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  1. On 2/6/2019 at 2:31 PM, psulion22 said:

    Not the original 1X.  You're looking for the '16 1X (v2.0) with more red on it, I bet.  That's when they first added what they now call ACL.  I agree, I haven't found anything that has the pop of that stick, except the Nexus 1000 (which doesn't help either).  I'm hoping the Trigger 3D may be closer than the 2 was.

    You are correct. 16' model 

  2. On 8/14/2018 at 5:09 PM, STXHockey said:


    I love the X9 but unfortunately, when we were selling the RX/RX2 the X9 was not as popular as the X28, X92, and X88.  I wish we could offer more curves, but since we are offering a more affordable pricing structure we had to cut back on our SKUs.  I personally use the X91.  If you are interested in the X9 we do offer a very aggressive custom stick program.  The custom stick program is less expensive then our competitors Elite level sticks.  I can dive into this program for you if you are interested.  

    One of my favorite sticks of all time was the original STX Surgeon 500 Stick. Is there a way to make a stick like that with your guy's custom program?

  3. Started doing cross country, our team time trial race was like 2 weeks ago, I ran an 18:52, this week we had our conference preview and ran a 17:55. Also the course I ran on today was a very challenging course with a huge hill that we have to run up twice.

  4. Yesterday I had track practice in the morning, we ran like 4 miles. Then last night,I had hockey game at 10, we won and I had a sick backhand goal.

    I ended up going to bed at 12:30 and had to wake up at 6 am for a track meet. In my track meet I tied my pr (personal record).

    Then I got home after the track meet at 6:30 and left at 7 for another hockey game. We tied that game, and now we're going home right now, going to get home at 12.

    Then tomorrow I have to get up at like 7:30 for the semi-finals.

    Busy, busy weekend. But its all good fun

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