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  1. hi, is there any store near miami where I can buy new or used RH skates ? thanks for your help!
  2. Hi, I play on sport court, and it seems I can´t find proper wheels . I originally played with the millenniums "x-soft" that came with my skates, and I was not able to do a proper hockey stop, I thought that I was too heavy for the wheel hardness (im 190 lbs) , so I tried putting some 80As in the 2 middle wheels, that was a bit better, but felt like too slippery for turning or accelerating, and still a bit hard to stop . I decided to change them for the "soft" millenniums, and they still felt like too much grip, they wont smoothly slide during a stop , so now I bought some 78A shootes, and still too much grip, I guess it is somethig with the wheels when they are new, if so, is there any way to fix it, ? cos this is being a pail, I mean, literally , to my ankles , and also my game level s*ks since I cant stop without making and awkward turn . I only been playing for a couple of years, so skating level is probably an issue too, but with the old wheels I was able to do some good stops, so maybe there´s some way to make new wheels feel a bit more confortable, I was thinking on sanding the wheel surface so they feel more like used wheels, has anyone tried ? any other ideas? I´d really appreciate your comments. thanks a lot !
  3. Also consider the forward lean the boot has, If you stand too straight, or the laces are not tight, the boot will push your feet forward cramping your toes , at least thats what happened to me, when I first tried them without baking and fitting them propertly , I felt like they were 1/2 size too small, my toes were cramped to the point that hurt, but after baking and some use now they fit perfect. Check how they feel when you are sit, and your heel is deep into the heel pocket.
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