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  1. Im not to sure what you are saying chad but not getting enough knee bend is what I see a lot of and the herman munster boots. I suppose it is all about working out the radius and pitch etc. I find that if I am to pitched forward I do not have the same stride and I tire faster. When im on more of a nuetral pitch I can glide around and wait to jump on my toes or if Im cutting I can cut very sharp and deep off my heels. I have complete control of the skate. Whereas with a pitch I cannot jump to my heels or at least it doesnt feel that way as easily. My skates are set up with a ten foot radius on tuuk custom pluses with bauer x60s. I find this is the best set up for me as I can get on my teos and get much more blade into the ice. Im sure it is all relative but there is no way I can skate as well when im using the front part of my leg upper mucles ( Pitched ) verses my but thighs and calves. I can definitely feel a significant difference. I guess we all have to play with the mechanics but I tended to agree with the guys anaology above that more power is generated from these parts of the legs and it made perfect sense that if your pitched to far forward its almost like your replying on the outer top of your legs muscles verses the entire buttucks and calves and hamstrings. From a nuetral position for me. I tire much less and I can control my skates in thier entirety be it pivoting turning sliding and getting better glide to shift etc I also use a 3/4 ROH especially in the summer Thats just me though. It is a tremendous difference in control and energy used when your set up just right
  2. Your probably not as articulate a skater as myself lol
  3. I agree with this statement fully and I have been skating for sometime now also. I was wondering what my issue was and it appears to me that the biggest thing that affects my skating is the pitch. I cannot have any pitch ( None) The minute I have any pitch say I put those superfeet in my skates, I lose all my power. Now granted this may be due to several factors..One I have always skated on tuuk custom plus holders which are known to be nuetral. I also have flat narrow feet. There is no doubt in my mind that I have much better control and power when skating from this nuetral stance. I am also much better able to roll off my heels as well as jump to my toes. I have complete and better control of the entire skate and edges. Once I put any lift in me it just a few millimeters I am completely off and this affects everything including power and even puck control. It is amazing how long I have been skating and how little I have known. This comment now makes more sense to me as rings such truth. Why would anyone want to put pitch that would have them getting thier pwoer from thier knees verses the buttucks thighs and hamstrings and calf muscles..Thanks for this very educational post. I wont be using any superfeet anylonger..Im much better off nuetral
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