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  1. Best elbow pads hands down are STX in my opinion. The straps make it so they rarely money, and the mobility is unmatched
  2. Coming 10/12 per Bauer Instagram
  3. The original 1x was one of the best sticks I've ever had. The puck seemed to just explode off the blade and I loved it. The 1x lite is a great stick, but the puck just doesn't come off the same way as the original 1x. Is there currently a stick out there that shoots more like the original 1x?
  4. One of my favorite sticks of all time was the original STX Surgeon 500 Stick. Is there a way to make a stick like that with your guy's custom program?
  5. Rented some ice at the rink today for an hour to do a skills session with little kids. No one came to kick me off so I stayed out for an hour and a half until the not so happy ice rink people came to get me off.
  6. Ran a 2:10 800 and Pr'd in the mile by 30 seconds running a 4:55 in really crappy windy weather!!! Not bad for this early in the track season, I can't wait to see where I get down to at the end of the season.
  7. The transition between hockey and track season is awful, this is the sorest I have been in a while.
  8. Concussions... They suck haha https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=g6Kuj0ITybg
  9. Reached the 50 goal mark for the year!
  10. Started doing cross country, our team time trial race was like 2 weeks ago, I ran an 18:52, this week we had our conference preview and ran a 17:55. Also the course I ran on today was a very challenging course with a huge hill that we have to run up twice.
  11. I'm visiting my family in New York and went for a run today. I got lost and went 3 more miles than I was supposed to and eventually just said screw it and went up to this random guy who let me use his phone and gave me a ride back to my aunts house.
  12. I had like no joke 15 breakaways and didn't score on one. It was just one of those days
  13. Decided in playing for my high school team this year, and I found out that we only have 12 skaters, and we still don't have a goalie. the only good thing is all the ice time.
  14. and the tribe lost 17-0 yesterday...
  15. Another year of no championships in Cleveland
  16. CAVS WIN!!! Delly is unbelievable.
  17. Kyrie got hurt, out for the series. That means that for the Cleveland curse to be broken it comes down to the Lebron, the chosen one.
  18. Pr'd yet again in the 800m, 2:09 this time. I've cut off like 15 seconds since the beginning of the Season, pretty cool to look back on it. Only problem now is that the coach is trying to recruit me for cross country.
  19. Scratch that, it depends on how I do tomorrow, its come down to me and one kid (who also plays hockey). I refuse to run slower than him though so I think I can do it.
  20. Ran a 2:10 800m today! Probably going to get to run in the 4x800 at conference
  21. Ran a 2:12 800m today, no clue how I did it. That got me 3rd place
  22. Yesterday I had track practice in the morning, we ran like 4 miles. Then last night,I had hockey game at 10, we won and I had a sick backhand goal. I ended up going to bed at 12:30 and had to wake up at 6 am for a track meet. In my track meet I tied my pr (personal record). Then I got home after the track meet at 6:30 and left at 7 for another hockey game. We tied that game, and now we're going home right now, going to get home at 12. Then tomorrow I have to get up at like 7:30 for the semi-finals. Busy, busy weekend. But its all good fun
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