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    Nike Bauer one90 10D with Labeda Cateye
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    Oakley Mace
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    Reebok 4k

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  1. Another conversion in Brasil. Medium budget. Bauer Supreme ONE.7 Mission Aluminium Chassis Tron Abec 9 Tron Giga Hz Wheels Hope they hold for one and a half year. They looks and feel nice, not the best parts out there, but will do the job. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=23vgkt5&s=8#.UyDCAyiLS4M
  2. @sebasvilar : Thank you for the reply! I know how difficult is get some stuff in South America. In Brasil we have to pay a lot in taxes and shipping, just sucks. I know some guys in BsAs and San Isidro that could help you!!! They play worlds and travel a lot. And there's a place, Peru Beach, in San Isidro that also has a pro shop!! I've been there 4 times. Maybe you will find something.
  3. Here they are. The X60 and one90: http://tinypic.com/r/292nvb9/6 Detail on hardware and lift: http://tinypic.com/r/293974z/6
  4. @sebasvilar - I live in Brasil and a lot of guys here play with converted skates. Just buy regular hardware. Take a look. 

Here are my two converted skates. I'm having problems with the attachment of the pictures. Don't know why. Anyway. 

Bauer X60 Limited Edition 10.5D with Labeda Hum'er 6000 (Tour Cobalt 8.8 chassis). 

Nike Bauer Supreme one90 10D with Labeda CatEye (Tour Code 1 EX chassis). 

Both with 2mm lift (back and front) and purchased used on ebay. 

The Tours I skated for about a year on each, the boots craked and I kept the chassis. 

I'm playing with Mission Swiss LE 608 bearings and Labeda Gripper wheels.
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