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  • Skates
    Bauer Nexus 600
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    Mako Parise / Covert DT1 Kovalev
  • Gloves
    Eagle Talon 60
  • Helmet
    Bauer 9900 / Tron Visor
  • Pants
    Bauer Nexus
  • Shoulder Pads
    Sher-wood T90 Undercover
  • Elbow Pads
    Sher-wood 5030
  • Shin Pads
    Sher-wood 5030
  • Hockey Bag
    Mammoth IPA Hockey Bag

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  1. If you just boycott them flat out you will miss out on some great deals. Their visors are the best and also the cheapest.
  2. I have found the most comfortable pairing to be the Sher-Wood T90 Undercover shoulder pads and the 5030 elbow and shin pads. I think the 5030 shins are the all-time most comfortable and the elbow pads are good for beer league just slide down a little sometimes. the T90 shoulders are great as far as protection and fit, plus they have the adjustable arm pieces so you can get the perfect length.
  3. From what I've seen it looks like it is almost a lie 6 maybe slightly lower. Thanks for the info
  4. Oh ok. Good to know, maybe I can take some stuff to trade and just have the Play it Again here order me one.
  5. I see they are selling them online, I didn't know there was a "drop date"
  6. Does anyone know of the closest thing to this curve that is available? I like the big hooks and this thing is a beauty, but I'm still trying to find options that aren't the $260 QR1. I use a Coffey now but this looks even better.
  7. Yeah that is the one I am leaning towards tight now. I am just waiting to see one in person before I pull the trigger. Unfortunately I live in va Beach and there isn't a good LHS here, so I drove ALL the way to NJ yesterday for something and made an extra hour-plus trip to HockeyGiant to get the QR1, and they were closed for inventory.
  8. Yes the newer Sher-Wood INT sticks all have the flex free zone (the EK15 and EK9) just like the SR counterpart don't know about the Warrior but I doubt it I think it is a Sher-Wood thing
  9. Thanks I am really used to my EK15 so I feel like that much of an increase of adding a plug would probably feel like a baseball bat in my hand. I just really want that Patch curve.
  10. Hey was hoping to get an answer on the new qr1. I am really interested in the w71 curve as right now I only use a Coffey curve or Stastny sometimes. I have only used Sher-wood for a long time and I always get INT STICKS in Sherwood because they come the perfect length already. I don't buy Senior unless they have the "flex-free cut zone" like my ek15. I like a legit 70-80 flex. So my question is should I, as a 5'10" guy get the int 70 flex, like would it be tall enough right out of the box? If not, does the Senior stick have a flex free cutting zone? Don't have a real LHS here, so will have to order online. Also side question does anyone know if Warrior has a military discount?
  11. I gotta co-sign on the Sisu too. I had tried 6 or 7 different mouth guards from Shock Doc , Nike, UA, etc. and they were protective but most of them I couldn't talk, drink, or really breathe fully comfortably with. The Sisu took me a couple tries to get the fit just right standing there heating it up and starting over, but once I got it, I love it. You honestly don't even feel it while playing. Only time I remember it is there is on the bench in between shifts.
  12. No problem, I am a huge Sher-Wood head. 5030 to T90 to the EK's I keep coming back for more.
  13. I got my EK15 and my EK9 (both LH Stastny) and I love them. I switch them up constantly, and I actually use the EK9 more just due to it seeming more familiar and "safe" when playing against dudes who chop at you. I was wondering if anyone has info on if they offer that sweet vintage wooden graphic on custom EK9 orders, or if it is strictly for the EK15.
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