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  1. Is there durability issues on these two? There seems to be very little info about it anywhere... I would be grateful if somebody with better knowledge could open this up little bit.
  2. Now this got interesting. I just recently tested these sticks, top end and the Team version, at the shop floor. Just feeling, no puck or anything. Both were 85 flex. And those two felt very different, team-version felt like quite a bit softer considering it supposed to be the "same" stick. And i mean the lower portion of the stick To be exact, because the real super tacks were very stiff in my opinion. This left me thinking, because somebody in the shop told me that they are same sticks, just different materials... So if anyone knows better kickpoint differences or anything, i'm listening. :)
  3. Nice pic that last one. Some of you guys are the lucky ones who live somewhere near where you can really get custom skates. Or good fitting, if you put it that way. After all, that´s all you need. Here in Europe that is very rare if you aren´t professional player. But it is nice to read these writings and learn what is really possible to do if you have the luxury to get well fitted custom skates. I personally would need nexus eyelet lining because of the high instep volume, and apx interior (eee/a) for right fit, and also curve materials, but how is it done in real life? Nexus 1000 heel is really horrible (wide and akward) in my opinion, and the toecap has really generous (too much) volume. I think JR needs to do some European tour for us..!! Or maybe I will wait for Nexus 8000 skate and just hope they change the fit...
  4. Thank you Miseaujeu for answering. (And if my nick is Fattie it´s allright to call me that name... ) I´m 35+ year old and hockey is just hobby and having fun nowadays. Still, i like my gear perform correctly for my point of view, because it make the game just more fun. Also i weight about 215lbs and 6ft tall (yes, i have little extra "force" included but who has not..?) So, i have enough power and i can get it in to my shots. Anyway, maybe someday in the future i will take risk and try DT2, which seems to be more for my alley. I also like quite whippy sticks because i like when the stick is really doing their work when shooting. Downside is that they don´t last too long... But if Ovi can manage 80 flex stick, so why not me or anyone else..? Remember the fun factor!!
  5. Picked up DT3 stick and here is my opinions (flex 85/Kopitar curve): Good balance - feels lightweight, feels good in my hands, overall good puckfeel but little different what i used to, passes are good both ways and looks are great. BUT, i can´t shoot with it. No wristers, snapshot or slapshots. Shaft and the blade is twisting too much for me and it feels like there´s no pop on the shaft. Just for the record, i have very good shot with the right stick. I was considering between DT2 and DT3 and obviously made the wrong decision. Afterwards it´s easy to say that if you try a new stick from different manufacturer what you are used to, buy stick that is top of their line. Then you really know how their stick´s work, and if you don´t like it you least have a very good back-up stick after all. In my case, i can´t afford buying sticks just for fun. Maybe someone who used both sticks can comment the shooting between DT3 versus DT2 or DT1.
  6. You DT3 players, can you comment anything about durability of that stick? Just wondering between DT3 and Easton stealth 75s 2... I want stick that last over 30 days.
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