on ice before i quickly switched back to my old one, due to the pain of breaking them in. i had them converted and then baked at the shop and they felt like slippers, granted the rivets are coming away slightly which was expected, the shop told me just to take them back in and they would re tighten the rivets. but when i went to put them on yesterday and noticed the sole coming away, boots are aired out in room temp after every use, pic will follow kris
  9. Hi everyone, new guy here, this place is GREAT, so much info to learn, anyway, i recently had my Bauer ONE55 (unworn) ice skates converted to roller and i was say i'm over the moon with them, i have used the chassis from my CCM V06, which are a tri-di lite, 80,76,76,72 but the composite outsole has started coming away from the boot, has anyone had this problem with their conversion, if so what could i do
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