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  1. Hi there Looks like i've finally decide to switch to girdles from pants after 20yrs -)) I can see two options to consider - tackla breezers and ccm supertacks as a top level choise, but i'm open to get something else as well Does anybody has an experience of using both of them? Which pro/cons? What I'm looking for after pants (from much importance to the less): - mobility - lightweight - breathable -) Thanks in advance!
  2. Hey guys, As far as i'm living in the middle of nowhere, i'm trying to find nice and easy online pro shop with wide stock of blades (step, tydan etc) and andvanced shaprening options like profiling (prosharp etc) and fbv/channel z Second point is using PayPal and international shipments Thanks in advance
  3. Hey guys, I've got a problem with my FT2s After 4 month of usage I found out serious problem with both holders The blades mounted on each holder start to wobbling Now is absolutely impossible to use a regular CCM steel, and with my fresh Step blades (because they are wider) i have wobbling effect little bit less but I feel it (mostly on right holder) So, are there any experienced guys who faced with such kind of situation (all the servicemen advice me just replace both holders to new ones, and told me that newer even heard about same cases before...) Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
  4. Thanks, JR Actually it's easier way for me to remount holder in LHS for few bucks than having a deep dive in to the huge corporate machine like Bauer -))
  5. Is it safety for outsole structure to remount 280 instead of 271? I mean drilling new holes near by existed ones
  6. I didn’t ask mybauer to mount something exactly - it just happened In fact - there was not any point about holder size in the spec all that I’m worrying is it normally or not
  7. Hey guys! I've ordered my new bauer 1x, with these options: L-9 0 , R- 8 3/4 When I got my new skates, I've found out already mounted holders 272mm, but the LHS guy who helping me during the order told me that mybauer usually mount 280mm size on same size for retail ones Second point is the look of skates - seems like that 272 is really small (roughly 1cm gap from border of outsole on the toe and 1,5cm on the heel side) Is anybody here to make it clear? Thanks!
  8. I've heard it many times, but my personal experience shown me they are different I used to use ccms (U+s, Tacks and Jetspeeds) and when I swithed to supremes with egdes, I felt alot of issues In the end, I mounted SB holders to supreme boots and found my skating much more better Dont know the exactly problem: looks like the pitch is equal, the profile is equal (zupperior M) But it exist -)
  9. I'm not so good adviser in terms of technical things, but I've been a long big proponent of mission's skates fit (narrow, mid instep, soft upper part of skate with stiff lower) Personally i've found partly similars: ccm jetspeeds (not FT1!!!), bauer supreme (with untied upper eyelets) and of course VH/True (but $$$) Only mine opinion
  10. Yepp, thanks, I know the sizing turbulence case with FT gen of ccm skates In fact my question is much more about fit, not sizing According of everything I've read FT390 is a copy of Jetspeed 2015, as far I understand Is it true?
  11. Cant wait -)) Do you have any details? Worth it is for waiting? -)
  12. Are they really similar? Unfortunately, I don't have an opportunity to try..
  13. Hey guys Probably it is gonna be a short question, but I really confused with replacement my current pair of Jetspeeds that I've bought in 2015 It is best fitting skates for me personally, but i need to replace them cause they became soft I dont want (i've tryed) to switch to FT1, because they a different and not so comfy that JS15 Cannot decide which is model really closer to JS15 - FT380, FT380 or FT370 Thanks in advance!
  14. Thanks, Vet88! Great explanation, very helpful!
  15. What kind of eyelet extenter do you mean? I saw sometning like you've described but not sure. And for gel pads the I have a same question, thanks! -) Secondly, I didn't get your idea with pronation.. Could you describe it little bit more detailed? How can I correct the pronation? Thanks in advance!
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