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  1. 6 hours ago, Bcowette said:

    Update. I ordered a pair of Currex hockeypro insoles in low and got a chance to skate with them today. They were immediately better then anything I've tried and after about a 10 minute break in period I was able to skate with no foot pain or fatigue. Really happy that I can go skate and enjoy myself now! To anyone who has wide flat feet and struggling I recommend giving them a try. 

    wait, are they just a clones of ccm custom support insoles?!

  2. hey guys

    due to my LHS doesn't have any skillful service men, i suppose they do profile like quad and zupperior for me with a mistake

    i mean they usually positioned pivot point at the center using quad template and just start profiling

    according to official Prosharp video (i put link below), i figure out that proper way is to move pivot point back to 20mm (as far as i understand)

    can anybody tell me which way is proper by default (as prosharp recommended) - to move pivot point back to 20mm or keep it in the geometrycal center?


  3. On 4/16/2021 at 3:13 AM, Vet88 said:

    Paradigm or evolution? If you told any coach 10 years ago that one of the fastest ways to skate up the rink was lateral cross overs you would have been laughed off the rink. Even with his near perfect bio mechanics, could McDavid use his lateral cross overs as effectively in boots from 20 years ago? And traditional power skating techniques, aka Laura Stamm, long considered a gold standard are now been rethought with different techniques and approaches been developed. All of this because of changes in boot technology, design and analytics.

    Ever since boots have been made, manufacturers have been trying to make them stiffer with the belief that reduced ankle articulation would lead to better and faster skating. Reduced ankle articulation would shift the control of the skate to the biggest and strongest muscles in the legs - glutes, quads etc - and this would enable more stability and control. Lace up as tight as you can was part of this paradigm (originally they had to because the boot really offered no other support). Then over the last 10 years or so new materials in boot design created ultra stiff boots but the lacing message remained the same, generally coming from established people in the sport like players and coaches who have been around for years - that's what I was taught so that is what I will teach.

    My belief is that the data and research coming out now and over the next few years will alter boot design away from the quasi ultra stiff ski boot, for a technique and health perspective. The boot will evolve into a design that has different flex zones incorporated into it. From under the ankles upwards you will be able to get different, custom flex zones, the boot will still wrap around the foot but the ankle will be able to articulate within a form fitting boot. We have never had this mix of design before (stiff lower / flexible upper), graf was starting down this path with its flex zone but the rest of the boot technology was behind what other manufacturers were producing. How such a design might change or create a new paradigm for skating we can only speculate at this point but I would suggest that the changes in boot design over the last 10 years or so has led to different approaches in skating techniques and that we will continue to see this in the future as technology in boots continues to evolve and skaters learn to take advantage of this.

    In that way, looks like that we have at least 3 modern skates models which are fully or partly belongs to conception (evolution) "stiff lower / flexible upper" you've described: vh/true, ribcor's and probably graf

    regarding true skates - why no one from fastest skaters doesn't use true skates? i cannot get it

    only MacKinnon used to use it couple years ago, but now he uses ribcor

  4. On 4/14/2021 at 6:08 PM, stick9 said:

    The draw to the shift holder was STEP Steel, was it not...

    Since CCM now owns STEP and you already have some holders and steel. Wouldn't it make more sense to just switch to the XS holder? 

    in the end i did it, after roughly 10 practices

    i felt way better ice feel, now my feet are back with me again -)

    it is strange, but i cannot adapt to shift holder because too aggressive angle/something else

    during skate, i felt like my skates are trying to dig to the ice, and my crossovers were horrible

    right now all the negative things are gone, i have a really nice boot with no issues with holder and blade

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  5. hey guys!

    sorry in advance for a really dumb questions, but it's important for me and pls do not ask me why -))

    1. i've got a ammended true custom tf skates, with new shift holders. of course, i can see that shift holder extremely higher than my favorite ccm xs. plus, i suppose a shift holder has a much more agressive geometry - they a pushing me forward. at the same time, the steel is a great (i've got a new shift dlc runners - no questions at all). so here is my first question: is it possible to re-profile the runner to make the stance little bit backward? if so - how to?

    2. what is about exact weight for shift holder, in comparison with ccm xs? they a lighter or heavier in the same size? for example 272

    what i'm going to do - is to understand, which way will be more effective: to remount shift holder to ccm xs (i have few pair of holders and blades), or re-profile the shift runner

    thanks alot!

