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  1. My Teams came in the other day and man let me tell you even out of the box they are way more comfortable than my Bauer's. Going to try to get them baked this weekend.
  2. Currently I'm using Revision Steels and love them. Just dont have the cash to buy 4 more harder wheels (I have 4 steels in 80 mm. Trying to decide if its best to put the steels in the front and back and the millenniums in the middle or vice versa.
  3. I bought them online from Inline warehouse. Its no big deal if I cant ill trying going with 2 of the wheels that come with them amd swap out the other 2 for the steels I have now
  4. Anyone have experience with Total Hockey or Hockey Giant swapping wheels?
  5. Does anyone know of a way I can swap out the labedas that come with the teams for a harder wheel at no charge?. BeIng that I am 220 lbs and currently use revision steels and am planning on using a combo of them with the labedas. Currently running a hi lo so I do not have all 80mm steels.
  6. So I finally broke down and will be in the Alkali family. After trying on an 11 and seeing they were too snug I noticed that Inline warehouse had the Rpd Teams in an 11.5 so I bit the bullet and ordered. Really hoping the 11.5 will give me a little more room in the toebox without giving too much room. So to check again im not going to be disappointed with the Teams and not the Team+?
  7. So I finally had a chance to try on a pair of RPD Comp+. Wondering how much room you get in the toe area after baking. I know your toes are supposed to brush the toecap but they seemed to be a little too cramped. Would baking fix this or should I go 1/2 bigger?
  8. Thanks Justin... Sooner or later I'm gonna pick up a pair of Alkali just trying to decide on the best fit for me... Debating between the Teams or Comps... Pricewise I'm looking at the RPD Teams or RPD+ Comps. Justin while I am thinking about it would it be a bad idea if I tried out the RPD+ Crew? I'm around 220 lbs and didn't know with the 2 piece frame on the Crew if that would hold up for me or would a 1 piece frame work better?
  9. Is there a huge difference between the RPD and RPD+.. Or should I wait for the next gen?
  10. I know the RPD and RPD+ are the latest but hockeytron has the CA5s for 80 bucks and wasn't sure if these would be worth it.. I play maybe 2-3 times a week.
  11. Wondering if anyone on here currently are using these and what their thoughts were on them.
  12. Any idea if/when the next gen Alkali skates are coming out?
  13. All these posts are making it hard for me to stick with my Bauers......
  14. I play 3-5 times a week. I'd say I know equipment pretty well... I have used Easton, Bauer, CCM and so far at least the Tron X is holding its own... Granted that's only my option...
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