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  1. Hey guys Any suggestions which skates Mario uses nowadays? I have no idea -)
  2. hey guys due to my LHS doesn't have any skillful service men, i suppose they do profile like quad and zupperior for me with a mistake i mean they usually positioned pivot point at the center using quad template and just start profiling according to official Prosharp video (i put link below), i figure out that proper way is to move pivot point back to 20mm (as far as i understand) can anybody tell me which way is proper by default (as prosharp recommended) - to move pivot point back to 20mm or keep it in the geometrycal center?
  3. How about junior size? Secondly, there is varsity bag - much less any gimmicks (and less $$$), just a bag -)
  4. In that way, looks like that we have at least 3 modern skates models which are fully or partly belongs to conception (evolution) "stiff lower / flexible upper" you've described: vh/true, ribcor's and probably graf regarding true skates - why no one from fastest skaters doesn't use true skates? i cannot get it only MacKinnon used to use it couple years ago, but now he uses ribcor
  5. in the end i did it, after roughly 10 practices i felt way better ice feel, now my feet are back with me again -) it is strange, but i cannot adapt to shift holder because too aggressive angle/something else during skate, i felt like my skates are trying to dig to the ice, and my crossovers were horrible right now all the negative things are gone, i have a really nice boot with no issues with holder and blade
  6. hey guys! sorry in advance for a really dumb questions, but it's important for me and pls do not ask me why -)) 1. i've got a ammended true custom tf skates, with new shift holders. of course, i can see that shift holder extremely higher than my favorite ccm xs. plus, i suppose a shift holder has a much more agressive geometry - they a pushing me forward. at the same time, the steel is a great (i've got a new shift dlc runners - no questions at all). so here is my first question: is it possible to re-profile the runner to make the stance little bit backward? if so - how to? 2. what is about exact weight for shift holder, in comparison with ccm xs? they a lighter or heavier in the same size? for example 272 what i'm going to do - is to understand, which way will be more effective: to remount shift holder to ccm xs (i have few pair of holders and blades), or re-profile the shift runner thanks alot!
  7. sorry, i didnt get your point leonshop is a really old offline-only soviet-style hockey shop which have been founded many years ago, probably even in a previous century lutch is a russian sportswear manuracturer like jerseys and so on (even some teams in KHL uses it as far as i remember) they are different companies
  8. they are closed nowadays (finally) from my point of view, they are worst ever hockey shop on the planet
  9. In the couple words: nothing changed litle bit different outside matherials, bolt instead of rivet for tendon guard and weird new holder Ah, and brand new flashy innovation - YOU CANNOT ORDER >1K USD SKATES WITH DIFFERENT HOLDER/STEEL which makes me really upset cuz you need to drill your new skate costs >1K USD to mount something else
  10. Actually I was looking for someting like this for years! Ordered 6pcs, will check it soon Thanks alot
  11. you mean mission intake great helmet, but no chances to find new or even used -)
  12. as far as i can see, here is problem with laminated layer seems like the sweat goes through layer into the foam and starts to rot (you can see sign of this when i'm pressing liner) all the gear always drying in my garage, so there alot of air to get dry completely i have no problems with all my gear but only helmet (this is a second i've bought last year)
  13. because of easton was aquired by bauer few years ago, probably there is similar model from the current bauer lineup?
  14. Tacks 310 fits very well for me, but as i mention before the foam starts to rot after 2-3 month of using Tacks 910 has a same foam? cuz i've never faced such thing during i used ccm resistance, which had a different foam
  15. you a trying to mix up different things hockey is a highly risk game for sure, and everything may by really dangerous personally, every injure I've got for more than 20years was caused not by tough hits aganst me or such thing usually it was absolutely unpredictable things like no warm up, long shifts, bad ice condition and MOSTLY BAD LUCK (like you mentioned) I'm pretty sure that all the modern helmets have an acceptable level of head protection (correct me if i'm wrong), even the amended bauers which are clones of old cooper's helmet which was developed 30-40years ago regarding the topic - i feel a significantly lack of ventilation (personally for me) so if i have a choice between a top level protection helmet with low airflow inside and light and ventilated helmet but "litle less protected" - I whould go for last one
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