  6. 17 minutes ago, iceman8310 said:

    Why were they the worst?   I have bags and ones from them and they are fine.  I've also dealt with lutch no problem.  

    sorry, i didnt get your point

    leonshop is a really old offline-only soviet-style hockey shop which have been founded many years ago, probably even in a previous century

    lutch is a russian sportswear manuracturer like jerseys and so on (even some teams in KHL uses it as far as i remember)

    they are different companies

  7. 4 hours ago, Miller55 said:

    You would think so, but no, it seems like Bauer has not used that technology in their helmets yet. The most breathable helmet is probably the mission inhaler, and you sound be able to find something on eBay or sideline still

    you mean mission intake

    great helmet, but no chances to find new or even used -)

  8. 2 hours ago, SkateWorksPNW said:

    Can you share a picture of what is wearing out in your helmet specifically?

    as far as i can see, here is problem with laminated layer

    seems like the sweat goes through layer into the foam and starts to rot (you can see sign of this when i'm pressing liner)

    all the gear always drying in my garage, so there alot of air to get dry completely

    i have no problems with all my gear but only helmet (this is a second i've bought last year)




  9. 16 hours ago, SkateWorksPNW said:

    I use the Tacks 910 and it breathes very well. Most helmets make me overheat but with the 910 I barely sweat at all. I do want to note that you should also make sure whatever helmet you get fits you properly. A poorly fitting helmet might feel more comfortable but if it's a bad fit it might not properly protect you. 

    Tacks 310 fits very well for me, but as i mention before the foam starts to rot after 2-3 month of using

    Tacks 910 has a same foam? cuz i've never faced such thing during i used ccm resistance, which had a different foam

  10. you a trying to mix up different things

    hockey is a highly risk game for sure, and everything may by really dangerous

    personally, every injure I've got for more than 20years was caused not by tough hits aganst me or such thing

    usually it was absolutely unpredictable things like no warm up, long shifts, bad ice condition and MOSTLY BAD LUCK (like you mentioned)

    I'm pretty sure that all the modern helmets have an acceptable level of head protection (correct me if i'm wrong), even the amended bauers which are clones of old cooper's helmet which was developed 30-40years ago

    regarding the topic - i feel a significantly lack of ventilation (personally for me)

    so if i have a choice between a top level protection helmet with low airflow inside and light and ventilated helmet but "litle less protected" - I whould go for last one

  11. hey guys

    It's pretty hard to dig all the exist topics for a really short question - which is (are) best ventilated helmet(s) nowadays? because of i'm bald, it's really important for me, even more than protection

    I used to use mission (forgot the exact model) and resistance (which is EOL) - they were fine both, and tried some modern ccm's like tacks 310 - but the foam inside helmet completely destroys because of sweat very quickly

    thanks in advance!

  12. Guys, I have a short question regarding steel for shift holder

    Sorry in advance but it is too tough for me to read 244 pages of the current thread -)

    I've just ordered a new pair of custom Trues, but the LHS guy says me that all the new customs now are coming with new shift steel by true like stainless and coated (onyx) instead of step blades

    He also promise me to contact with true and ask them to mount old step steel if it is still possible

    So the question is: do you like a new true shift steel? Worth is? Or it is better to push my LHS and True to provide old Step blades?



  13. 54 minutes ago, SkateWorksPNW said:

    Get your current gloves repalmed and have them make the adjustments you need for them to fit your specification. There are so materials you can use for palms that will provide good wear, grip, and resist absorbing sweat. 

    i'm on a same page with you actually

    can you tell, where i can read something regarding current materials etc?

    cuz i have no idea which material will work with me well

    generally i know that "nice" to have a nash or micronash palms, but what is about the rest ones? maybe it is better to use something else, like thick, durable, water-resistance with grip enough for me

    thanks in advance

  14. 8 hours ago, althoma1 said:

    STX Surgeon pro stock gloves are tight in the fingers and backhand, but open up in the cuff. They're also protective. There are new ones on SLS now for around $120 US or less. 

    I am a fan of tight gloves and my previous gloves include Warrior Projekts, Easton HSX, Nike Bauer One90s and Miken Razor Z9. The Surgeons are by far my favourites.

    For wear issues, I second the Tacki Mac recommendation. I like the pro ribbed aka Kane grip.

    yepp, i tried tacki-mac and found they are not working with me (kane grip as well)

    when my palms getting wet, i loose a grip almost completely

  15. 8 hours ago, Hills said:

    Can you post pictures of your eaten palms? I don't think I have seen palms destroyed after 5-10 skates. Are the palms crusty or have holes in them?

    Well, here i go!

    as you can see, the palm is really fresh (2 months of using)

    and i use only stretchy grip tape with this pair, this one:


    dont pay attention to glue and paper signs - i've just tried to make some leather inserts and of course failed -))

    Отображается файл "IMG_1794.JPG"

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